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Antipodean Resistance

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National Socialism or nothing
—Official slogan[1]
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Frogs, clowns, and swastikas
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Rebuilding the Reich, one meme at a time
Buzzwords and dogwhistles

Antipodean Resistance is a Neo-Nazi hate group based in the land down under. The group was founded in 2016 and it has engaged in activism that is (as you expect from a Neo-Nazi hate group) virulently racist towards Australia's non-whites (such as Chinese) and Jews (their number one target). On their website is a shit ton of Nazi symbolism (swastika and sonnenrad included). Their logo is a "Totenkopf" with an Akubra hat, and they also fly a recolored version of a Nazi flag.

Extermination of the Jews[edit]

One of the most infamous Neo-Nazi posters in history was made by the group, calling for legalizing the extermination of the Jews in a poster of a SS officer executing a Jew complete with Le Happy Merchant and the logo of the Antipodean Resistance. Needless to say, it would be considered advocating terrorist acts to target a specific group of people.

Flyer activism[edit]

As with their American alt-right/Neo-Nazi counterparts, Antipodean Resistance has engaged in flyer activism, most notably spreading posters to Melbourne high schools on August 15, 2017 using such lovely phrases such as "nigger", "chink" and "Keep Australia White" only a few days after a particular incident on the other side of the world. Unsurprisingly, the Education Minister for Victoria, James Merlino, denounced them as "vile and hateful".[2] Other examples include placing anti-Chinese posters in two Melbourne-area universities[3] and targeting Australian churches, universities, and public places supportive of same-sex marriage and of LGBT rights with homophobic content.[4]

Terrorism concerns[edit]

Given the violent and hateful rhetoric of Antipodean Resistance, it's no surprise why they have attracted concerns by the Australian government. ASIO (Australia's main security organization) has been monitoring the Antipodean Resistance and suggested the group is "willing to use violence" to achieve its goals.[5]

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