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Blaire White

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Blaire White in the flesh.
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When the left sends their trannies, they're not sending their best.
—Blaire White[1]

Blaire White (September 14, 1993–) is a YouTube talker who at one time described herself as a "transgender conservative commentator".[2] Her YouTube channel description previously stated that she "create[s] videos making fun of ideologues and cultural Marxism",[3] but now simply says that she is "your problematic fav".[4] In practice, White's videos either attack "SJW" YouTubers or defend antifeminist talking points or transmedicalist positions on trans issues despite being trans and a woman herself. In short: Blaire White is the Milo Yiannopoulos of trans issues.

As of October 2022, White's YouTube channel had over 1 million subscribers[note 1] and 153m views,[4] and her Twitter has 438k followers.[5]

Trans issues[edit]

Overall, much of Blaire White's detachment from the rest of the trans community stems from her status as a cis-passing trans woman. Not only does White pass as a cis woman, she's also conventionally attractive, highly feminine, and petite. This has led a significant portion of conservatives, even those who are normally transphobic, to make an "exception" for her.[citation needed] It has also allowed her to "blend in" with the cisgender world, giving her a privilege that non-passing trans women do not share.[citation needed] That is not to say that passing is a bad thing, but it is important for trans folks to acknowledge that privilege before validating transphobic opinions.


I lost subscribers today for saying that children shouldn't be sterilized. Imagine that.
—Blaire White[6]

White is a trans woman who started undergoing transition in 2015. As a result, her views on GSM issues often get extra respect despite being contradicted by science. Indeed, White routinely holds views contrary to those of scientific professionals on trans issues.

She has asserted that "transgenderism is a mental disorder,"[7] which is false according to the American Psychological Association,[8] American Psychiatric Association,[9] and the World Health Organization.[10][11] Indeed, in what was probably shocking news to exactly no trans person other than Blaire White, trans children were found to have normal rates of anxiety and depression when accepted by their families and communities.[12][13] White later admitted that she had meant to refer to gender dysphoria, and not transgenderism itself, as a mental disorder,[14][note 2] which makes one wonder why she used such an offensive title to begin with.

White has also stated that transitioning is a "faulty" response to gender dysphoria and "not for everyone",[7] despite the research on this topic finding overwhelming correlations between transitioning and positive outcomes for the health and well-being of trans people.[15] She has also said that there should be a "cure for transgenderism", which is again denied by the American Psychological Association.[16]

She also goes out of her way to unnecessarily remind transgender people of their "biological sex" using non-gender-affirming terminology,[17][18] contrary to the accepted practice of a significant number of health professionals and organizations.[note 3][19][20][21][22]


White holds the transmedicalist belief that anyone who does not have dysphoria and who does not medically transition does not qualify as transgender, and accordingly, attempts to narrow the definition of transgender to be synonymous with transsexual.[23]:19:01[18] She presents herself as the standard that trans people should live up to,[24] which is rather a slap in the face for the many, many trans people who do not have the privilege of being white (pun intended), beautiful, and rich enough to afford all the elaborate medical procedures she has had.[25][23][note 4]

She is also inconsistent on what it takes to be trans, raising the bar to exclude certain unsavory individuals even if they are (or may be) medically transitioning. While White (and others) may have found it tempting to misgender a sex offender who had started transitioning in prison and was on hormones,[26] the fact remains that misgendering even the most horrible, vile trans person makes no more sense than it would to misgender a vile cis person, and doing so reveals a belief that being gendered correctly is not an unconditional right for all trans people, but a privilege that can be revoked at any time.

