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Blaire White

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Blaire White in the flesh.
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When the left sends their trannies they're not sending their best.
—Blaire White, still confused about pronouns[1][note 1]

Blaire White (September 14, 1993–) is a YouTube talker who self-identifies as a "transgender conservative commentator".[2] Her YouTube channel description previously stated that she "create[s] videos making fun of ideologues and cultural marxism",[3] but now simply says that she is "your problematic fav".[4] In practice, White's videos either attack "SJW" YouTubers or defend antifeminist talking points or right-wing positions on trans issues and women's rights despite being trans and a woman herself. In short: Blaire White is the Milo Yiannopoulos of trans issues.

As of April 8th 2019, White's YouTube channel had over 503k subscribers and 60.4m views,[4] and her Twitter has 166k followers.[5] By contrast, her website had virtually no traffic.[6][7]

Trans issues[edit]


I lost subscribers today for saying that children shouldn't be sterilized. Imagine that.
—Blaire White, suffering another temporary lapse of awareness of how childhood transition works[8]

White is a trans woman who started undergoing transition in 2015. As a result, her views on GSM issues often get extra respect despite being contradicted by science. Indeed, White routinely holds views contrary to those of scientific professionals on trans issues:

  • Mental disorder: White has asserted that "transgenderism is a mental disorder,"[9] which is false according to the American Psychological Association,[10] American Psychiatric Association,[11] and the World Health Organization.[12][13] Indeed, in what was probably shocking news to exactly no trans person other than Blaire White, trans children were found to have normal rates of anxiety and depression when accepted by their families and communities.[14][15] To White's credit, she has since admitted that her video title "transgenderism is a mental disorder" was inappropriate and incorrect, as she had meant to refer only to gender dysphoria - and not transgenderism itself - as a mental disorder.[16] While not as bad, this claim is still controversial at best.[17][18]
  • Transitioning: In the same video, she states her belief that transitioning is a "faulty" response to gender dysphoria and "not for everyone", and that there should be a "cure for transgenderism", which is again denied by the American Psychological Association.[19]
  • Gender binary: White firmly believes that there are only two genders[20][21] and calls non-binary gender identities "trans-retarded".[22] This has no basis in any academic field of study, whether you want to look at biology, psychiatry,[note 2] or anthropology.Wikipedia's W.svg There is no definition of gender under which it is true. It is first-grade bullshit that merely appeals to the worldview of right-wingers in the United States.
  • Childhood transition: Ironically for someone who denounces "transtrenders," a term that is usually a snarl word for people who reject transmedicalism, White believes that childhood transition is literally "child abuse".[23] Replace transgender with any other medical condition and the contradiction becomes obvious; this is, however, resolved when you view her not as making reasonable arguments but as pandering to a conservative audience that is looking for every pseudo-rational reason to justify their transphobia. Also, despite grabbing her a lot of attention the term "child abuse" for childhood transition is, again, rejected by the American Psychological Association, which extensively discusses trans youth, though it does conclude "consensus does not exist regarding best practice with prepubertal children."[10] White has been known to misgender and dead-name other trans people. In a recent study, "researchers interviewed transgender youths ages 15 to 21 and asked whether young people could use their chosen name at school, home, work and with friends. Compared with peers who could not use their chosen name in any context, young people who could use their name in all four areas experienced 71 percent fewer symptoms of severe depression, a 34 percent decrease in reported thoughts of suicide and a 65 percent decrease in suicidal attempts."[24] In addition, trans YouTuber Zinnia Jones has two citation-heavy response blogs.[25][26]. Blaire is also "generally against" the use of puberty blockers for trans children[27].
  • Politics: White also believes that "the left is fighting a fight transgender people don’t want",[28] apparently unaware of modern polling.[note 3]


Respect is earned, and the transgender community does very little in the public eye that deserves respect.[29]

White "doesn't like the LGBT community".[30] In her video series "Triggering Trannies" (later renamed to "Upset Trans People"[31]) White freely admits that the LGBT community opposes her views, though she blows it off as "just the SJW branch".[32][33][34] Fittingly, White also holds numerous views that appear to be based not on reason but bigotry:

In short: White is against youth transition and simultaneously makes fun of people for not passing. She has also "not bullied" several specific leftist trans YouTubers:

  • White dedicates five videos solely to attacking Riley Dennis, a trans female YouTuber.[39][40][41][42][43] She also misgenders Dennis,[35][44][45][46] perhaps because she doesn't think Dennis is truly trans.[47] However, she has since apologized for said misgendering, when Riley Dennis revealed that she had been receiving hormones and laser hair removal, which is like apologizing to an Italian person for beating them up because you thought they were speaking Spanish.[48]
  • White writes that "I DONT WANT TO BE A BULLY but Milo Stewart is actually transitioning into a lawn gnome now, as I predicted. :X [image of Milo Stewart as lawn gnome]"[49]

