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Night of the Blunt Knives.
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The Abiding Wisdom of a scientist[edit]

"In answer to the question of why it happened, I offer the modest proposal that our Universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time". Edward P. Tryon

The Abiding Wisdom of a (former) Conservapedian[edit]

"Proteins only take a long time to build if they are occurring naturally, not if they are created supernaturally"- Philip J Rayment, now to be found at A Storehouse of Knowledge.

Over Christmas 2007, Russell's pub in Ranelagh, Dublin, had these signs in the window. Not a bad philosophy of life to live by, this pub sign.
Brilliant! Top quality work, chaps!

Significant Articles & Contributions[edit]

The FBI Incident was primarily what brought me to RW. I couldn't believe that a snivelling little shit like Andy could have such an over-inflated sense of importance as to actually report someone to the FBI for wandalising his stupid little fucking blog. But he did, he claims. If even ten minutes of America's tax dollars were wasted as an unfortunate FBI agent checked into Stevecarson's web doodling, Andy should be taken to the fucking cleaners. And if an agent DID check into it, the invasion of privacy Andy caused is disgusting. I hate that man. So anyway, I did all the research and wrote most of that article. Most of the rest of the time I'm just taking the piss, which is kinda normal for us Irish.

I introduced the phrase "undeadened" to Andy, though I was banned shortly after CP sysops picked up the catchphrase, now widely seen on Conservapedia. I had no idea I could so easily get Andy to use a zombie reference for de-redlinking.

Other articles to which I've dedicated FAR too many hours of my life:

Insignificant Articles & Contributions[edit]

Oh, please. How does "most" sound?
Hangover, Ostrich, "You're clueless", Weapon of gun, Expelled:Leader's_Guide, Andybot

Conservapedia Sock History[edit]

Like most editors here, I started out on CP by simply trying to bring some truth and balance to The Trustworthy Encyclopedia. I had no intention to vandalise, I simply tried to point out factual inaccuracies, internal inconsistencies, unreferenced opinion, and would try to reason with them on the Talk Pages - since actually contributing was usually impossible, due to the page being locked.

Of course I ended up being booted out almost instantly every time. I returned again and again with good intentions and tried not to lose my temper as they replaced fact with opinion.

I eventually gave up trying to be Honest Citizen - It was just impossible. So - wrong though it may be to some - now I simply try and cause as much disruption as possible, as sport, to selfishly entertain myself. I don't see them contributing anything useful to the world, and it's just too much fun to poke sticks in the beehive and see them get all hot and bothered.

I've had a marvellous time with many characters. Some of them are:

I still maintain quite a few lot of characters over there, but as they are running around with greatcoats on with the collars turned up, I don't know who they are. Usually I have between three and 10 characters alive at any one time. Sometimes they simply beat on each other if they can't start a fight with someone else. Most of them fight the good fight for truth, but quite a considerable number of them are evangelical right-wing nutjobs, deep undercover. Some of them are very senior CP'ers. It's sad.

Lately I've been wanting to update this list with the full, authoritative, honest and upfront list of everyone I've ever been - which is about triple this number of socks. But many of them have contributed some fabulous gibberish to articles that are as yet extant, and I'm loathe to out the socks so that the CP SS can go and clean up their wholly inaccurate or teabagger contributions. I'd hoped that by now I could let it go, but I'm going to continue to obey our own "not outing parody" rule on myself.

Personality Tests[edit]

Moral Politics. Two results, average 'em: -5.5 or -6.5 on Moral Order and 3.5 or 1.5 on Moral Rules.

Political Compass Two results, average 'em:

Howshocking.jpg Halp.jpg

Note: NOT a Libertarian. I fucking HATE Libertarians and their stupid Ayn Rand books. Wankers.

"Anonymous User" (I notice how you hide behind an alias), do you ever cite a specific passage from the Bible? I skimmed through your recent edits and I doubt you've taken half the statistics courses that I have, so let me guess: you're not a church goer. I urge you, I beseech you, I beg you: accept that prayer in school prevents against insanity. The answer to your silly question is this: it's no coincidence that you promote evolution while lacking a single edit to the Bible project here. Thanks and Godspeed.--Andy Schlafly 01:31, 23 April 2024 (UTC)