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Vandalize one more time and you will be blocked. Nerd (talk) 23:41, 5 July 2016 (UTC)


I must have hit "rollback" by mistake, sorry. I don't want to have a part in any of this. another Jewish conspiracy by (((Laurogeita Hamabost))) (talk) 23:46, 5 July 2016 (UTC)

Getting blocked and reverted for trying to make the Hillary Clinton article more neutral[edit]

Can you please tell me why this was reverted and I blocked for this? The way the article is written is like an anti-Israel rant right out of Stormfront or Mondoweiss. I tried to make it a bit more neutral (frankly I think the section is beyond hope and should be gutted) but instead of any debate, I get a three day block and a revert. Is this really what you want to be? An anti-semitic echo-box that blocks other views?

Blanking a page is unacceptable. You have repeated that offense despite my warning. In fact, you were blocked for one hour for the same thing. And no, RationalWiki is not about neutrality. That's for Wikipedia. Nerd (talk) 23:55, 5 July 2016 (UTC)
I did not blank any page. Where did you get that idea? And what you blocked me for cannot even be construed as "blanking" anything if you are drunk and all potted up on weed (to use a technical term) at the same time. But apparently you don't want to acknowledge your stormfront-like hatred of Israel.
[EC] They didn't blank it, they just changed the POV w/o otherwise vandalizing. Unblocked. FuzzyCatPotato of the Snug Igneous intrusions (talk/stalk) 00:01, 6 July 2016 (UTC)
Instead of engaging in constructive dialog with me, you have now resorted to once more fire rockets on civilians block me once again and lock me out of your precious precious pages. You are almost as childish as Hamas. I hope the adults come home soon and see the mess the children have made. (talk) 02:11, 6 July 2016 (UTC)
It's just 9 hours, and you can stew on maybe avoiding edit warring and massive false equivalences. Our wiki does not thrive on gross simplifications. ikanreed You probably didn't deserve that 02:13, 6 July 2016 (UTC)
I don't think so, after all, they can't even update the software of this wiki, let alone keep all kinds zealots or widespread anti-Israel bias out. They're good with science, pseudoscience and similar, but the political and a few of the so-called "social justice" articles are rather rotten.--The Kigel (talk) (mail) 02:30, 6 July 2016 (UTC) 02:30, 6 July 2016 (UTC)
Good post! minus the weird Israel stuff. Conscience (talk) 03:25, 6 July 2016 (UTC)
Good post! including the Israel stuff. (talk) 21:18, 6 July 2016 (UTC)

Joris Enter initiates conflict then blocks[edit]

Joris Enter has been harassing me with vile threats ever since I came here and now he has blocked me when I tried to debate him on his talk page! I demand a trial by combat! (talk) 21:44, 6 July 2016 (UTC)

You have an interesting definition of "debate", I must say.--JorisEnter (talk) 21:47, 6 July 2016 (UTC)


Here is my artikle about the BDS movement that is always censored. If a sysop wants to create the artikle you have my permit

The Boycott Divestment Sanctions (usually shortened to BDS) movement is the 2016 equivalent to the 1933 Nazi-slogan "Deutsche, kauft nicht beim Juden" (Germans don't buy from "the Jew"). It's stated objective is to get rid of Israel "end the occupation" (whatever that means) by boycotting all products with the figurative star of David on them of being made in Israel. No matter whether those products are made in Tel Aviv, which had a Jewish majority before 1948 or by Israeli Arab citizens or in a Kibbutz. Even some anti-Zionists see the inherent problem of copying a Nazi-era policy (boycott the evil Jew) and fortunately BDS has not made much headway. However, BDS sometimes gets undue media attention because many jurisdictions have banned advocating for this sad excuse of political activism as hate speech (which it blatantly is) over which BDS usually raises "First Amendment" and "Free Speech" objections which are extremely hipocritical, given how their friends over at Hamas and Hezbollah tend to treat critics.


