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Revolution Muslim was an Islamic fundamentalist and jihadist website based in New York City. The site gained notoriety after Collen LaRose ("Jihad Jane"), an online follower of the site, was arrested in a plot to murder Swedish artist Lars Vilks for drawing a cartoon of Muhammed.[1]

The site later gained media attention after it implied the creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) would meet the same fate as Theo van Gogh after the show aired an episode featuring Muhammed in a bear costume (Van Gogh was a Dutch filmmaker murdered by an Islamic extremists for producing films and cartoons critical of Islam). In reaction to the site's threats, hackers took the site off-line temporarily redirecting it to images of Muhammed in a "bomb turban".

The site shut down after one of the site's creators (You­nis Abdul­lah Muham­mad) was arrested for terroristic threats (since 2013 all 3 of the site's founders have been arrested on terrorism-related charges). Younis now runs a new website "Islam Policy" which he occasionally writes to from prison.

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