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Tom Deckard is a messianic Jew who claims to be a profit prophet.

Who is he?[edit]

His past is actually not well known, due to contradictory accounts, though he claimed divine revelation when an angel[1] and "anointed him a Prophet of God".[2] [3]

Recently he has been claiming to be the Prophet Elijah[4], who himself was prophesized to lead to the end times.

Track record[edit]

All over many Christian themed sites there are ads about his perfect track record.[5] His prophecies are very pessimistic, though generic, such as his 1994 prediction that America will be judged.[6] He told Christians to leave America by the way. Apparently something bad will happen, and revolve around the end times.[7]. You'll find plenty of videos with descriptions with these ads[8][9]

Seriously, his copypasta is everywhere[10]. They're even on non Christian sites[11]

Is he a false prophet?[edit]

Some Christians think so, some don't. These debates can go so far as to attract video responses of other videos on YouTube.[12]. When you search his name on Google, the entirety of the first page of results except for videos either call him a false prophet, or a scam/con, depending on whether the site is religious or not.

If you look hard enough, you'll find out that many[13] sites [14] that claim [15] he isn't the real deal. Considering The crazies[16] find him a bit loopy, it would probably be a good idea to listen, for once.

Note that debates about the authenticity of any prophet usually get pretty heated, and this guy is no exception[17]. It's got to the point discussions were closed, especially in multi-denominational forums[18]. A support Group exists on Yahoo to help people who were misled by him.[19]

List of stuff he claimed to have predicted that came true[edit]

List of stuff he claimed to have predicted that came true... With video/textual evidence he did so[edit]

Two tumbleweeds rolling across the screen, from left to right.

Still though, some particular Prophecies, his followers avidly defend, like a 2007 one, where he predicted The US would prevent Israel from attacking Iran.[21]

List of Prophecies yet to come true[edit]

  • The Great Tribulation[22] (How Original)
  • The Destruction of America[23]
  • The end of the world (again)[24]

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