Pronouns and misgendering[edit]

Respect is earned, and the transgender community does very little in the public eye that deserves respect.
—Blaire White[27]

Unsurprisingly, White holds that misgendering is the fault of trans people for not doing enough to "look the part",[24] and that gendering a trans person correctly is a matter of being "nice" but not an obligation — a point she continued to make in an interview with Ben Shapiro (who pointedly misgendered her by calling her an "effeminate biological man" during the interview).[28] She states that pronouns are not a matter of choice, but a result of a subconscious registry of secondary sex characteristics, with the implication that those using incorrect pronouns have no responsibility to change them when corrected. One wonders whether she would say the same thing about the misgendering of cis people (for example, a baby-faced long-haired man or a deep-voiced woman), or whether she has considered that people don't generally start using pronouns until they are at least introduced to the person in question, who will most likely by this time have cleared up any existing ambiguities.[24]

In her discussion of this issue, White portrays trans people with preferred pronouns as entitled, framing them as "policing language" or "forcing" others to use certain terminology.[29] When Sam SmithWikipedia began going by "they" pronouns, she accused them of expecting others to "bow down", continued to misgender them by using pronouns associated with their assigned gender at birth, and suggested that their non-binary friends had got into their head (an idea reminiscent of "catch the gay").[24]

White also incorrectly suggested that even one instance of completely unintentional and accidental misgendering can result in being fired, which has never happened.[24]

Nonbinary people[edit]

White firmly believes that there are only two genders[30][31][32] and has at one point called non-binary gender identities "trans-retarded".[30][33] This has no basis in any academic field of study, whether one looks at biology, psychiatry,[note 5] or anthropology.Wikipedia There is no definition of gender under which it is true. It is first-grade bullshit that merely appeals to the worldview of right-wingers in the United States.

White has described nonbinary people as having "injected themselves" into the trans community, and asserts that they are not really trans.[34] She has several times complained that dysphoric people like her are considered to be the "same thing" as nonbinary people, on account of being both under the transgender umbrella. Nobody is saying this, and her complaint has no more basis than asserting that two people represented by different LGBTQ letters are considered the "same thing" as each other.[23][25]

Childhood transition[edit]

Ironically for someone who denounces "transtrenders," a term that is usually a snarl word for people who reject transmedicalism, White believes that childhood transition is literally "child abuse".[35] Replace transgender with any other medical condition and the contradiction becomes obvious; this is, however, resolved when you view her not as making reasonable arguments but as pandering to a conservative audience that is looking for every pseudo-rational reason to justify their transphobia. Despite grabbing her a lot of attention, the term "child abuse" for childhood transition is rejected by the American Psychological Association, which extensively discusses trans youth, although it does conclude "consensus does not exist regarding best practice with prepubertal children."[8]

White has also misrepresented the issue of children being put on puberty blockers, which is an accepted medical practice for children who are deemed likely to be trans, and has the effect of forestalling the process of going through the puberty of a biological sex with which a child may not identify. Overwhelming evidence has shown that, should the child turn out not to be transgender after all, stopping puberty blockers causes puberty to resume as normal with no adverse affects.[25][36] She has also falsely claimed that puberty blockers undermine the possibility of having vaginoplasty.[37]

In a 2018 study, "researchers interviewed transgender youths ages 15 to 21 and asked whether young people could use their chosen name at school, home, work and with friends. Compared with peers who could not use their chosen name in any context, young people who could use their name in all four areas experienced 71 percent fewer symptoms of severe depression, a 34 percent decrease in reported thoughts of suicide and a 65 percent decrease in suicidal attempts."[38] In addition, trans YouTuber Zinnia Jones has two citation-heavy response blogs.[39][40] Blaire is also "generally against" the use of puberty blockers for trans children.[41]

In commenting on a story about young Avery Jackson who had come out as trans and appeared on the cover of National Geographic, White more or less accused her mother, Debi Jackson, of "pimping out her daughter" for money, and dishonestly implied that she had pressured Avery into being trans.[35][42] If White had bothered to watch the video in the tweet she screenshotted,[43] it actually shows Debi confessing that when Avery came out, "...I had never even heard the word 'transgender' before and really didn't know what to think."[44] Debi identifies as a Conservative southern Baptist Republican from Alabama[44] — hardly the typical profile of a trans activist — and has a negligible Patreon income;[45] she devotes her free time to spreading trans awareness. White's slander of Debi to her huge fanbase undoubtedly contributed to the bullying, harassment, and threats that Debi has received.[46] Notably, White's video was originally titled "Children Transitioning = Child Abuse"[note 6] before she changed it.

