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Rick Ross

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Rick Ross (not to be confused with the rapper of the same name[1], or the drug dealer after whom the rapper was named) is an anti-cult activist. He got into the cult thing when he discovered a Pentecostal cult infiltrating the Jewish nursing home his grandmother was in, and got just a bit pissed off at that sort of thing.

He used to be a deprogrammer, but was sued to bankruptcy over a case that went wrong and now sticks to exit-counselling and making information available.

His site is a goldmine of good-quality information on all manner of cults, coercive groups and questionable and manipulative organisations.

He also appeared in two episodes of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! criticising New Age woo and life coaches.[2]


During the 51-day Waco standoff in 1993 the FBI consulted Ross because of his knowledge of cults. Some cult apologists blamed the violent ending of the Branch Davidian siege on the fact that the FBI took Ross's advice more seriously than theirs.[3]

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