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Torah Philosophy

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You are torn apart by guilt about all the lives you've destroyed... Tell me, atheist criminal, how many rotten bodies are your in basement? How many corpses in your back yard? How many little boys have you raped? Confess, atheist criminal. Tell me immediately.
—Jacob Stein to an anonymous atheist commentator.[1]

Torah Philosophy is an Orthodox Jewish blog run by Jacob Stein, who blogs under the name "jewish philosopher."[2]

Unbiased views?[edit]

Stein is heavily critical of atheism, arguing that atheists are all selfish and/or murderous, and that primarily atheist societies are prone to committing mass killings.[3] It should be noted, however, that Stein is fine with mass killings when they're committed by Jewish societies - in a post entitled "I Heart Genocide," he defended the Israelites' massacre of the Midianites in Numbers on the grounds that the victims were all evil and deserved to die.[4]

He also says that no atheist really believes in evolution: if they did, then, according to Stein, they would all celebrate global warming and would advocate replacing law enforcement with animal control.[5]

In addition to his disdain for atheists, Stein is a homophobe, comparing male homosexuality to heroin usage,[6] and is opposed to sexual equality.[7]

Orthodox Judaism[edit]

"It remains my belief that any honest, sober person who reviews the evidence will quickly be convinced of the truth of Orthodox Judaism," says Stein. [8] When it was pointed out to him how few people convert to Orthodox Judaism, he replied that "most people are liars and/or addicts."[9]

Fundies Say the Darndest Things[edit]

The blog has the distinction of being FSTDT's go-to choice for Jewish fundie quotes.[10] Stein - or, at least, someone purporting to be him - has sometimes posted in the comments section. "Is this website called std.net because so many people here have std's, most probably late stage syphillis which has destroyed their brains, as it did the the late, great atheist Freidrich Nietzsche?" he asks.[11]

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