White also describes the label "queer" as "brainwashing children".[47]

Other trans issues[edit]

White thinks that trans women who don't pass shouldn't use the bathroom of their preferred gender.[48][49] To give credit where it's due, when she was being personally invalidated by transphobes telling her she shouldn't use the women's restroom, she responded with a pretty decent take-down[note 7] — but only on behalf of passing trans women.[50]

She vehemently denies the possibility that socially conditioned transphobic biases could play a role in dating preferences.[51][52]

She objects to transgender women taking part in professional women's sports, claiming that they "destroy" women's sports due to having physiological advantages. In 2017, a systematic review found that there is no evidence for this,[53] and strict regulations exist to ensure that hormone levels and other biological markers do not confer unfair advantages to trans women compared with cis women.[25]

White was lauded for exposing the transgender predator Jessica Yaniv and getting her to confess on tape, leading to her arrest. However, in typical fashion, White used this as an opportunity to insult the entire trans community, sharing a tweet that insinuated that trans people in general (and not just Yaniv) were entitled and unreasonable, and deserving of what they get.[54][55]


She tells transphobes that it’s okay to make fun of trans women who don’t “pass”. That any social concessions we demand, to increase our physical safety or mental well-being, are selfish. That our desire for anything more than baseline survival is laughable and ought to be rejected outright.
—Penny Robo[56]

White loves to showcase non-passing or non-gender-conforming trans people as objects of ridicule.[57] She dedicated at least five videos solely to attacking Riley Dennis, a nonbinary trans lesbian YouTuber with a much smaller subscriber base than hers.[58][59][60][61][62] White used to misgender Dennis[63][64][65][66] because she didn't think of her as truly trans,[67] and took the liberty to refer to her and her girlfriend as "heterosexual" on account of Dennis still having a penis,[63] despite the fact that White herself was contentedly non-op at the time.[68] Upon discovering that Dennis had actually been receiving hormones and laser hair removal and thus qualified as "real trans" in White's book, the latter then offered an apology to Dennis,[69] which is somewhat like apologizing to an Italian person for beating them up because you thought they were speaking Spanish.

White wrote that "I DONT WANT TO BE A BULLY but Milo Stewart is actually transitioning into a lawn gnome now, as I predicted. :X [image of Milo Stewart as lawn gnome]"[70] and made at least one other video dedicated to bullying another trans person for not passing.[71] She even sometimes dismisses rather feminine-looking trans people as not having made any effort to transition in her books, and takes the liberty to call them guys.[23]

She has also used malicious video thumbnails on a couple of occasions. In a video in which she responded to an article by Rachel Anne Williams accusing her of transphobia, she described Williams' profile photo as "tragic", and proceeded to photoshop a beard onto the photo to use as the video thumbnail.[25] Even worse, in another video with the title "I'm A Predator, But It's Okay Cuz I'm a Drag Queen" - Okay..", White originally, and slanderously, used the thumbnail of an innocent orange-haired, bearded drag queen before she later corrected it to show the real predator (who passes very well).[25]

Trans representation[edit]

White justifies her actions as being motivated by wanting to improve the public image of trans people, and expresses fears about this image being "ruined" by people who don't pass the way she does. Trans YouTuber Kat Blaque has a somewhat sympathetic take on this, speculating that White is so invested in how cis people see her, and so sensitive to others who are not like her, that she feels driven to throw them under the bus for the sake of acceptance.[72] This all smacks of White trying to be "one of the good ones", with her struggle for "trans acceptance" being seemingly limited to only a relatively small number of passing trans people, while excluding everyone else (nonbinary, non-dysphoric, non-passing etc.) from the trans umbrella in No true Scotsman fashion.[28]

She has asserted that "the left is fighting a fight transgender people don’t want",[73] an assertion that is contradicted by modern polling.[note 8] She also says she "doesn't like the LGBT community",[74] even though it's largely because of them that she has the freedom to be who she is. In her video series "Triggering Trannies" (later renamed to "Upset Trans People")[note 9] White freely admits that the LGBT community opposes her views, although she blows it off as "just the SJW branch".[75][76][77]

White takes pride in not engaging in a "victim mentality", and believes she can speak for other trans people who have had it much worse than she has in many ways.[49][78] Despite not being a "victim" and scoffing at identity politics, she still uses her transgender status as a shield against accusations of transphobia by cis people.[25] Totally not identity politics.


