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The cave man alpha male himself.
Going to the gym to train legs with sex and period juice all over you from last night leads to an interesting aromatic bouquet.
—Mike "very serious political commentator" Cernovich[1]
I won't apologize for being laughed at recognized worldwide, altering the course of human history, and spreading a positive message to the world.
—Mike "very serious political commentator" Cernovich (redux)[2]
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Mike Cernovich (November 17, 1977–), also known as "Weird Mike"[3] or "Juicebro",[4] is an alt-right talker with a plethora of stupid views. He has two main gigs: promoting conspiracy theories and whining about "weak" liberals. Before he became famous, Cernovich was a First Amendment lawyer who spent his time promoting MRA / internet tough guy views. Cernovich said many, many crazy things about women, rape, and transgender people which he has since attempted to delete. Fortunately, we've archived all of his often-sexually-explicit insanity for your viewing displeasure. Not surprisingly, Cernovich was an early member of the Proud Boys.[5]:11

Since then, Cernovich has become famous for promoting conspiracy theories, often working with Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson. Ironically, Cernovich's lifestyle is only possible due to an alleged '7 figure sum' court settlement after divorcing his ex wife , a silicon valley attorney who made millions from an IPO.[6] How's that for an alpha male?

Cernovich has a YouTube channel that has managed to snare over 80,000 subscribers and three million views.[7]

Arrest for rape[edit]

Cernovich was arrested for and charged with rape in 2003 but continues to deny the allegations, claiming he was "falsely accused."[8] The charge related to this incident was later dropped in favor of a charge for misdemeanor battery of a woman, for which he performed community service. His record has since been expunged.[9]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Ben Shapiro[8]

Recently, Cernovich has become a notable conspiracy theory popularizer; he helped make "Hillary Clinton is dying" into a mainstream issue of "concern",[10][11] and was also the leading promoter of Pizzagate and related pedophilia-baiting.[12]

Pedophiles, pedophiles everywhere[edit]

Cernovich particularly likes to paint his opponents as pedophiles, perverts, or sexual harassers. We have prepared a partial list of those Cernovich has labelled as pedophiles or connected to pedophiles:[13]

Given the copious material Cernovich has written about his own questionable sexual exploits (below), this can best be described as some combination of projection and clickbait. It is also odd that Cernovich reveres Donald Trump, when Trump is an admitted sexual assaulter.

60 Minutes interview[edit]

When questioned about his conspiracist beliefs, Cernovich stated that "I will not say anything that I do not sincerely believe is true." When pressed, he doubled down and Gish Galloped as hard as possible (transcript from Cernovich himself):[45]

Pelley: [You said] "Clinton’s inner circle includes child traffickers pedophiles, and now members of a sex cult." There's no evidence of that.

Cernovich: Well, Lauren Silsby, Hillary Clinton, and her are the inner circle together. Lauren Silsby was arrested in Haiti trying to leave the country with 33 children. Lauren Silsby and her crew were. Hillary Clinton intervened personally and that, right? So that is 100% true. I don't see Donald Trump intervening on behalf of child traffickers. Like Lauren Silsby. So that is true. It does include that inner circle. Dennis Hastert, Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein good friends. Jeffrey Epstein is a lifetime registered sex offender. He was convicted of trafficking women who are underage. Great friend of Bill Clinton. Great friend to Hillary Clinton. So that is part of her inner circle, so that is indeed a true statement.


Pelley: These news stories are fakes.

Cernovich: They're definitely not fake.

Pelley: They're lies.

Cernovich: There are not lie at all. 100% true.

