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Saidit is a far-right version of Reddit.[note 1] Imagine Reddit but if r/Conspiracy, r/The_Donald, and r/GenderCritical decided to make their own social media platform. This webshite is best described as when TERFs and Trump supporters decide to make their platform separate from Reddit because they are being censored. A substantial portion of the user base is anti-vax, believes that the 2020 U.S. election was stolen, and many other dubious or outright untrue things. As of August 2023, the site gets over 300,000 monthly visitors,[1] which is 300,000 too many.



A TERF forum; like their Reddit counterparts, they are transphobic. They are closely linked to another transphobic forum called Ovarit.

A contributor is mad that parents can assign their kids as non-binary in Vermont.[2] Another contributor asked that "does anyone need an ovarit code ?" to join. The website all the comments agreed.[3]. contributor thinks that TRAs are trying to push their agenda by saying that women and man are a gender by using the definition of Gender.[4]

A contributor has said he had left Ovarit because of racism; he is a transman who had used Ovarit because it is "open to criticism".[5] One user named ku_va_nr commented that by including Trans people, Muslims and Black people made feminism a minor struggle.[6]

The same user commented that Ovarit is not for them because they have real gender dysmoria; the user pointed out that Ovarit is not a debate platform and that white feminism is a troll by intersectionalists, that Intersectionality has allowed for transexual activists, religious activists, and pro-prostitution activists to hijack feminism by denouncing 2nd wave feminists as "privileged" or "non inclusive".[7]

One contributor made a post about how they mass spam Contrapoints videos with I❤️JKR the comments kept misgendering Contrapoints by calling her a him.[8] One user made a post about how TRAs were angry that r/GenderCritical existed and that they are still angry that s/GenderCritical exists, they misspell "Libsfems" as "Lifefens" and how they are more dispersed of the r/GenderCritical ban.[9] One user complained about how r/AgainstHateSubreddits banned r/GenderCritical because it was reaching too many people.[10] One contributor asked some people if they want to join Ovarit and to get the Ovarit codes, they should private message them.[11]

One Contributor posted that r/egg_irl led them to the trans-rabbit hole, they said that in 2 weeks they were a frequent visitor of the subreddit and the due to the user being in a rough time he got convinced that he was trans, he then went to reddit only for trans subreddits, After more two weeks his eyes turned yellow, the Contributor then goes on to that r/egg_irl and other subreddits are a grooming tool for young people. [12]


A TERF forum for men. Yes, there are men who believe this stuff.

One user fell for the alt-right's DropTheB bait.[13] One contributor claimed that Teen boys are forced to take hormones as an experiment from the LA government [14] citing a YouTube video from Tim Pool, a known transphobe.[15] One contributor claimed that "trans activists" are bullying straight men into having sex with trans women,[16] citing a YouTube video by "Think Before You Sleep,"[17] a known antifeminist and transphobe, among many other beliefs that are highly deficient in both morality and intelligence.

Conspiracy nuts[edit]


One of the biggest Saidit communities with over 40,000 subscribers similar to their Reddit counter-parts , they believe in loads of bullshit conspiracy theories from crank sites.[18]

One contributor cites an article from the conspiracy theory site The Expose saying that there is a lawsuit against the UK government for not warning about the dangers of 5G.[19] The lawsuit is by Action Against 5G .[20] One contributor posted that the Catholic League condoned attack on Traditional Catholics by FBI [21] citing Breitbart . One User Claimed that fossil fuels aren't real.[22] citing two tweets: one by Shannon who promotes NFTs, Bitcoin and much more claiming that fossil fuels are called that to promote the "myth" that fossil fuels are not unlimited[23], the second tweet links to a viral Tiktok video[24]. This contributor posted that covid-19 is real but it began as a hoax, he then goes on to say that the crisis was manufactured by Democrats, he then says that "They" test antibiotics, not the Covid-19 Virus, finally the contributor then goes on to say that "politicians lied, fear-mongered, emptied America's hospitals and destroyed the country's economy and MILLIONS of lives."[25]

One contributor made a post about how the 2021 U.S. attempted coup was faked[26] which links to a tweet by Christina Bobb, a known Trump supporter [27]. One contributor posted an article from The Organic Prepper - a NaturalNews like survivalist webshite[28] The person who made the article on The Organic Prepper then goes on to say seven of the following things were conspiracy theories until 2020[29]:

  • Universal Basic Income
  • Travel Papers
  • Mandatory GPS tracking of humans
  • Cashless societies
  • Microchips
  • Mandatory vaccines
  • Re-education camps

One contributor said that how the plandemic ties in with the rise of the left, Jewish supremacism, totalitarianism, and the new space race. First he explains that the Jew are supremacist and that they are using the Covid-19 pandemic to establish totalitarian communism, he then states that we are in an extinction level event within 20, 25 year maximum he says that we are 12,800 years into the 12,000 year cycle he then cites the pseudoscience promoting YouTube Channel Suspicious0bservers, He then says that a few rich people know about the extinction level event He states that this is why they are building bases to Mars. He then says that a monster from Medina, Washington is trying to approach this through Earth earth modification techniques he then says the monster is Jewish. At the end he says that when the third temple is built in Jerusalem, and the Jews reign supreme and control the world, a Messiah will show up and save the Jews.[30]


QAnon forum on Saidit. 'Nuff said.


Another QAnon forum but this one receives more traffic.

One user posted a link to an article by the Humorous Mathematics fake news site for "patriots". The article alleges a new "plandemic" is in the making.[31] One user posted how that the authoritarian left would be defeated in the second civil war but "all the people that the left considers evil would be now on their side."[32]. One user posted that the official US_Stratcom Twitter account had posted a Q-drop their only source is a QAnon forum on an alternative to Reddit [33]. One user Operation posted that Obama is the biological grandson of Hitler and that he is a Khazar Rothschild [34]


See the main article on this topic: Rothschild family

Saidit's resident antisemitic hangout. Many of its members are Traditionalist Catholics or Sedevacantists. There are two users who waste their time post the most. One is "TheCatholicState,"[35] who also is behind the website[36] Another is John Raymond[37] who is an antisemite, Islamophobe, anti-vaxxer and more.

Raymond posted that "Jews" have taken over the Catholic Church.[38]. One user posted that the Rothschilds are Jesuits.[39] Another user thinks the the Rothschilds started the American Civil War.[40] One Islamist user said the Antichrist controls DajjalWikipedia who in a series of conspiracy-themed Russian Matroyshka dollsWikipedia controls the Jews who control the Freemasons who control the US Federal Reserve system who control the Democrats who control the entertainment industry who control Hollywood. The Illuminati is supposedly responsible for feminism , the LGBT movement, communism, and BLM. Meanwhile the US Federal Reserve system also control the Republicans who are responsible for capitalism, MAGA, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and more.[41] In another words, it's turtles all the way down.


See the main article on this topic: Society of Jesus

Saidit's main Anti-Catholic forum. The main person who posts there is Hibikiblack.[42]

Hibikiblack posted that the Jesuits control the CIA, FBI, Mossad, and other intelligence agencies.[43] One user posted that Jesuit education helped Dr. Fauci prepare for the pandemic.[44] Another user posted that Jesuits are responsible for communism.[45]

Pseudoscience promoters[edit]


Ironically, considering its name, the forum is anything but a board for health. It promotes anti-vaxxer and alt-med bullshit in spades. It frequently cites NaturalNews or its sister sites.

According to one user, vaccines have been cause of illnesses for "over a century."[46] Another contributor posted that seed oils are unhealthy and cause brain damage [47] which links to a tweet by Tan Man who says seed oils stick around in the body for 7 year. He then says Vitamin E can cure "seed oil illness" because Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant.[48]

One contributor believes that new research from Australia has shown that anti-depressants cause superbugs.[49] One user claims that ADHD isn't real.[50] Another user in the comments has come to the genius conclusion that ADHD is caused by vaccine-induced brain damage.[51].


See the main article on this topic: Mental illness denial

One contributor posted that the de-stigmatization of mental health is a front campaign from Big Pharma.[52] One user posted that anti-depressants cause dementia and Alzheimer's.[53] One contributor posted that antidepressants are no more than placeboes that are "dangerous."[54]

Pissed at us[edit]

See the main article on this topic: RationalWiki:PISSED

Over at s/GenderCritical, one contributor has responded to our TERF glossary.[55]

See also[edit]

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