So now that we're all in agreement that feminism is indeed cancer, let's look at the ways feminism is like a virus.
—Blaire White, prominent biologist[79]
I can't explain why I don't need feminism, I'm too busy prospering without it.
—Blaire White, professional tapeworm in the gut of feminism[80]

White is an antifeminist[81][82] who has made quite a large amount of clickbait content of the "REKT FEMINIST" type.[58][60][61][83][84] She goes as far as to assert that female privilege exists,[81] contending that "society is kinder and more polite to women".[49]

She also claims that rape culture doesn't exist,[85] and has described the feminist view of rape as follows:[86]

Rape: Anything. No, seriously, like, they've butchered the definition so bad anything can be rape now.[note 10]

In addition, she denies the existence of the gender pay gap.[87] Her reasoning leaves a lot to be desired:[88][89]

The wage gap is in great part due to women taking more time off than men.
What will the Women's March do to help? They'll refuse to go to work. Amazing.

Racial issues[edit]

I recently tried a tanning lotion out and I really regret it, it's not a good look. But on the bright side, I'm only a cornrowsWikipedia away from being able to demand reparations from you guys.[90]
I tried on self tanner that I mistook for lotion in the store and my left hand has been African American for the past 4 days.[91]

White routinely acts concerned about racism against white people[92] while belittling racism in general,[93] and participated in Milo Yiannopoulos's "Privilege Grant" scheme.[94] She has repeatedly opposed Black Lives Matter on video[95][96] and frequently attacks them on Twitter.[97]

White once infamously tweeted a photo in which her face was covered all over with black face cream, which she captioned with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter and terms mocking progressives,[note 11] resulting in accusations of blackface. She responded to this in a video in which she displayed the photo in question but suppressed the caption,[98] effectively misleading her audience into believing that the criticism was levied at the photo alone (which she passed off as nothing more than an innocuous face-mask) rather than the photo in the context of the racially-charged caption, and thus, falsely painting her critics as paranoid SJWs seeing racism where there wasn't any.

She also claimed that Roseanne BarrWikipedia isn't racist[99] for tweeting about Obama aide Valerie Jarrett: "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj". Even Tomi Lahren denounced this tweet and called out her fellow conservatives for defending it.[100]

In 2018, White was accused of being an ethnonationalist in an article written by Katherine Cross.[101][102] White reacted to this claim by threatening to pursue legal action.[103][104] This is incredibly ironic coming from someone who once said “You don't support free speech if you want to deny it for certain groups. You don't support free speech if you think it should have limitations. You don't support free speech if you do not defend your enemy's right to use it.”[105][106][107] While it is true that calling White an ethnonationalist could be considered a bit extreme, it is completely understandable how someone unfamiliar with her content could make that mistake, considering her vehement support of Milo Yiannopoulos (who himself was a collaborator with Richard Spencer & many alt-righters during the 2016 U.S. presidential election),[108] video titles meant to shock and provoke questions of possible racism,[109] casual racist imagery for shock value,[110] her (probably non-serious) advocacy of gassing refugees,[111] and her vague support of white supremacy.[112][113] [114][115] Needless to say, White’s accusations of “slander” majorly backfired on her.[116][117][118]


