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Jack Posobiec

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Surrounded by (((them))) at a Peter Thiel news conference.
—Jack Posobiec[1]
Critics of Posobiec, including Jeet Heer of The Nation, have accused Posobiec of using the so-called 1488 meme on Twitter. “1488” is a tag that white supremacists use to signify solidarity with one another. Hatewatch examined the claims about Posobiec’s 1488 tweets. A screenshot of an apparent tweet of Posobiec’s from Sept. 6, 2016, read, “NY Times pg 14: 88 Military Leaders Endorse Trump,” for example. Hatewatch found that Trump was in fact endorsed by 88 military leaders on Sept. 6, 2016. However, the New York Times headline of that story was different. In actuality, it read: “Donald Trump Is Endorsed by Nearly 90 Military Figures,” suggesting that Posobiec at minimum changed it. Hatewatch also determined by reviewing back catalogues of the physical edition of The New York Times that the story did not appear on page 14 that day, making Posobiec’s apparent 1488 tweet difficult to accept on its face as an act of factual reporting.
—Southern Poverty Law Center[2]
That's right Jack! Keep up the good work!
Donald Trump[3]

Jack Posobiec (1985–) is an alt-lite pro-Trump activist/troll, writer, and most importantly, completely insane conspiracy theorist who has a press pass at the White House.[4]

Humble-ish beginnings[edit]

Before hopping on the Trump-train (at least, openly and overtly), Posobiec had a relatively small internet presence running a Game of ThronesWikipedia blog called "Angry GOT Fan".[5] (The Southern Poverty Law Center has noted that, even back then, he was using the anti-Semitic triple parentheses meme against people like the Game of Thrones show-runners and Wolf BlitzerWikipedia.)[6] He was also an intelligence officer for the US Navy for a time,[7] but his security clearance was revoked after Posobiec engaged in racist whataboutism on Twitter (racist enough for Donald Trump to retweet) after the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 2017.[8]


See the main article on this topic: Pizzagate

If Posobiec came to prominence for anything, it would have to be for peddling the bullshit Pizzagate conspiracy theory. At the beginning, he said he's never eaten at the pizzeria at the center of the hoax, and never even heard of the place until he read about from other wingnuts. In his initial "investigation", he livestreamed his experience on Periscope. During said livestream, Posobiec decided to start broadcasting a child's birthday party in one of the establishment's back rooms. The managers (understandably) thought this was creepy and inappropriate, and promptly kicked Posobiec and a friend he was with out of the establishment. He was treated as a hero by the alt-right when the stream went viral. And thus, a hashtag was born.[9]

Racism and Nazi sympathies[edit]

The Southern Poverty Law Center, on July 8 2020, documented Posobiec's strong connection with Nazi "white identity activist" Richard Spencer and other alt-right figures. Posobiec first met many of these people in a "semi-private" meeting at a Tilted KiltWikipedia during the Republican National Convention in 2016. Posobiec was impressed enough to promote and attend an alt-right conference that Spencer organized on September 7th 2016. This conference, in addition to featuring Spencer, also featured a speaker from VDARE (Peter Brimelow) and a speaker from American Renaissance (Jared Taylor).[6]

Posobiec followed this up on September 25, 2016 with a bizarre one-man protest of Hillary Clinton outside the National MallWikipedia. Posobiec was naturally arrested for the stunt; after the arrest, Posobiec started a conversation with Spencer online. Archives of the conversation sent to Spencer show that Posobiec was familiar with the neo-Nazi author and white separatist Harold CovingtonWikipedia, a person most notable for praising Charleston church terrorist Dylann RoofWikipedia.[6]

On April 15, 2017, Posobiec filmed a segment for the far-right Canadian outlet Rebel Media, where several alt-right members were protesting growing pressure to remove Steve Bannon from his role in Donald Trump's administration as chief strategist. In this segment, Posobiec was seen standing in front of a man waving a "Kekistan" flag, which basically is a Nazi flag slightly altered for maximum shitpostingWikipedia potential, that was popularized on antisemetic forums on 4chan and 8chan.[6]

Posobiec has posted tweets indicating he is a Nazi sympathizer and admirer of Adolf Hitler. Posobiec has used the anti-Semitic Triple Parentheses meme and posted coded references to the White supremacist slogan 1488. The number 8 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet- H. The two eights thus stand for H.H, or Heil Hitler.[10] Since becoming a more prominent figure on the right, Posobiec has become more circumspect about his Nazi sympathies than he was in 2016. Nevertheless, as late as November 2021, Posobiec tweeted out that he had received books printed by the pro-Hitler publishing agency Antelope Hill (the press shares its initials with Hitler), but subsequently deleted the tweet.[11]

Rogue One = anti-Trump propaganda?[edit]

In December 2016, Posobiec pushed the false story that the producers of Rogue One had edited the movie to add a scene that would have implied that Donald Trump was a racist.[12] This, of course, prompted outrage from members of the alt-right (as well as other right-wingers) and Posobiec got the hashtag "#dumpstarwars" going around… despite the fact the Posobiec had virtually no solid evidence to back up his claims. It's about as ridiculous as it sounds.

Rogue One went on to have the highest domestic box office sales of 2016.[13] The boycott could not have been any more of a failure.

Plagiarism scandal[edit]

Shockingly given the low quality of Posobiec's published work and his inept sourcing, he was fired from Canada's Rebel Media for plagiarizing fellow frog-sexual Jason Kessler's "work." Kessler went on to fame as the Tiki torch Nazi who organized the failed Unite the Right March in Charlottesville that led to the doxing and jailing of his alt-right pals.[14]

Getting pranked by the President of France[edit]

Posobiec is also notable for being extremely gullible. From Trump pal and Infowars lunatic Roger Stone's house in Florida, Posobiec was the first to leak the files stolen by the Russian GRU from now French President Macron's campaign. Despite not speaking a word of French and being unable to verify the documents, Posobiec posted the link to the stolen documents online and made multiple videos promoting the lies. Posobiec then announced that he had read the documents and they showed Macron's "international banks funding campaign receptions, designer drug use, and plan to infiltrate protest groups"[sic].[15] Macron's campaign team later revealed that they had actually planted obviously fake documents on their servers at the advice of American intelligence authorities to track the spread of disinformation from the Russian intelligence services to Neo-Nazis in Europe to frog humpers in the US. Posobiec was granted access to the White House as a reporter by the frog humper in chief.[16]

Roy Moore dox defense squad[edit]

In November 2017, not long after reports of Roy Moore having sexually assaulted teenage girls in the past came to light, Posobiec decided to defend Moore, and in doing so decided to take the classy route and dox one of Moore's accusers by posting her name and workplace on his Twitter.[17][18] He later deleted the post, claiming he did it out of "respect" for the accuser.

Other notable wingnuttery[edit]

  • Allegedly planted an infamous "rape Melania" sign at an anti-Trump protest in order to paint the protesters in a negative light.[19]
  • Posobiec tweeted that NASCAR races are never targeted for terrorist attacks because, according to him, NASCAR fans are armed. He was promptly ridiculed for this statement.[20]
  • Came up with a hoax that CNN defended Bill Maher's alleged use of the word "nigger".[21][note 1]
  • He led a huge campaign against "Captain Marvel" on the basis of Brie Larson "hating men" by wanting more diversity in people interviewing her. The high point of this madness was Posobiec posting a tweet of "imagine if Stan Lee could see what the MCU has done…" ignoring the tiny fact that Lee just happened to have a cameo and served as executive producer for the movie. The film made a record box office opening.

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