He omitted to mention in this exchange that Donald Trump was a friend of Epstein.[46] Trump also hired as his Labor Secretary a prosecutor who illegally signed a concealed plea deal with billionaire Epstein over his alleged pedophile crimes and backed him after the scandal came out.[47]

Minor conspiracies[edit]

Cernovich has also promoted numerous other conspiratorial beliefs. For example, Cernovich believes (or professes to believe):

  • False flag conspiracy theories:
  • Alt-right conspiracy theories:
  • South African whites are being exterminated and the media is covering it up.[49] He claims that whites in South Africa "are being raped and slaughtered by blacks" but are being denied from coming to the United States.[50]
  • "South African Whites have more of a claim to being "native born" than the black majority. This is not taught in schools".[51][52]
  • Obama-era political conspiracy theories:
  • Obama is not a Muslim, but an atheist – and the media is covering it up.[53]
  • Obama is gay – and the media is covering it up.[54]
  • Trump-era political conspiracy theories:
  • Cernovich claims that Clinton paid people to attend rallies.[55] More absurd, he believes that the Democrats are literally buying votes: "Felons vote Dem. Liberals killed party going all in with SJW/BLM, so the only way to win elections is buying votes."[56]
  • Hillary Clinton wanted war with Russia.[57]
  • Pro-Russia posturing:
  • Cernovich really likes Putin, putting him on a heroic pedestal: "Putin is a larger than life alpha male who loves his country and will fight to defend it. Why *don't* you admire him? Brainwashing."[60] "Although I do not work for Russia or anyone, Putin and I think alike. We love our countries and want to protect them."[61]
  • Cernovich really likes Russian media. "Russian media tells the truth about America and lies about Russia. American media just lies. Hard to find truth about Russia."[62] He has further stated: "American Media (terrorist organization) v. Putin. I believe Putin!"[63] In fact, Cernovich actually gave an interview to RT.[64]

Fitting with his "fake news" vibe, Cernovich promised that – should he become press secretary – his first act would be to "disband the hoaxing White House Press corps". This is, of course, because he supports free speech.[65]

Anti-women bigotry[edit]

"We learned from the New Yorker profile of the alt-right leader Mike Cernovich, that he broadcasts from his girlfriend’s parent’s [sic] house, letting his male viewers believe the pool in the background of his webcasts is his, not theirs."[66][67]
Roosh V: Met a cute Polish girl who lived in the USA. Well-traveled, interesting, knows about art, funny.... but not feminine at all. Pass.
Cernovich: @rooshv Girls don't get it. If an interesting man is looking for good conversation, he'd rather talk to a man.[68]

Cernovich adopts MRA views of women and rape, in which women are manipulators who use sexual harassment cases (ie, false rape accusations) for personal gain:

A whore will let her friend ruin your life with a false rape case. So why should I care when women are raped?[69]

Fat/ugly women seek out dominant men to abuse them. Then they seek sympathy from others. "He's so mean.". Hence why women troll Twitter.[70]

How to tell if someone is a true player? There's a 100% chance he's had a pregnancy scare, and a 25% chance he's had a false rape scare.[71]

It's also anti-rape game. After abusing a girl, I always immediately send a text and save her reply.[72]

Cernovich also authored a guide for avoiding "false rape accusations", which he has since deleted.[73] The guide's key points were: Film your sexual encounters; "take the whore out to breakfast"; and "if the police call, don’t answer". Right.

Sex and rape[edit]

You can't rape the willing.
—Mike Cernovich[74]
The hotter the sex, the more closely it resembles rape.
—Mike Cernovich[75]

In line with the above views on women, Cernovich partially denies the possibility of rape and is apathetic towards its occurrence:

Have you guys ever tried "raping" a girl without using force? Try it. It's basically impossible. Date rape does not exist.[76]

When is the last time women organized to support a men's rights issue? Stop being sticks. Who cares about breast cancer and rape? Not me.[72]

Rape via an alpha male is different from other forms of rape. We can't really understand this, as our culture is too detached from instinct.[77]

Do a Google image search for "lions mating." That's basically rape and it's also the natural form of sex.[78]

Women enjoy rough sex because "ability to kill males and rape females" was primary evidence of evolutionary fitness.[79]

Since prison rape is no big deal (after all, criminals deserved to be raped), why don't we have co-ed prisons?[80]

We've excluded his creepy rape fantasy tweets.[81][82][83]

Cernovich also denies Western rape culture and claims that it is just a feminist talking point.[84] In the same breath, he uses alleged rape among immigrants as a pro-nationalist talking point:

If you believe in college rape culture, I understand a lot about you:

  • You’re a gullible fool who believes feminists.
  • You trust the mainstream media.
  • You are afraid to question narratives.