White was hostile to Hillary Clinton,[119] and frequently defended Donald Trump.[120][121][122] She considers the latter's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be one of his "shining accomplishments",[note 12] supports his tax cuts which disproportionately favor the wealthy while hurting poor and middle class people,[123][124] and is in favor of his moves to undermine environmental regulations on corporations.[42] She criticizes Trump's implementation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, opining that he does not take a hard enough line on keeping immigrants out, despite the fact that children who arrive under DACA have no criminal records and have been found to overwhelmingly end up being employed, paying taxes, and becoming homeowners.[125]

In 2019, White announced she was leaving politics and suggested that she had information concerning certain right-wing pundits being frauds who didn't fully believe the things they said in public. She asked Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks to DM her on Twitter, hinting at giving her information.[126][127] However, this went nowhere, and she ultimately stayed in politics.[28]


White has argued that Islamophobia is reasonable.[128] She routinely disparages Islam as a whole (rather than reactionary and/or radical Muslims)[129] while defending Christianity,[130] citing what she calls a "reform" in terms of anti-LGBT violence compared to Islam and Muslim nations.[131]

General nuttery[edit]


I'm not "throwing shade", I'm simply proud that I sustain myself without selling my body unlike most trans women. It's sad.
—Blaire White, who would never prominently feature her cleavage in her public pictures or video thumbnails[132]

White's videos have typical clickbait features. For example, many of her video titles are full of ALL-CAPS, playground insults, or political buzzwords:

  • "Triggering Trannies" (Pt. 1,[75] Pt. 2[76], Pt. 3[77]); she later renamed these to "Upset trans people"[note 9]
  • "Children Transitioning = Child Abuse"[note 6]
  • "The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far"[61]
  • "Sensitive Tranny Thinks Words Are Violent"[62]
  • "Feminism: The Biggest Joke (Women's March)"[83]
  • "My Feminist Roommate Attacked Me"[84]
  • "Triggered to Death By Milo Yiannopoulos"[133]

On a related note, many of White's videos pass the 10-minute mark by just a few seconds,[24][23] achieving the threshold for a mid-video advertisement, which may suggest a lot of deliberate padding for the extra revenue.


White has, many times, misrepresented the words and arguments of others, often to portray them in a negative light. Here are a few examples:

  • When Riley Dennis made a video called "How to be a politically correct bigot"[134] with a series of real-world examples of the form "if you want to say bigoted statement A but can't because of political correctness, say B instead", White repeatedly twisted the direction of the argument around to falsely claim that Dennis had said "everyone who says B is a bigot who really wants to say A".[135]
  • After Dennis contended in another video that finding out one's date was trans might not be a dealbreaker, White made out that Dennis had said it cannot be a dealbreaker.[136]
  • Author Rachel Anne Williams recounted a time when she had called White a "fascist transphobe", White had replied, and her 200,000 followers had descended on Williams.[30] White framed this as Williams accusing her of harassment rather than simply explaining what had happened, without even delving into the substance of Williams' article.[25]
  • When leftist YouTuber ContraPoints was criticized for expressing discomfort with being asked her pronouns in circles where nonbinary people are present, White, in an unwelcome defense, twisted ContraPoints' words to make it sound like the latter agreed with her take on nonbinary people.[23]:8:13
  • When J.K. Rowling was called out for defending Maya Forstater who lost her job after producing such Twitter gems as "men cannot change into women", White weighed in and stated that Forstater had been "fired",[18] when what had really happened was that her contract had run out and her employers at CGD elected not to renew it.[137]
  • In a rant about how trans women aren't "biological women", White ridiculed the Canadian Cancer Society's page on "Trans women and cervical cancer screening" on the grounds that "there isn't a trans woman alive who has a cervix".[138]:48:48 She didn't read or show the body of the article, which explains that "If, however, you’re a trans woman who has had bottom surgery to create a vagina (vaginoplasty) and possibly a cervix, there’s a very small risk that you can develop cancer in the tissues of your neo-vagina or neo-cervix. The risk depends on the type of surgery you had, the type of tissue used to create your vagina and cervix and your personal health history."[139]
  • In 2020, ContraPoints (Natalie Wynn) spent some minutes of her "Cringe" video[140] commenting on White's modus operandi and the Jessica Yaniv situation. Contra applauded White for exposing Yaniv and said that she was loving this new direction for her, but called into question the idea that White's main motives are protecting children and the image of trans people, as opposed to entertaining her audience with cringe content, considering White's Yaniv-themed merchandise and the "following Yaniv's make up tutorial" video. White grossly misrepresented and butchered what Wynn had said about her in a video called "Reacting To Trans Youtubers Who Hate Me",[141] claiming that Wynn had said it was somehow "wrong" and "negative" and that White "shouldn't have done that", and tried to falsely paint Wynn as a hypocrite by showing a DM she had sent her, encouraging her to continue pursuing Yaniv, while neglecting to mention that Wynn had stated that she was, at the time, genuinely loving what White was doing.

