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Andrew Tate

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Tate in 2021
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Men's rights
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Lest women catch up
Bros before hoes
It is as if someone has taken every type of woman-hater you can think of — a footballer, an incel, an Arab sheikh, the Tinder Swindler — and rolled them into one menacing, manscaped action doll, given them loads of guns, money and cars and made them say worse things than Donald Trump.
—Camilla Long, The Times.[1]
It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up bitch.
—Andrew Tate, endorsing domestic violence[2]

Emory Andrew Tate III (1986–) is a former kickboxer turned webcam-based relationship scammer,[3] "king of toxic masculinity"[4] cult leader, food hater,[5] and leader of an investment and dropshipping advice business.[6][7] Born in Washington, D.C. to an African-American chess master, he mostly resided in Europe, being raised in the British city of Luton and later living and being imprisoned in Bucharest, Romania.[8]

After some participation in kickboxing, Tate rose to fame in meme culture when he started stating outlandish claims about women in some podcasts he appeared in. After scamming men off a webcam business, Tate got rich and decided to endeavor in more scams to the same people he deceived, which included a book about hooking women, and his latest con ring, Hustlers University. In December 2022, Tate was arrested in Romania along with his brother and an unnamed former policewoman on charges of human trafficking.[9]

Tate is well known for being involved in multiple sexual abuse scandals, which included when he was in Big Brother and most recently, Romania. Some of examples of his slow decline include being subject of a police investigation and being banned from social media platforms despite his fanboys continuing to post his fringe views daily.

Tristan Tate, his younger brother, is often an accomplice in his various illegal acts.

Early career[edit]

Tate in 2014. Some foreshadowing seen here?
I think that he is so seductive to such a big audience because the image of masculinity that he sells is one that’s very rooted in traditional male characteristics. He's very big on this idea of the alpha male, the man that’s in control... I think some men can see that as a particularly attractive trait, but he's also big on conspicuous consumption. He lives a very jet-set lifestyle: fast cars, private planes, mansions, expensive holidays away. And then he has really traditional and, to my mind, outdated views about what a relationship should look like, and what the role of men and women in those relationships should be... What he says goes, it's his way or the highway; women are only there to attend to the house, to look after the kids, to really be in service of the relationship. I think my immediate reaction was probably one of sadness that this is the image of masculinity that sells.
—Robert Lawson, associate professor in sociolinguistics at Birmingham City University.[10]

One of his first interests was chess due to his father. He managed to attend some adult tournaments, but rage-quit after a few losses.[11]

Tate had practiced martial arts since 2005, managing to win 17 of his 19 fights. In 2009, he attempted working in advertising, but instead won his first belt of a cruiserweight championship in the city of Derby, achieving a rank in the European division.[12] In the following years, he would obtain 2 world championship titles.[13]

Even well prior to his later day infamy, Tate was spouting off hyper-masculine, egotistical, racist, and misogynistic viewpoints on both social media and online interviews, self-describing himself as a "pimp super star" whom God had made "better than everybody else" in one 2014 interview, and as "toxically masculine" in his Twitter profile in 2017. Some of these comments resurfaced in tabloid reports during his very short 2016 appearance on the reality series Big BrotherWikipedia.[14][15][16][17]

Early controversy and sexual assault allegations[edit]

Indeed, keep your movie.[18] You are also missing out on being a criminal.
I’m a realist and when you’re a realist you’re sexist. There’s no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist.
—Andrew Tate on Youtube.[19]

In 2016, Tate managed to appear in the Big Brother show. However, he got booted 11 days after a video emerged of Tate assaulting and threatening his then girlfriend at the time. He claimed the video was "consensual" sex.[20] 2 other videos would emerge in British media of Tate assaulting and threatening other women.[21] Tate threatened legal action since it was a leaked private video.

In January 2023, ViceWikipedia revealed that an additional factor in Tate being given the boot from Big Brother: a separate sexual assault, physical abuse, and rape investigation in 2015 (reportedly leading to a brief arrest) that HertfordshireWikipedia Police was conducting concerning two of his webcam employees. One woman alleged that she was strangled by Tate 5 times and saw Tate choke other women on at least 10 occasions. The other women allegedly was raped. After the rape, according to the two women, the victims reported the incidents to the police (despite Tate's reported threats of physical violence). The police, however, declined to press charges.[22] One week later, Vice revealed that a third woman also reported to the police that she was raped by Tate, this time in November 2013.[23]

Mental illness denial[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Mental illness denial

Tate denies that depression exists as a clinical illness, acting like it is a propaganda for weak men by big pharma.[24] Instead, he asserts that it is a sign to change up. This, of course, sparked backlash from Twitter users about such denialism. Tate responded by claiming agreement from people who were/are depressed and continuing to dismiss it as a defense for weak men.