Both Cruz and Rubio fell for college rape culture hysteria. As Senators in a Republican-led Senate, they refused to support due process or the rights of men.[85]

The only rape culture is Muslim rape culture.[86]

Don't go to Africa. Rape culture is real there.[87]

We know goddam well that non-Western immigrants bring in rape. You open your borders, you ask for rape. Simple.[88]

On raping a woman: When in Doubt, Whip It Out[edit]

Don't forget, @Cernovich did *exactly* what Louis CK did. No wonder he's so quiet about it.

Cernovich wrote an article for his blog titled "When in Doubt, Whip it Out". Cernovich tells a story in which he forced his dick onto a non-consenting woman in order to try to fuck her. Cernovich has since deleted the article. Unfortunately for Cernovich, the Internet never forgets:[90]

We were in the back seat of her car hooking up. She let me pull her shirt up but wouldn’t let me take it off. She also wouldn’t let me take off her pants.

Anyone who has dated Indian girls know how annoying they are, and how hard they are to close. I knew this girl wasn’t going to let me fuck her in the back seat of her car, and that she was going to require some secret moves.

“My dick hurts,” I told her, as I unbuttoned my own jeans, exposing it to her. She looked at it but didn’t move.

“You aren’t just going to leave me like this, are you?” I pulled her hand towards me, but she pulled it back.

Indian girls are selfish teases, and she would have no problem leaving me hanging.

“Fine then. I’ll take care of it myself.”

I started playing with her tits, spit in my hand, and started masturbating.

She still wouldn’t join in the fun, but she wasn’t freaked out. “Don’t get any of this on my seat,” she told me as I was about to cum.

Often finding myself in sketchy situations, I wear a tight American Apparel ribbed tank top under my shirts. It comes in handy when you need to clean up bodily fluids.

I came into my tank top, zipped up, and said, “Let’s go.”

She drove me home, and parked her car, “I don’t want to risk a DUI,” she said, and walked upstairs with me.

The next morning I had one of those, “Does the notch count if…” discussions with my boy.

“Hey, man,” I asked, “Does it count if you get it halfway in, but can’t get it all the way in, because she’s too tight?”

“Ah, man, that’s a tough one. You had the intent. She had the intent, but you weren’t fully in.”

“Yeah, but I was halfway in. Do I gotta be balls deep? She told me she had only been with two other guys, and I believed her. My dick would only go halfway in before she started screaming in pain. I did like 3 or 4 half pumps. Does it count?”

“I don’t know. We should ask some other guys.”

How did I take a girl who had only had sex with two other guys – with a tight pussy to prove it – and get an arguable one night stand out of her?

By masturbating, I took advantage of the anchoring heuristic:

The anchoring and adjustment heuristic was first theorized by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. In one of their first studies, the two showed that when asked to guess the percentage of African nations that are members of the United Nations, people who were first asked “Was it more or less than 10%?” guessed lower values (25% on average) than those who had been asked if it was more or less than 65% (45% on average). The pattern has held in other experiments for a wide variety of different subjects of estimation.

If we had just made out in her car, anything else sexual would have been anchored to the make out. Going from making out to sex is a big jump.

By masturbating in her car while playing with her tits, we had created a new anchor. We had gone farther than making out, thereby bringing us closer to boning.

Next time, don’t settle for the make out. If possible, at least pull out your dick. If you can get her to touch it, even better. If not, just let her know that your cock is too swollen to go back into your jeans, and that, “Either you’re taking care of this, or I am.”

Masturbating will set your anchor nearer the desired destination – pussy port.

