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The Resistance Manifesto

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Great and terrible
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The Resistance Manifesto is a 2005 book by conservative Christian conspiracy theorist Mark Dice.[1][2] The book is about the "facts and fiction" (as Dice defines them, at least) surrounding New World Order conspiracy theories. It provides supposed proof of Biblical prophecies occurring presently while claiming that Christianity in America is being destroyed by Satanic forces, denounces atheism and secularism (equating both to Satanism, no surprise), and discusses the Illuminati and how they control the world. The book also promotes a lot of denialist nonsense in regards to the September 11 attacks, evolution and global warming, and warns of the Illuminati's gay agenda. Dice also denounces homosexuality as a "poison" and puts forth the slippery slope argument regarding homosexuality. It is a favourite among many right wing Christian conspiracy cranks.

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