The Voyage that Shook the World

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The Voyage that Shook the World is a creationist propaganda flick world-class documentary from Creation Ministries International about the life of Charles Darwin. It's only 52 minutes long, so it was clearly aimed at television.

In April 2015, the film received a AUD$90,504 tax-rebate (20% of the entire production cost of AUD$452,518) from Screen Australia despite only taking in AUD$116,436.[1]

The rogues' gallery[edit]

The film features interviews with real live scientists. These were apparently obtained in a similar manner as the interviews for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, by establishing a front company so said scientists would be unaware that creationists had anything to do with the film. Some people claimed this deceptive behavior violated the Ninth Commandment; a big-shot with CMI admitted the deceit, but replied (paraphrase) "The ends justify the means! Pay no attention to the man behind the screen underhanded movie-making tactics! Look at this wonderful film we've made!"[2]


To date, the film has been noticed about as much as a grain of sand dropping into a lake. As of July 2012 it has a rating of 5.3/10 at the IMDb, although, strangely, there are a very high number of glowing reviews giving the film a perfect 10 out of 10 stars, with many casting doubt on Darwin's ability as a scientist. Even more strangely, a large number of these fabulous reviews were given by people who had only ever reviewed this one film.[3] How very obviously deceitful odd. At least one blogger has stated that it is standard creationist fare.[4]

General screening in Canada, UK, US and South Africa supposedly started September 2009, but even Fox News didn't review it.

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