Anti-trans bigotry[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Transphobia

Surprising nobody, Cernovich really doesn't like trans people:

Steve Sailer called it. The media is making a full court press for tranny acceptance. There's a new tranny story every day, it seems.[91]

A woman over 40 is indistinguishable from a tranny.[72]

Trump needs someone like me on staff who can explain media traps like tranny restrooms.[92]

Sheen got HIV while sharing dirty needles with tranny hookers. Typical Trump hater.[93]

Cernovich has also felt it worthwhile to share his views on trans sex workers:

Lady boys ranked, by city:
1. Bangkok
2. Manila
5. Everywhere else.[94]

Fortunately, in case you were worried that he is a bigot, Cernovich has clarified that he, too, is transgender: "male-to-male transgender".[95]

"What Is Sex with a Tranny Like?"[edit]

Cernovich decided to publish a story entitled "What is Sex with a Tranny Like?" on his website.[96] It's exactly as bad as you think it is. So bad, in fact, that Cernovich deleted the story. Fortunately, again, the Internet never forgets:

“This was awhile go, I went out with a friend to meet up with a girl he knew who was going out for her bday, since she had a table and bottle service at some nicer club. Me and my friend got pretty fucked up on vodka and oxy’s before we left. I knew the girl, she was a cute Asian chick, and I knew she had cute friends. One of her friends I’ve never met was there, like 5’8, Chinese, fucking hot (looked like some kpop singer). The girl I knew introduced us, and we hit it off immediately, I kept drinking, I think I prolly popped another Oxy, I was pretty faded.

“I remember her saying like twice “did you know I’m a man” she was hammered too, and I thought it was a joke and would respond with something like “fuck you” and she’d laugh. Were there signs? I dunno, maybe she was grinding against me too hard when we danced, when she grabbed my hand to go to the bar/outside for a smoke, maybe her grip was a little too strong. Maybe when we kissed she was too forceful and lacked that female sensuality. I was too gone to notice.

“When we left the club she came back to my place, she had some coke so I did like 2 lines. I was so fucking horny, and fucked up. We just started going at it, I took her pants off, and there was this shriveled black thing. I forgot what our exact conversation was, I was too fucked up, I remember her being embarrassed and saying she told me and she didn’t think I cared, I was shocked but also too horny and fucked up to say no and I already went too far. We kept going at it, and one thing I remember is her pushing her shriveled little prick into my face when she was deepthroating me, in the 69 position. I kept trying to move away from it, but I eventually just gave in and let it penetrate my mouth. I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.

“She eventually took a cab home, and I fell asleep. The next day I woke up like 3 in the afternoon, not wanting to believe what happened, but that hint of chemical taste in my mouth reminded me what happened. I was depressed about this for awhile, I sorta stopped associating with the group involved in this story out of shame. I stopped with the drug use since then also, I still feel like shit typing this out.

Cernovich later claimed that this story was submitted by a reader.[96] This story was also told years previously, almost word for word, on a message board for MMA fans by a user named "Kinkle", widely believed to be Mike Cernovich himself.[97]

Mystical beliefs[edit]

Mike Cernovich gets some shuteye in-between talking about child sex dungeons.

Semen, the "life force"[edit]

Cernovich literally thinks semen has addictive properties, cures depression, and prevents women from cheating:

Once they've bad[sic] my "super serum", they don't want anything else. Girls become addicted to cum.

Condoms destroy pair bonding. When you raw dog and share your "super serum," she won't want anything else. "Super serum" is what you give to women to make Captain America babies[sic]. Most addictive drug on market.

Semen is a man's life force. If she cheats[,] this means your life force is week[sic], needs rebuilt [sic]. When you have super serum, they never leave.[98][99]

Stop watching porn and you will see. Most men grew up on porn and have never given a girl a full dose of super serum.

Go a week without watching porn or spilling your seed. Eat clean. Train hard. That is how you make super serum. Girls become addicted.

When you eat clean and train hard, a man's semen is more virile. This makes women addicted, also treats their depression.[100][99]

I am only trolling a little. I rarely watch porn. Google "sexual transmutation of energy." Sounds corny. Try it. It's real.[101][99]

Unsurprisingly, Cernovich's treatment of his "super serum" has failed to take off in alternative medicine markets (though in fairness, there does seem to be some evidence that semen carries antidepressant properties).[102]

Primal instincts, porn, and Cultural Marxism[edit]

He also blames porn and masturbation upon the Cultural Marxists:

Mastubation [sic] and porn are tools of cultural Marxists. Mastubation [sic] is the opiate of the masses.

