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The Conservative Camp

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No, not that kind of "camp". Which is a pity.

The Conservative Camp is an American political website that is targeted to a "center-right" audience, mainly conservative. The site advocates a "return to the tested, proven and reliable core conservative principles and values that in the past have created economic stability, security through strength and creating an environment of entrepreneurship through individual freedom. A return to the Reagan Doctrine of lower taxes on all Americans and a firm, but fair, foreign policy." (Like our totally not one-sided fight with Grenada, perhaps?)

It is heavily promoted by its owner, Wikipedia editor "RJDCC". His pathetic attempt to promote it at Wikipedia has met with disdain,[1] as they don't seem to understand what "notability" means there.

Founded and edited by Robert Ditmar in March 2003, the site has had two different periods of activity, the first lasting from February 2003 to January 2004. After a hiatus of almost five years, the site relaunched in the autumn fall of 2009 and is becoming more and more pathetic in its desperate attempt to claim it influences public opinion.

The site itself is dead, though a Facebook group is still active.


The Conservative Camp was originally founded in 2003. But we said that already.

The original site was largely a static site that needed to be manually updated. The Conservative Camp was really into killing Arabs and Muslims, supporting the Afghanistan invasion and Iraq War and the security policies of President George W. Bush, yet it was critical of Bush's departure from true Reagan conservatism.

After almost an entire year on the internet, Ditmar forgot to pay the domain name renewal fee and took his ball and went home.

In 2009, The Conservative Camp was re-launched in an entirely new format, thanks to the development of "web 2.0" tools.

The site continued to be owned and operated by web 2.0 tool Robert Ditmar, who served as both Editor and Senior Writer for the site. As of April 2010, the site had nine regular columnists, including Ditmar, who each maintained their own individual blogs within the site.


The Conservative Camp was a full-scale conservative information website portal that is modeled in the style of really bad business jargon.

The Conservative Camp also contained "original content", created by the above-referenced geniuses columnists, bloggers and guest contributing authors.

In addition to news, editorials, opinions and blogs, the site contained other lame shit.[What? Actually, no, we don't care.]

The site was like, really proud that they have copies of the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers,Wikipedia and the Declaration of Independence available for download.