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Salvador Borrego

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Salvador Borrego Escalante (born Mexico City, 1915) is a Mexican historian and journalist, most noted for his antisemitic conspiracy theories. He has repeatedly denied or trivialized the Holocaust.

Borrego started out as a serious journalist and worked for decades for the national daily Excélsior even though he had sympathized with Nazi Germany since 1937. Borrego has always claimed Adolf Hitler has just been a victim of bad press.

His most famous book is Derrota Mundial (Worldwide Defeat), published in 1953 with a foreword of national luminary José Vasconcelos. In Derrota Mundial Borrego claims that World War II was provoked by a Jewish-controlled Soviet Union, which managed to drag the western allies into its war against the Nazis. Eventually the Nazis were defeated and the world fell into the grip of a Jewish "supercapitalism". Borrego's book has become hugely popular among Neo-Nazis. It been re-printed 48 times and is one of the most widely read antisemitic books in the Spanish world. It is reportedly used in some conservative schools and colleges in Western Mexico.

Borrego has always denied being an antisemite, arguing that he just criticized the Jewish leadership and that criticizing the Jewish leadership is no more antisemitic than criticizing the Mexican government is anti-Mexican. He also denies being right-wing, claiming instead that "the bankers are the real right wing".

Borrego has also written books about other incoherent conspiracies, such as how the United States controls Mexico by sponsoring Freemasonry and protestantism, how the Waffen-SS consisted of noble warriors and did not engage in any atrocities, how scientific medicine fights against real medicine and of course how there is a communist behind every tree.

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