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Ingrid Kristina Carlquisling Carlqvist (1960–) is a Swedish Islamophobe and Holocaust denier.[1]

Career and activities[edit]

Carlqvist worked for a number of notable media outlets, such as Aftonbladet. She was however forced to resign from different positions for a controversial column on incest, and for attacking anti-racists.

She then started Tryckfrihetssällskapet ("The Press-Freedom Company"), modelled after the Danish Trykkefrihedsselskabet, and which involved Hans Rustad. She also started the Islamophobic publication Dispatch International, because "mainstream media has so deteriorated that it now constitutes a threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."[2]

In 2015-2016, she wrote copiously on how Sweden was plagued by no-go zones and undergoing a Great Replacement, for the American right-wing think tank Gatestone Institute.Wikipedia It is likely Carlqvist's continued hammering on the issue in the US — something Per Gudmunson did only domestically[3][4] — influenced Fox News' obsession with Muslims in Sweden,[5] and thereby Donald Trump.[6][7] To their credit, even the National Review Online has been more nuanced about the topic.[8]

Carlqvist subsequently has blogged and podcasted about how Sweden is becoming Eurabia, adding antisemitism into the mix by claiming an international Jewish conspiracy is behind white genocide, orchestrating the movement of Muslims to Sweden. Some of her blogging was as "Ingrid and Conrad," with identitarian Daniel "Conrad" Frändelöv, and more recently as "Ingrid and Maria," together with Maria Celander.

As founder of Det fria Sverige ("Free Sweden"), an ultra-nationalist umbrella group that included members of the Nordic Resistance Movement, she was also influential in establishing the Alternativ för Sverige political party, which, exactly as it sounds, is an unimaginatively named Swedish version of Germany's Alternative für Deutschland.[9][10]

Her repeated "Great Replacement" rhetoric has won her support from Gates of Vienna, FrontPage Magazine, and Red Ice Creations, as well as xenophobic fake news webshites such as Jihad Watch.

In April 2019, she was fined for not having a publisher for her podcast.

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