Cultural Marxists sex shame and are neo-puritans. They want to criminalize normal sex. Think about it. Cultural Marxists want to criminalize sex. Why?

If you're getting laid regularly, no matter what life throws at you....Everything seems OK. Cultural marxists want to take that from you.

Cultural Marxists, as Ezra Klein observes, want you to feel a "cold shiver" when you have sex. Again, why? What is their goal?[103][99]

When you don't mastubate [sic], your senses are sharper. You become more in touch with your primal instincts.[104][99]

All power ultimately derives from your sexuality. The more in control of your sexual drive, the more power you have over your life.[105][99]

Defeating STDs with coconut oil and slut-hate[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Sexually transmitted disease

Cernovich's beliefs about STDs fall squarely into alternative medicine territory(and racism):

Not being a slut is the only proven way to avoid AIDS[sic]. If you love Black women, slut shame them.[106]

Herpes is not a death sentence. I never got it (alpha STD protection), but there are support groups. I was "raw dog for life." Managed to stay STD free. Coconut oil and defense soap (tea tree oil) are essential.

Girls today are not about the condoms. That's something from sex+ feminism I fully support! "Anal is the new virginity." Girls with 25+ partner are still saving anal for that special someone. [107][99]


When you think of what's truly ugly in our culture (feminism, abortion, political correctness), you'll see atheists behind it.
—Mike Cernovich revealing the atheist agenda[108]

While Cernovich's parents are devout Christians, he doesn't believe in Jesus.[67] That hasn't stopped Cernovich from being a maximum asshole. In 2014, Cernovich wrote an obnoxious tract about his experiences with the divine. We have included a relevant section:[109]

In an earlier podcast I mentioned that I do believe in some sort of divine and I’m not an atheist. I think that atheism is not a logical position.

And I got a few comments that went along this line: “I’m very very surprised that someone of your intelligence believes in either religion or the existence of a god when there is no rational evidence in favor of and a plethora of obvious evidence against existing. It’s an irrational baseless belief with no merit which serves only to comfort those who need it.”

So I have a couple points to that.

One is, if you read someone and consider someone to be of obvious intelligence, then perhaps you should open your mind. There are a lot of intelligent people who believe in the existence of a divine.

Also, do I strike you as the kind of person who needs to believe in a divine to have some sort of comfort or delusional reality? I don’t think so. I actually think it’s atheists who don’t want to believe in god because it makes them uncomfortable. Because if you are an atheist, you have closed your mind to possibilities and opportunities. And because of that you can feel comfortable, you get over the dissonance. You get over the hard questions. For example in college I read all the great books on consciousness. Are you an atheist and have you read all of the books on consciousness? Go read about the hard problem of consciousness. I’ll link to on Wikipedia.

That kind of stuff will keep you up at night. In terms of consciousness, I would just say where is your rational evidence for the proposition that I have consciousness? Prove that I have consciousness. You can’t.

Philosophers have been trying to do it for years. Daniel Dennet who is a smug atheist prick, he can’t prove consciousness exists. He wrote a book called Consciousness Explained. That was pretty much shredded to pieces and he ignored the hard problems of consciousness.

You can’t prove that I have consciousness and I can’t prove that you have consciousness because consciousness is a subjective experience of a supposedly objective reality.

So if you can’t even explain consciousness and show that consciousness is a scientific fact, then how can you tell me that you’re an atheist? Because clearly there are phenomena that we don’t understand.

He also enjoyed mocking atheists[110][111][112][113] and talking about "militant atheist" terrorism.[114][115][116] However, in 2017, Cernovich claimed to be an agnostic.[117] However, he adopts what is essentially a Cultural Christian worldview:

America was founded by white Christian men. To destroy America attack those groups one by one. It all makes sense now, doesn't it.[118]

America is a Christian nation. Mercy is important cultural value.[119]

Living in a post-Christian society makes it hard to recognize true evil. SJWs are not a joke. It's a death cult.[120]

Western society cannot function without real Christianity. (I’m agnostic FYI.) But modern Christian is cucked and actually harms US.[117]

Have your Christian wife brew some coffee, put it in a thermos, and take it with you while you work. #MerryChristmasStarbucks[121]

Pivot to Islam[edit]

In late January 2019, Cernovich published several tweets denouncing Christianity, and promoting "a moderated form of Islam." Naturally, his followers were not pleased. He also mentions about how he's learned that Islamophobia is real and how it affects a close friend of his, which is... something certainly very unexpected given his past views. Given that his second wife is of Middle Eastern ancestry and they share a child, this becomes less of a surprise.