Rise in wealth[edit]

The jump starter for his wealth came when he opened up a webcam service with his brother called myfreecams. Men would spend £4 a minute interacting with women in lingerie that were behind poor equipment. The women would claim to have crippling debt in order to scam men out of their money and would furthermore have his staff send messages to men on behalf of the models in order to give the false impression of a relationship. The brothers admitted it was a scam but claimed the authorities couldn't stop them.[25]

According to one report, Tate recruited women to his webcam business by posing as a "loverboy" or "romeo pimp". This is a known tactic of human traffickers where the trafficker tries to get their victims to fall in love with them for exploitation purposes. These type of traffickers typically target individuals who they perceive as having some vulnerability, such as poverty or emotional distress, that would make the victim more vulnerable and receptive than usual. The trafficker then enters the "grooming and gaming" stage, posing as a love interest while simultaneously gathering information to use against the victim later. Once the victim is under the trafficker's influence, the trafficker takes advantage of the situation and forces the victim into businesses like the sex industry, using mental coercion, blackmail, and even physical violence.[22][26][27] Reportedly Tate was using similar tactics during the events that led to his arrest in Romania in late December 2022.[22]


See the main article on this topic: Misogyny

Andrew Tate is known for being a pimp his extremist views about women and masculinity. Tate believes that women are the property of men. Furthermore, he is one of those that believes that rape victims should bear some responsibility.[2]

Tate shows a preference for younger women due to being through "less dick" in their lives, having more "imprints" available for them.

He is pathologically jealous of his female partners, often stating that he'd never let anyone near them (why, I mean, he's so alpha it wouldn't even cross her mind, right?)[28] Even to the point of saying that that he would only administer CPR on these people over everyone else.[29]

If I have a chick, even though I know she won’t let them smash. Even though I know she knows what they’re about. Even though I know she’s loyal to me. Out of respect for me, it’s not jealousy, it’s territorialism. If you want me to truly love you, you are my girl. And no one’s gonna be allowed to even try. Even though I know you won’t let them… If you wanna go to the club you can go with me.

His insecurity about the fidelity of his partners just reflects a lot of the deep-seated mistrust that most of these misogynists have of women and the fear that many of their fans have about having no control over their partner's actions, as that's terrifying.[note 1]

He would often present hostility by threatening to assault women if they don't conform to his values.[31] Tate believes that it's okay for men to cheat but it's wrong for a woman to cheat.[32]

The scam of Hustlers University[edit]

I thought it was gonna be actual courses like masterclass or something. Even NinjaWikipedia put more effort in his fucking tutorials. You're paying $50 a month for a discord. Holy Shit! That's worse than being a discord mod.
—Charles White, Andrew Tate

In 2021, Tate started "Hustlers University," which he described as "the most fantastic place on the planet for making money", where one can learn to "escape the matrix" and avoid being a "loser", "peon", or a "wage slave brokie". Like many get-rich-quick schemes, the promotions are decked with luxury goods in the background to tantalize viewers into being scammed into enrolling into the course.[33]

In reality, Tate's school served primarily as a vehicle to promote "Tateism" — a combination of pro-capitalism and pro-hypermasculinity — through an "affiliate program" to spread this messaging all across social media channels, where vulnerable young men might dwell and be seduced by the message.[33] For the $49.99 membership fee, users get access to a Discord server and access to video lessons purportedly teaching (sometimes dubious) money-making methods such as cryptocurrency "investment". The videos, naturally, are also sprinkled with misogynistic and homophobic rhetoric; at Hustlers University, you can "learn", for instance, that carrying around a water bottle is "gay" for some reason.[33] In addition, Tate offered, for the price of $4497, a special group chat on a Telegram channel called "the War Room" with purported direct access to Tate himself.[33]

Critics, including those who are actually employed in business careers, have described the content of Hustlers University as very basic, the type of information you can find on any YouTube tutorial, where you will also find far less of the hyper-masculine aggressive posturing, flame-bait encouragement, and grade-school insults that Tate's videos contain.[2][33] The more notable aspect of the program (particularly to Tate) was the "affiliate program". Members can make a small amount of money by spamming Tate's bullshit from their fanboy accounts in social media, taking a small cut of the advertising and membership fees.[34] This bombardment was particularly attractive to the algorithm driving TikTok feeds. A Guardian investigation in August 2022 showed how simply viewing a few videos aimed at male users would end up flooding your Tiktok feed with Andrew Tate videos.[35]

