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RationalWiki Poker Tournament[edit]

This page is to organise the occasional (free) texas holdem tournament for RationalWikians. Add your sig (~~~~) below and subscribe to changes to this page by clicking the "Observe" tab above.

Player list[edit]

*I am eating Toast& honeychat 18:01, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

Scheduled games[edit]

  • 15/12/2009 @ 20:00 GMT
  • 21/01/2010 @ 20:30 GMT

Server Details[edit]

I've added a site password. Ask on the talk page to have it sent to you by one of the other members.
NOTE: Although the app stores passwords as hashes I have no idea how secure they are. Therefore please use your RationalWiki username but use a different password when creating an account.