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Hosting the Conversation on Faith
—Patheos' current slogan

Patheos is a website serving as a multifaith portal, library and blogging platform. It was founded in 2008 as a collection of accessible writings on various religions. The name is a combination of "pathos" and "theos".

Patheos Blogs[edit]

The site hosts over 450 blogs divided into 11 "Channels" by worldview, covering everything from Buddhism to Catholicism to neo-paganism to the vague "spirituality". The 42 blogs in the Atheist Channel represent both the largest atheist online presence in the world and the highest number of monthly pageviews of any worldview on Patheos.


The atheist blogs include:

Leah Libresco's Unequally Yoked was also in the atheist section, until June 2012, when she announced that she is converting to... Catholicism, of all possible things. Her blog was consequently moved to the Catholic section.

Patheos' poaching of Freethought Blogs' bloggers was noted and became something of a jocular meme on FtB.[3] (It's worth noting who had the last laugh. Almost none of the above remain at Patheos in 2022, while FreethoughtBlogs has remained strong and vibrant.)


Other good blogs are Science on Religion, a group blog that takes a scientific and/or scholarly look at the phenomenon of religion in humans individually as well as culturally. Among it's more interesting contributors is Connor Wood, a Ph.D. candidate at Boston University in religion and science. Wood's "research interests include religion and health, evolutionary science, public theology, and comparative religious inquiry." Also worthwhile is Slacktivist by Fred Clark, a liberal Christian who dissected at length the Left Behind series, and No Longer Quivering, a group blog collecting experiences of survivors of the Quiverfull movement.

Not everything on the network is sunshine and singing "Kumbaya," though. While the network has spent some effort to be inclusive, some individual participants are not necessarily an enlightened, tolerant bunch. And, among those of a secular hue, there can be varying levels of scientific knowledge. If you want to get your blood boiling, but FSTDT is too low-brow for you, just try browsing the "Evangelical" and "Catholic" channels.

So, other notable blogs filed under "Misc" are:

  • Bristol Palin blogs on the Family channel. Yes, you read correctly - that Bristol Palin, and yes, she's blogging in the Family channel.
  • Standing on My Head, by Dwight Longenecker, a Catholic priest (formerly Anglican, even more formerly Evangelical). In September 2012, he came to the attention of the atheist blogosphere after saying some really dumb things about atheists (a two word sample: "spiritual zombies", though the problems with what he wrote are a bit deeper than that)
  • Black, White and Gray, a group blog on the Evangelical channel. Among the contributors is Mark Regnerus, a social scientist notorious for a bad study on the effects of gay couples adopting children.[4]

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