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Rock Against Communism were a series of white power concerts held in the United Kingdom in late 1970s-early 1990s which were started by the National Front. The name of these concerts is a play on Rock Against Racism, and is extremely deceptive in that the concerts seldom focused on the subject of communism and more often than not featured neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, racist, and violent themes.[1] Later, the term "rock against communism" (RAC) was adopted by white power and neo-Nazi skinhead organizations as a meme in reference to racist and bigoted rock music often promoted by said organizations.[2] A lot of idiots involved with these groups and their records will peddle the "Cultural Marxism" bullshit that things such as letting interracial couples marry and stopping police brutality against minorities are somehow communist plots as a half-assed justification for the bait-and-switch.

In America, there were some would-be punk bands who continued to insist on "rocking against communism", but most of their fan base is too young to remember what the USSR was. In general, the Southern Poverty Law Center sees their racism as quite peripheral to real political problems and more of the stuff that jackass hicks do to make fools of themselves.[3] Sadly, many of these kinds of groups still gather big followings among hardcore extremists in various European nations and other places, the ones that actually perform in places with historical memories of World War II being often pretty damn shameless for their belief that the bad guys should have won.

The term "rock against communism" or "RAC" is sometimes used as a kind of musical sub-genre label (roughly akin to calling something "new wave", "post-punk" or such) to signify that a particular recording has far right type lyrics combined with stereotypical rock instrumentation. Examples of groups given this tag for their fascist-type messages include No Remorse, Skrewdriver,[note 1] and Skullhead among others. The "music" (using that word very, very loosely) ranges from the terribly forgettable to the unforgettably terrible all of the time, although it can be rather enjoyable to note how shamelessly a lot of the racist dopes steal from mainstream artists (besides the whole fact that, seriously, rock and roll music as a very concept was invented largely by African American musicians in the first place).

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  1. This group started out as an apolitical punk band with a Ramones-esque kind of sound, almost pop-punk like, so don't be surprised running into non-racist fans online (who appreciate the stuff from their saner days only).


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