Useful idiot[edit]

"Look! We have Milo! HE MARRIED A BLACK GUY! And Blaire, she's trans! We can't possibly be racist, or homophobic, or transphobic! WE WIN!"

White has been interviewed by far-right individuals such as Alex Jones,[143] Paul Elam,[144] Paul Joseph Watson,[145] and Steven Crowder.[146]

Fake news[edit]

In December 2017, White unironically tweeted a screenshot of a fake news article from with the headline "Eminem: Being White is So Embarrassing, I Want To Kill Myself", commenting "Being white isn't embarrassing, but white guilt sure the fuck is."[147]

Victim of transphobia[edit]

Like nearly every other trans person in the world, White herself has been on the receiving end of transphobia. For example, YouTuber No Bullshit described her as a "ditzy" "valley girl" because of her transgender identity as well as her California residency.[148] During a session of the Rubin Report in November 2017, conservative commentator Candace Owens also deliberately misgendered White, citing discomfort with using the "she" prounoun and calling her "a grown man" several times.[149] In the same month, The Daily Caller published a piece about one of White's political stunts, which referred to her with male pronouns (he, his, himself) throughout the article (though not in the the URL)[150] as well as in their clickbait twitter summary of one of her political stunts: "Transgender Wears Trump Hat Around Hollywood, And The Reactions Were Even Worse Than He Expected".[151] During an interview with Ben Shapiro, he also misgendered her, calling her a "very feminine biological man",[28] and she has been messaged by transphobes telling her she shouldn't use the women's restroom.[50]

While this treatment is unacceptable, it does not excuse any of White's own behavior.

Janae Marie Kroc[edit]

On September 27, 2020, Blaire released a video entitled "Trans Athlete: 'I Belong In Women's Sports, Get Over It!'", in which she accuses trans bodybuilder Janae Marie KrocWikipedia of competing against cis women.[152] However, one of Kroc's Facebook posts, namely the very one that Blaire screenshotted in her video, had her state that she never competed against cis women, nor does she ever plan to. This generated a large controversy among not only the trans community, but the entire YouTube commentary community as a whole for not only blatant transphobia and poor research, but outright lying as based on the Facebook post that she cropped as a screenshot, she had to have known that Kroc never competed against women, and this among other recent controversies (such as White defending J.K. Rowling while potentially lying about the contents of her controversial book[153] and using video footage from another creator without crediting them, while saying something that she would've known was false had she watched the first thirty seconds of the video[154]) resulted in a slew of response videos and her losing tens of thousands of subscribers. (As a positive note, the fallout of the sitution did result in several trans creators with much less toxic views gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers, such as Sam Collins and Samantha Lux.)

Portrayal by ContraPoints[edit]

Look, dragging bitches is what I do. Facts over feels, hunty.
ContraPoints in the persona of Tiffany Tumbles, arguably a stand-in for White[155]

One of the many characters created and portrayed by ContraPoints in her videos is Tiffany Tumbles, who is regarded as being a fairly comprehensive parody of Blaire White,[101] particularly in her second[155] and third[156] appearances.[note 14]

White has blocked numerous Twitter users for calling her Tiffany Tumbles on Twitter.[157][158] She's definitely not a snowflake.

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