Christianity has given us a country where 11 year olds dance for adult men who throw dollars on the stage.

Christianity gave us a church that molested children and sold out their flock (Covington) to the left.

A moderated form of Islam is probably the West’s only hope.[122]

Based on how most of you "Christians" acted yesterday and today....

Let's just say, You sure had me fooled!

You're Christians

Get real. You're hateful, angry people who lash out at Islam, insult moderate Muslims like my friends, and can't take your own medicine.[123]

Now let's talk about Islam.

A dear friend of mine who ALWAYS HAS MY BACK is a Muslim woman.

And she had to block me, because when I would RT her stuff, you "Christians" would attack her.

"Sorry, Mike, I don't want your followers reading me."

I can't blame her.[124]

Unsurprisingly, Cernovich has also made statements like "the moderated form of Islam is probably the West's only hope", viewing Islamism as natural allies against "wokeness".[125]


Cernovich will continue breaking stories while everyone else talks about the same basic b*tch stories.
—a grown man sat down and wrote this[126]

We present a delectable selection of headlines from Cernovich's Medium account:

  • "Audacity: How to Go from Nobody to Somebody" (take one guess who it's about)[127]
  • "Trump Supporters Favor Julian Assange, Marijuana Decriminalization, Major Survey Reveals" (his "major survey" was polls on his Twitter)[128]
  • "Journalism Takes WILL and Courage, Not Fancy Offices" (Cernovich works from home in a house he bought with his ex-wife's money)[129]
  • "How I Forced the Entire Mainstream Media to Admit they are Hypocrites" (TLDR: "I re-publish their Tweets, which is something I get pissed about when people do to me")[130]
  • "Deep State’s latest Smear — They Falsely Claim Mike Cernovich was Not in Military" (when Cernovich farts, he blames it on the shadow government)[131]
  • "Haters Wail as Cernovich Hits 300K" (Cernovich's Twitter is his life's high point)[132]


Roy Moore is going to win the election unless he drops out. Screen cap this, you'll see I am right.
—Cernovich, 13 November[133]

Nobody knows who Doug Jones is, voters don’t turn out for nobodies. As flawed as Roy Moore is (I haven’t endorsed him), there’s no enthusiasm for Doug “sell the body parts” Jones.
—Cernovich, 10 December[134]

Enthusiasm among my people for Roy Moore is zero...We won't be seeing the R-15 turnouts. I predict a narrow win for Moore.
—Cernovich, 12 December[135]

Close race, as predicted, and Jones won.
—Cernovich, 12 December[136]


Never show weakness, always attack, there is no redemption in this post-Christian world.
—those darn atheists, forcing Mike Cernovich to become an asshole[137]

Cernovich – who is secretly just a 12-year-old masquerading as a 50-year-old lawyer – really likes to bully people, particularly women.

Cernovich: @PrincessScum You have manly, bushy eyebrows, a big nose, and bird-like facial features. You're not in my league.

PrincessScum: oh no youre attacking my physical appearance your debate techniques are so much better than mine

Cernovich: Your piercings and cliched yoga reference ("Namaste") indicate you're likely a slut:[138]

@neonfiona I tried watching one of your YouTube videos. You look like you have ADD. Maybe that should be added as another slut sign?[139]

Cernovich: As narcissists, fat feminsts hate more than anything to be rejected and mocked. #FatShamingWeek

Ashleigh: You know, narcissists are usually the ones who shame others to inflate their own egos, so...

Cernovich: Your butt hairs are dread locks laden with dingleberries. Lose some weight so you can properly scrub yourself.# FatShamingWeek

Ashleigh: Jesus Christ, what are you, 5?