According to Yehuda Ben Meir and Owen Alterman in an essay published in the Strategic Survey for Israel 2011 by the Institute for National Security Studies (Israel), by depicting Israel as a racist, fascist, totalitarian, and apartheid state, BDS engages in defamation and demonization of Israel. They state that this is followed by the specific targeting of Israeli diplomatic, economic, academic, and cultural targets—regardless of their position or connection to the conflict, which they describe as incitement.[1] In a 2009 opinion column for the The Jerusalem Post, Gil Troy argued that the BDS movement does not target Israel's policies, but rather targets Israel's legitimacy.[2] The Israeli Reut Institute has argued that the BDS movement singles out Israel, and applies double standards that delegitimize Israel.[3]

The Economist in 2007 called the boycott "flimsy" and ineffective, noted that "blaming Israel alone for the impasse in the occupied territories will continue to strike many outsiders as unfair," and pointed out that the Palestinian leadership did not support the boycott.[4] By early 2014, however, they noted that the campaign, "[o]nce derided as the scheming of crackpots", was "turning mainstream" in the eyes of many Israelis.[5] Alan Dershowitz and the Israeli Action Network point to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's support of a boycott specific to Israeli businesses that operate in Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories over a general boycott of Israel as evidence that the BDS is not in the Palestinians' favor.[6][7] Dershowitz adds, "The BDS movement is immoral because it would hurt the wrong people" such as Palestinians employees of the firms effected by BDS or patients awaiting medicine made by those firms.[8]

The long-standing anti-Israel activist Norman Finkelstein deemed the BDS movement a "cult". He argued that the movement was overly controlled by the Ramallah headquarters, made unrealistic claims so as to hide a wish to destroy Israel, and accused the movement of exaggerating its achievements and its capacity, most notably by maintaining that it represents the entire pro-Palestine movement. Finkelstein also asserted that the movement misrepresented and misinterpreted Israel's obligation under international law as defined by the International Court of Justice.[9][10][11][12]


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Blocking again, is it?[edit]

Oh do shut up.

Your coverage on Israel and Zionism is an embarrassment and will doom rationalwiki to the fringes of the far antisemitic corners of earth.

Far fringes? You didn't get around on the net, huh? --The (((Kigel))) (talk) (mail) 23:01, 12 July 2016 (UTC) 23:01, 12 July 2016 (UTC)
What do you mean by that? (talk) 23:24, 12 July 2016 (UTC)
While it is true, that this website has an anti-Israel bias in many articles, it is not nearly as bad as many websites devoted to right-wing or left-wing extremism or especially for smearing of Israel. Compared to many others, RW is rather tame.--The (((Kigel))) (talk) (mail) 23:29, 12 July 2016 (UTC) 23:29, 12 July 2016 (UTC)
Is there a good left wing skeptic website that does not hate Israel? (talk) 23:31, 12 July 2016 (UTC)

Just a link[edit]

Es ist in Deutsch! Jah!

Böse Hasbara-Propaganda[edit]

Wenn ihr mal wieder Hasbara-Propaganda braucht damit euch euer Zionisten-Gold nicht ausgeht, klcikt einnfach diesen Link: Jah! Sehr gut! Jah!

Where can I recruit Hasbara trolls?[edit]

Hi, I want to take over this website and fill it with Hasbara trolls that paint Israel in rosy colors. Where could I find those trolls? And more importantly, where do I sign up to get paid by the Jewish Lobby of Israel (Inc. est 79 AD) for my Internet Hasbara work? If you could help me with that I'd be thankful. (talk) 23:33, 12 July 2016 (UTC)

How you solve Israel/Palestine[edit]

Step one:

Hamas stops killing Jews

Step two:

Fatah stops killing Jews

Step three:

Hezbollah stops killing Jews

Step four:

Everybody stops killing Jews

Step five:

Everybody who used to kill Jews swears to never do it again and the guilty parties are punished.

Step six:

Divide the land or whatever, I don't care

Step seven:

Problem fucking solved. (talk) 23:40, 12 July 2016 (UTC)

Some people have no humour[edit]

Look at this. Probably they will banish me for this. Ho noes! I'll be damned... (talk) 00:10, 13 July 2016 (UTC)

Again with the blocking and the not editing and the...[edit]

Why? What have I ever done to you? You schmuck! Go get your toches out of here before I cry Gevalt! (talk) 22:48, 13 July 2016 (UTC)

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