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Stop Murder Music is an international campaign seeking to oppose musicians whose lyrics glorify violence against homosexuals. It is jointly run by three gay rights groups: Outrage!, the Black Gay Men's Advisory Group, and the Jamaica-based J-Flag.[1] Peter Tatchell is closely involved with the campaign's British chapter,[2] while its Canadian division was founded by Akim Larcher.[3]

The campaign has a particular focus on the music of Jamaica. In 2008, Stop Murder Music Canada called for a complete boycott on Jamaican music until the country's government does more to tackle homophobic violence; the previous year the campaign had successfully forced the cancellations of Ontario concerts by Sizzla, Elephant Man, Capleton, Baby Cham, and Beenie Man.[4]

Stop Murder Music has been criticised in some quarters on the grounds that its targets have the right to free speech[5] and by people who believe its focus on Jamaican musicians to be racist.[6]

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