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In Pravda there is no news, in Izvestia there is no truth.
—Soviet-era Russian political joke[1]

Pravda.ru is a Russian online tabloid not ashamed to feature woo, denialism, and various conspiracy theories. It also covers "normal" news, but often with a heavy Russian nationalist slant. Pravda means "truth" in Russian, something you probably won't get by surfing on it. Pravda.ru is not to be confused with Pravda, the former Soviet Communist newspaper, which is currently a Russian-language newspaper owned by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The name (and a few former collaborators, apparently) is the sole link with that newspaper.

The site is available in Russian, English, Italian, and Portuguese, about four languages too many.

Not to be confused with Ukrainian news site pravda.com.ua

Here are some examples of "news" you could find on this site:

Unlike the now-defunct Weekly World News, this is not a satirical website, as incredible it could be. At least the producers are unaware that this is satirical.

Pravda.ru also had a forum, which was what one could expect of the forum of such a site (for reference, see Above Top Secret or Godlike Productions). Somewhere around May 2012, the forums went down, allegedly due to a hacking attack ("they hate our free speech!"),[19] and as of September 2013, they still haven't been restored.

US Senator John McCain submitted an op-ed to Pravda.ru in 2014, apparently confusing it with the other "Pravda" newspaper.[20]

Pravda staff members often engage in heated discussions with their readers, often throwing insults and profanities at them. Here is one example of a discussion entry, written by a Pravda staff member who sometimes uses the name "Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey": "Go call pedophile to the sorry silly sh*t *ucking squirt that sired the syphilitic stinking sow that sh*t you, you foul-mouthed uncouth guttersnipe".[21] The Pravda staff sometimes modifies comments made by readers.[22]

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  1. Pravda (Truth) was the official "organ" of the Communist Party between 1912 and 1991. Izvestia (News) was the official organ of the Soviet government. The joke in Russian is В "Правде" нет известий, в "Известиях" нет правды.
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