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Ucadia is a secretive movement revolving around the work of Frank O'Collins, which mixes mysticism and pseudolaw and more. In earlier years some of its beliefs and messages were more openly on display, including on a host of sister sites such as "one-heaven.org", "one-evil.org", "one-Islam.org", "heal-the-earth.org", "euro-union.org", "restorelaw.org" and many others. Unfortunately verified information online about the organization is limited, including the size and scope of its membership and activities. In 2016, the organization embraced secrecy, and various websites were taken down.[1] The main website returned in 2020.

The Ucadia main website seems to promote O'Collins' highly bizarre system of religious and economic beliefs, and includes links to the many sister sites which are full of similar incoherent blather. On older versions, it described its mission statement as:

UCADIA represents a spiritual and legal presence, a structure of knowledge and a language of pure meaning.

UCADIA stands for Unique Collective Awareness of DIA.

DIA are pure symbolic representations of meaning, the units of meaning upon which the UCADIAN language of pure symbolic semantic meaning is constructed.[2]

O'Collins has insisted that "Nothing about UCADIA can possibly be considered a cult whatsoever.", which is a bad sign. O'Collins also referred to his critics as "Skeptics, disinformation agents, mentally ill supporters of the parasitoids", another red flag.


The old websites were mostly filled with nearly incomprehensible New Age-sounding mumbo jumbo (think Timecube but slightly more coherent). This makes it hard to even discern what exactly the organization believes. The websites seem to hint at conspiracy theories, some making vague references to the Illuminati, New World Order. They also make mention of the evils of the current "Roman" legal and banking system run by global elites ("Roman" apparently referring to the Catholic Church, which they also frequently refer to as the "Roman Cult"). They also mention a long lasting war in Heaven between angels and demons (which was finally brought to an end by "United States of Spirits of One Heaven" - allegedly resulting in the destruction of Hell, thereby guaranteeing the salvation of all mankind... or something). The sites definitely don't fit the bill of your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory website, and are definitely bizarre enough to merit a class of their own. Here's a sample tidbit:

Despite our difference, most people share a common belief in some kind of afterlife. The usual term used to describe this afterlife is "Heaven". Similarly, the majority of people alive today also believe in the existence of some kind of "hell" in the afterlife where people who have done evil in life are somehow punished. If you are someone who was brought up in one of the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) then your faith teaches you that Hell wasn't always there- it began out of a war. We are told that at the beginning of time, before humans ever existed there was a war in heaven and it is because of this war that hell was created. Ever since, whether we realize it or not, we have been captive, we have been affected by this war. For if you believe that Hell exists, then you believe that war still rages in Heaven. So it is that even when peace has reigned briefly on Earth, if but for a day, there has never been peace in Heaven since the beginning of time. A war between angels and demons, a war between saints and sinners between cloaked devotees of darkness and genuine light bringers. Our world has suffered and souls have been cursed. And yet a promise has always been there, that one day the war would come to an end. This day has arrived. The United States of Spirits The Covenant of the United States of Spirits, of One Heaven is the fulfillment of that dream and promised- that one day humanity will be united, that the war between heaven and hell, between heaven and earth shall finally be over. It is the fulfillment of a journey that began with the earliest and greatest of human minds, the great ancient prophets and sages of ancient empires. The Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Chinese, the Mayan, the Hopi, the Indus, the Hindu and the many more cultures that have existed and continue to exist. The dream is that one day, when we all die we might be in Heaven and that one day, we might witness the uniting of all human minds, the forgiving of our sins and the ending of the most ancient of curses. The dream is now fulfilled through the The official Covenant of One Heaven.


Frank O'Collins and his UCADIA were among the first to import Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments (OPCA) to Australia. O'Collins appears to believe that man-made law is based on black magic. Like some but not all pseudolaw promoters, he ties legal success to spiritual freedom, and the power of judges and courts to magic. Through idiosyncratic analysis of words and language, combined with typical "freeman on the land" ideas, he's "figured out" ways that people can, in his imagination, win.[3][4]

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