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Roger Bate is a libertarian economist and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.[1] Bate has had a history of jumping between conservative think tanks for the purpose of promoting deregulation through unorthodox campaigns.[2] He is a founder and current co-director of Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM), a project affiliated with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.[3] AFM is an astroturf group dedicated to promulgating anti-environmentalism. It particularly promotes the myth that the "banning"[note 1] of DDT led to millions of deaths in Third World countries and that Rachel Carson's work on the effects of DDT was fabricated. AFM falsely claims that widespread use of DDT would save millions of lives, despite the known adverse health effects and the fact that mosquitoes have increasingly evolved resistance to the pesticide. Bate, as to be expected, is also a climate denier.[4]


  1. Any mentions of exceptions in the ban for anti-malarial purposes are curiously omitted.


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