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The basic idea[edit]

Historical discrimination[edit]

Intergenerational impact[edit]

race shoot analogy
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Implicit bias[edit]

Implicit bias is essentially a subconscious bias which people may have towards certain racial, ethnic, sexual, etc groups of people. These are important to understand because implicit bias can have a measurable impact on how people treat others, though the subconscious nature of it prevents people from being properly aware of their bias existing in the first place.

There are number of ways to measure implicit bias, of which the IAT (implicit association test) is the simplest. The IAT basically has you answer a number of questions to help measure how strongly you associate certain stereotypes with certain concepts or groups of people; in this case, IATs could be used to measure something like the strength of stereotypes you hold against black people.[1] IATs have been both used widely and critiqued widely. IAT has been found to have moderate reliability in predicting behavior.[2]

General population[edit]

Within the police[edit]

Within other groups[edit]

Why does it exist?[edit]






Mortgage loans[edit]




Voter ID[edit]


Stop and frisk[edit]

Policing and traffic stops[edit]

Police use of force[edit]

Criminal justice system[edit]

Juries and jury selection[edit]

Death penalty racism[edit]

Prosecutors, discretion, and plea bargaining[edit]

Judges and sentencing[edit]

Prison and incarceration[edit]

What can we do about it?[edit]


Common talking points[edit]

Common studies[edit]


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