. @hugoschwyzer Why don't you do the world a favor, man up, and kill yourself? Fucking coward.[140]

Political pundit career[edit]

To beat a person, you lower his or her social status. Logic is pointless. To destroy an institution, you lower its social status.
—Mike Cernovich, political activism expert[141]

Cernovich was born in the Gamergate swamp and never really left. His politics is highly based on opposition to feminists, "SJW"s, and liberals.


I had never heard of "gaming media" until recently. Jesus Christ, guys, put down the fucking video games and stop reading retarded sites.
—Mike Cernovich, avid gamer[142]

Gamergate was the turning point in Cernovich's career, shifting his attention from whining about demolishing feminism to more political concerns. After Gamergate, Cernovich's tweets took a notably more political turn. Cernovich spent his time attacking Black Lives Matter, Obama / Clinton, and "the Media". In the process, he grew a substantial following.

Cernovich gave informal legal counsel to Eron Gjoni after Zoe Quinn took Gjoni to court for a restraining order to prevent him from goading Gamergate on. Cernovich determined it was unconstitutional,[143] and somehow this justified sending a private investigator to stalk Quinn while she was homeless.[144][145]

Cernovich also offered legal counsel to 8chan's founder Fredrick Brennan after Patreon banned 8chan from using their services after they updated their terms of use to ban funding for projects that promote harassment, self-harm, and child sex abuse.[146][147] It was to be a disability discrimination case.[148]


I went from libertarian to alt-right after realizing tolerance only went one way and diversity is code for white genocide.[149]

Cernovich doesn't consider himself a member of the alt-right. In particular, he hopes to draw a distinction between a "new right" and the alt-right. For example, he disinvited Baked Alaska from the alt-right/Trump supporter "Deploraball" conference for being too openly Nazi — i.e., talking about the Jewish Question[150][151][152] (Cernovich failed to disinvite noted non-Nazi Richard Spencer). He also stated:[153]

There is the alt-right which wants to do white identity politics. And there's people … who want to do nationalism without white identity politics. And now everybody knows where I stand and everybody else knows where everybody else is. The alt-right is now Richard Spencer's weird house. I think that I drew the lines and that a lot of people who called themselves alt-right realized they weren't.

Despite that, as we document above, his views are virtually all in line with those of the alt-right.

Anti-liberal vendettas[edit]

In 2018, Cernovich discovered a new tactic to annoy liberals and Trump opponents: going through decade-old tweets and publicizing anything offensive he found. This led to film director James GunnWikipedia, known for his public opposition to Trump, being temporarily sacked by Disney for ten-year-old rape jokes.[154] He also publicised old material by Trevor Noah, host of satirical US TV program The Daily Show which is frequently critical of right-wingers, and by Rick and Morty creator Dan HarmonWikipedia, unearthing an old sketch about child-rape.[155] In some ways, this mirrors tactics used by rightwingers against those like Roseanne Barr, the right-wing actor who was sacked after a series of offensive tweets, but each case must be judged separately, and the things Cernovich unearthed were far older than Roseanne's tweets; also they were in the public domain for years, which is odd for a corporation to sack somebody after all that time.[154]


In Mid-December 2017, Cernovich tried shopping a poorly-forged document to various news outlets; the document alleged various sexual harassment claims against Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer.[156] Only professional internet troll Chuck C. JohnsonWikipedia was interested.[156] As of December 2017, both Cernovich and Johnson are reportedly under investigation by the Capital Police.[156]


More unremitting horror:

  • Gorilla Mindset. 2015. ISBN 1514672111
A very standard "masculinity" self-help book. The book promises to improve your thinking, your health, your fitness, your income, your relationships, your power, your focus, and your posture.[157]
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A guide to "develop a dominate [sic] mindset, lose fat, gain muscle, succeed in business, and meet women".[158]
  • MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again. 2016. ISBN 9527065925
Exactly the same as Gorilla Mindset, but this time Cernovich takes inspiration from a different primitive ape.[159]

His current book (The Rise of Trump) editor is Vox Day,[160] because of course. (The title might be unfortunate, given some of Cernovich's obsessions detailed above.)

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