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Maum Meditation is a religious practice founded by Woo Myung.

Although not all details are known, the final goal of Maum Meditation is to "subtract" the so-called false mind. In order to achieve that, one must imagine oneself falling into a black hole or dying. Maum teaches that we must lose attachment to various things, family, memories, and the image of oneself. There are supposedly seven levels; each level is one attachment that needs to be abandoned. Beyond these seven levels are secret levels, not known to non-practitioners.

After all 7 (someone report 8) levels there is a culmination process that requires a travel to Maum's camps in Argentina or Korea (possibly new camps are expected now since they have the money to afford that) and a final fee of several thousand dollars (or as much as a someone can afford).

Maum has hidden fees, and secret progression through "levels", and overall resembles cults like the Church of Scientology far too closely.

Media coverage[edit]

Despite the fact this kind of meditation has (an estimated) thousands of followers, there's very little media coverage. Usually Maum recruits new members through leafleting and tries to be as secret as possible. It is considered by many to be a cult, but unlike other "successful" cults, Maum Meditation attempts to be as quiet and secretive as possible.


To avoid people getting information about it, the cult is evolving; new centers are no longer called "Maum", nor do they reference "Maum" material, but they still keep the same (or a similar) level structure. Confirmation questions are changed to more easily identify who leaked information about the cult.


In a way similar to Buddhism, we are taught of a fake world. The progression is done through a series of mental exercises. Any question to a member of the cult regarding the content of the courses is answered in a negative way (even in a contradictory way). Hiding information to external people is seen by most as a joke and almost all people completing the first level are already engaged deeply in the cult.


See the main article on this topic: Milk before meat

Newcomers are told not to reveal meditation practice details to anyone, and the levels of "attachment" are similarly not disclosed to those not practising Maum.

If asked why secrecy is needed, cultists helpers will tell you that you are still not ready for the truth, and that you cannot be influenced by the external world or the meditation will fail. The common explanation for everything is that "you have a dirty mind" and "you need to clean your mind".

While it may be true that someone might not understand advanced teachings without proper preparation (for example, in mathematics), that does not preclude the ability to at least say what said advanced teachings are. Algebra teachers aren't forbidden from describing what calculus is, and mentioning calculus to an algebra student doesn't destroy their algebra education!

It is much more likely that this secrecy is needed to circumvent natural defenses that everyone naturally has (skepticism, awareness, doubt) in order that events that occur later won't make you worry (e.g., more expensive advanced fees).

How much money have they already taken?[edit]

There is no such thing as a statistic on how many people have been deceived by the cult; however they have enough funds to maintain a number of web sites, and enough money to pay rent for hundreds of centers around the world. They are accepted as a religion (providing some tax relief) in some countries and banned in other countries. They also try to use all free-to-use services in order to get more "sites" (meetup, Wikipedia, Reddit).

So said final goals[edit]

One of the goals cultists helpers will tell you about is to have free maum meditation for every person in the world; this is used as an excuse for monthly fees—however this could already have been achieved, so it is plainly a lie.

All they would need to teach meditation would be one book or web site, thus making the meditation free for everyone. However that would have the downside of unveiling the controversial techniques and at the same time removing any economic income, which makes evident that such goal is in reality a lie. (Unless of course reaching the same progression requires usage of drugs and brainwashing, in which case a book may not be sufficient.)

Other practices[edit]

Maum mediation has additional practices.


Maum charges a monthly fee that may change according to which country it targets. In the US, it is from $80 to $200.


It is not uncommon that a practitioner of Maum travels away from their family if their family does not also enter Maum, a common technique of cults. One Maum Meditation practitioner donated his house to the practice.[1] New Maum centers no longer cause a high degree of abandonment, as members are now told to stay near their families and to make converts among their families and friends. This resembles the "sleeping cell" tactic, used also by some terrorists (of course people in meditation centers are quite peaceful, and have nothing to do with terrorism). It is not uncommon that people lie to friends and acquaintances; they say they "left meditation centers" but at same time they continue to practice meditation without telling anyone or by trying to convince more friends. This is now a big difference compared to other cults.

A minor note, why would something teaching truth be built all around lies?

Have you ever been asked by an acquaintance or friend to do meditation with you and to lie to all your other friends and family by keeping this fact secret?


See the main article on this topic: Food woo

Maum practitioners have their own food supplements, that is, they use a so called "Self Balancing Food", which is claimed to be extracted from dried vegetables.

Drug usage(?)[edit]

Seems drugs may be given to members (via air, or food). If you have ever fallen asleep in the center, or been unable to experience outside the centers the same experiences you had inside, then it is possible you have been given a slight amount of some drugs; which kind of drugs is not revealed, and no one has ever done an analysis of the centers or their foods. The only suspicious fact is that you are not able to have the same experiences outside their meditation centers; this is not for sure, but should be a big red flag.

People usually reject the idea of drugs because meditation is done in small groups and different people experience different effects. A first evidence seems to be that if there is some drug in the air, then everyone should feel the same effect and not about equally, but the effects of drugs depend on a variety of factors: gas concentration, time of exposure, etc. It does not mean necessarily that you are given drugs: certain mind states once reached have the same effect as drugs. However there are references to gas altering human perception even in ancient Greece.[2] In particular certain Greece Oracles who were exposed to major doses of natural gas behaved like they were in a trance, while people asking advice to Oracles was not exposed long enough (or were not near enough to the gas emission).

- Have you eaten or drunk something in the center before experiencing something outside the normal? - Have you slept in the center before experiencing something outside the normal? - Does your seat have removable panels / holes / pipes hidden? (can be easily hidden under a wood panel or inside a pillow). - Have you been alone in a room before someone else entered? - Have you been alone in a room for some time before experiencing something outside the normal?

If all the above questions have NO as answers, then your experience is just caused by your mind.

Woo Myung[edit]

It is often asserted that Woo Myung is God; it is unclear if these rumors are from Maum cultists or if it is just anti-Maum propaganda.

Woo Myung's website claims that he received the "Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize",[3] but there is no evidence that this prize even exists. He is not a recipient of The International Gandhi Peace PrizeWikipedia's W.svg or the Gandhi Peace Award,Wikipedia's W.svg or even the Indira Gandhi Prize.Wikipedia's W.svg

According to other sources[4] Woo Myung was awarded the peace price by the UN; however since that lie was easy to uncover, related sites started mentioning the IAEWP instead of the UN (or ONG).

There are also attempts to disclose the IAEWP lie.[5]

Maum and Wikipedia[edit]

The Wikipedia page on Maum was locked from editing and banned due to continuous edits made by cultists and anti-cultists.

Recently (2015-2016) there have been attempts to create fake Wikipedia pages to legitimize the IAEWP prize.[6] The changes are done mostly by the same authors, who claim to have just "accidentally" found a number of people who were awarded the prize. However, the cited individuals are all just pages created on Wikipedia; there are no independent sources that can confirm any of the prizes, indicating that effective attempts at media manipulation have already been made.

Right now there are attempts to create Wikipedia pages[7] that are clearly advertisements for the cult.

Why would something important like a peace prize not be covered by important media channels? Because it is just a private organization? Of course there exist plenty of organizations that seek world peace (all covered by dozens of articles by important and independent media channels); maybe we should start looking at those organizations instead?

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