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Acorns and walnuts
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

D.J. a/k/a "Colonel of Squirrels" is the Commanding Officer of the 1st Foraging and Scampering Brigade at Lawrence, Kansas. Currently on reserve after a brief assignment in East Asia as part of the Scuridae Officer Exchange.

~A blind squirrel can still find a nut, but a sighted nut can't find a damn thing~

But Seriously...[edit]

I don't even remember how I found this site, but it had something to do with Conservapedia. I rediscovered it while I was living overseas (Way too much time on my hands back then...I kid! I love you all). Right now, I'm attempting to transmit my wealth of information on crazy-ass pundits (mostly wingnuts) to the site.

On Conservapedia[edit]

I edited Conservapedia as Wuhao1911 for around five months. On March 30, I revealed myself as a parodist. In response, they deleted much of my more recently added material, including several relatively high-quality articles. The amount of bullshit that's still over there is staggering.

My Contributions to RW[edit]

Pages I created or expanded:

Gratuitous Self-Promotion[edit]

I've recently started producing some videos, in the vein of the old "dramatic readings." They're admittedly amateurish in production quality, but I hope they are at least amusing.