Many critics have described the Hustlers University program as either a multilevel marketing style program, or even a pyramid scheme. Tate denies these allegations, calling the program an "affiliate program, same as Amazon or Spotify or anyone else."[36]

Due to increased social media attention (and subsequent bans), Tate closed Hustlers University in August 2022.[37] He relaunched the scam later that year as "The Real World", with a higher price and exclusive usage of the Telegram platform.[33]

On August 31 2023, the BBC revealed that they had obtained a sample selection of chat logs for Tate's "War Room" chat room. These leaked chats allegedly indicated that one of the "War Room" classes was a "PhD" course — PhD in this case childishly standing for "Pimpin' Hoes degree" — where members were given instructions on how to be a "loverboy" / "romeo pimp" type groomer in order to lure women into performing on adult webcams. The leader of this "War Room" course was a self-proclaimed "wizard" who went by the name "Iggy Semmelweiss" (real name: Miles Sonkin, who according to the BBC was a former member of two previous cults and developed interest in the far-right in the 2000s). War Room members who subscribed to this course were encouraged to use psychological manipulation (referred to in chats as "Pavlovian conditioning") and even violence in order to remove the victim's "entire support structure from her life", isolate the victim "from her family, friends, (and) past", and completely force submission to the pimp (including "tests of submission" such as getting women to tattoo the War Room members' initials on their bodies). Most of the profits from the webcam shows, of course, went to the War Room pimp, not the victim. From these chats, the BBC was able to identify 45 potential victims between March 2019 and April 2020 (although this total is likely an underestimate).[38][39]

Later times[edit]


In August 2022, Tate was banned from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.[19] This ban did not remove the widespread message that his fans have spread on social media.[40]

Conversion to Islam[edit]

Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert.
—Tate spews more bullshit on Twitter, 24 October 2022[41]

On October 24, 2022 Andrew Tate converted to Islam.[41]

Rape and human trafficking allegations[edit]

Tate's December 2022 match on the Twitter streets did not end well for him.

Sometime in the aftermaths of a certain riot, Tate fled to Romania with his brother due to believing that he will be much less likely to be caught in sexual assault investigations.[42] Unsurprisingly, the Romanian police responded by raiding his home in April of 2022. While the investigation was ongoing, police found two women, one American and one Romanian being held captive at Tate's home.[43]


My job was to get women to fall in love with me. Literally, that was my job. My job was to meet a girl, go on a few dates, sleep with her, see if she's quality, get her to fall in love with me to where she'd do anything I say, and then get her on webcam so we could become rich together. Whether you agree or disagree with what I did with their loyalty, submission, and love for me doesn't matter. You cannot reject the results, and the results were simple. My girlfriends would do more for me than 99.9% of men's wives would do for them.
—Andrew Tate idiotically admitting to his scheme on his website (he tried to remove it, but it was too late)[44][45]

The Romanian anti-organised crime unit detained Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan on suspicions of them being involved in human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group. Specifically, prosecutors allege the Tates are involved in "recruiting, housing, and exploiting women" for pornographic content. Six victims were identified that allegedly were forced to perform pornographic sex acts under the threat of violence, including two occasions where one of the suspects used violence and psychological pressure to rape a victim.[46][47]

Despite speculation on the Internet (as well as some questionable reporting from questionable "news" sources like the New York Post)[48] that a pizza box pictured in a video by Andrew Tate, which he recorded and posted during a Twitter feud with Greta Thunberg, provided crucial evidence to Tate's detention, the Romanian anti-organised crime unit stated the pizza box had nothing to do with this.[49] On 30 December 2022, Tate's detention was extended from 24 hours to 30 days.[49]

10 properties and land owned by the Tate brothers or their companies were subsequently raided by the Romanian authorities.[50]

House arrest[edit]

Andrew Tate was free from detention, only to be put in detention again, which was his own home and the house arrest expires on 29 April 2023.[51]

BBC interview[edit]

Tate's house arrest had expired and during the time and after many things happed. However one thing of importance that happed after Tate's house arrest, was the BBC interview on 1 June 2023. The interview was between BBC journalist Lucy Williamson and Tate about the issues of his belfies and crimes. Here is a list of what the interview concluded:[52]

  • Tate denied any crime allegations against him.
  • Does not believe in the mainstream media.
  • Does not believe any of the victims that he hurt.
  • Believing that some of his comments were taken out of context.
  • Believing his a force for good and acting in god's path.

Officially indicted[edit]

On 20 June 2023, Romanian officials ended the criminal investigation and formally indicted Andrew Tate and his brother on charges of human trafficking and forming an organized crime group. In addition, one of the suspects (per the Washington Post, most likely Andrew Tate himself) was also charged with rape.[53]

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