Gender issues[edit]

So now that we're all in agreement that feminism is indeed cancer, let's look at the ways feminism is like a virus.
—Blaire White, prominent biologist[50]
I can't explain why I don't need feminism, I'm too busy prospering without it. 💋
—Blaire White, professional tapeworm in the gut of feminism[51]

White is an antifeminist.[52][53] White frequently creates clickbait content of the "REKT FEMINIST" type.[39][41][42][54][55]

  • White claims rape culture doesn't exist.[56] Fittingly, she describes the feminist view of rape as follows:[57]

Rape: Anything. No, seriously, like, they've butchered the definition so bad anything can be rape now.

This is a common anti-feminist strawman that ignores the fact that advocates for women's rights have very specific definitions of rape, that not just anything can be rape, and that the real issue is that men are being told not to do things they believe they are entitled to. This entitlement is the definition of rape culture.

The wage gap is in great part due to women taking more time off than men.
What will the Women's March do to help? They'll refuse to go to work. Amazing.

  • White claims female privilege exists and is a strong argument for antifeminism.[52]

In short: White is indistinguishable from your typical YouTube "anti-SJW" clickbait producer.

Other stances[edit]

I recently tried a tanning lotion out and I really regret it, it's not a good look. But on the bright side, I'm only a cornrowsWikipedia's W.svg away from being able to demand reparations from you guys.[60]
I tried on self tanner that I mistook for lotion in the store and my left hand has been African American for the past 4 days.[61]

General nuttery[edit]


I'm not "throwing shade", I'm simply proud that I sustain myself without selling my body unlike most trans women. It's sad.[84]

White's videos have typical clickbait features. For example, many of her video titles are full of ALL-CAPS, playground insults, or political buzzwords:

  • "Triggering Trannies" (Pt. 1,[32] Pt. 2[33], Pt. 3[34])
  • "The Worst SJW Yet: Brainwashing Children"[38][note 5]
  • "The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far"[42]
  • "Sensitive Tranny Thinks Words Are Violent"[43]
  • "Feminism: The Biggest Joke (Women's March)"[54]
  • "My Feminist Roommate Attacked Me"[55]
  • "Triggered to Death By Milo Yiannopoulos"[85]

Regarding her denial of selling her body, virtually all of White's social media profiles and video thumbnails prominently feature her cleavage.[86]

Useful idiot[edit]

"Look! We have Milo! HE MARRIED A BLACK GUY! And Blaire, she's trans! We can't possibly be racist, or homophobic, or transphobic! WE WIN!"

White has been interviewed by far-right individuals such as Alex Jones,[88] Paul Elam,[89] Paul Joseph Watson,[90] and Steven Crowder.[91]

Fake news[edit]

In December 2017, White unironically tweeted a screenshot of a fake news article from with the headline "Eminem: Being White is So Embarrassing, I Want To Kill Myself", commenting "Being white isn't embarrassing, but white guilt sure the fuck is."[92]


Like every other trans person on Earth, White has herself been the victim of transphobia. For example, YouTuber No Bullshit described her as a "ditzy" "valley girl" because of her transgender identity as well as her California residency.[93] During a session of the Rubin Report in November 2017, conservative commentator Candace Owens also deliberately misgendered White, citing discomfort with using the "she" prounoun and calling her "a grown man" several times.[94] While this treatment is unacceptable, it does not excuse any of White's own behaviour.

Accusations of Ethnonationalism[edit]

Recently, White has been accused of being an ethnonationalist in an article written by Katherine Cross.[95][96] White reacted to this claim by threatening to pursue legal action.[97][98] This is incredibly ironic coming from someone who once said “You don't support free speech if you want to deny it for certain groups. You don't support free speech if you think it should have limitations. You don't support free speech if you do not defend your enemy's right to use it.”[99][100][101] While it is true that calling White an ethnonationalist could be considered a bit extreme, it is completely understandable how someone unfamiliar with her content could make that mistake, considering her vehement support of Milo Yiannopoulos (who himself was a collaborator with Richard Spencer & many alt-righters during the 2016 U.S. presidential election),[102], video titles meant to shock and provoke questions of possible racism,[103] casual racist imagery for shock value,[104] (possibly unserious) advocation of gassing refugees,[105] and vague support of white supremacy.[106][107] [108][109] Needless to say, White’s accusations of “slander” majorly backfired on her.[110][111][112]

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  • Response videos:


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