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Everybody wants their own fucking law. My guess that it is an observation, at best and it's been noted before, sadly, for clarksons law. But you can always try to write it and make the grammar sound like good emglish, maybe it'll stick? Who knows? Oh, and to sign a post use four tildes, thusly: ~~~~ C®ackeЯ 23:25, 2 August 2012 (UTC)


You seem like a nice person, so I will suggest looking at talk:WIGO CP "Criminals and mentally ill editors at Wikipedia" while not logged in. There is some tricky markup hidden in the wiki-works of that section... ;-) Sprocket J Cogswell (talk) 13:43, 30 August 2013 (UTC)


Seems the Aussies miserable summer is off to an early start... PsyGremlinFale! 04:51, 21 November 2013 (UTC)

They have rallied a little from 100 for 5

Wait ....[edit]

So if you RSS the history of a wiki page, you have a record of oversited edits because the code for all edits is stored in your feeder? Father Vivian O'Blivion talkModerator 02:56, 20 July 2014 (UTC)


Go forth and block. AceModerator 19:05, 10 May 2020 (UTC)

The answer is no[edit]

You wrote: "You want me to die Kendol? of course you do. You celebrated when British children were killed by your fellow terrorists, the life of one middle-aged man is a mild slap on the wrist after that. I don't want you to die . I want you to live out your life as the broken bigoted pro terrorist cunt that you are.--Mercian (talk) 06:52, 8 November 2020 (UTC)"

The large majority of your posts to this wiki are to the "What is happening to CP" talk page and other Conservapedia related material at this wiki. You are obsessed with me!
On the other hand, Conservapedia does not have a "What is happening at RW" page.
The truth is that I rarely think about you. And if you never posted to "What is happening at CP", I would be like the rest of the world and not think about you whatsoever. So to ask me if I hope you die is a total nonstarter. You don't rise to even one zillioneth of the emotion necessary to anger me if I had a short fuse. But I don't have a short fuse, so you don't even rise to one zillioneth of one zillioneth of the emotion.
In short, your outsized ego flatters yourself entirely too much!
Please, get a life! DayO (talk) 21:57, 8 November 2020 (UTC)
"Get a life" says the man over age 50 that wastes most of his waking hours on a fringe wiki and spews nonsense at a supposed rival... ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 22:21, 8 November 2020 (UTC)

"Horrible Mercian: I hope you live an incredibly short life" In every confrontation we have had you have lost and all this time I have been playing nice. I think it is time to dig out the video link you you accidentally posted on CP a few years back showing young teenagers in sexual activity and the message I sent to Andy advising he remove it and ban the pervert that is yourself. He reversed it an failed to ban you.I think it needs to go to a higher authority don't you?--Mercian (talk) 09:00, 9 November 2020 (UTC)


Excuse me, liberal, but what exactly do you think anarchism is? Oxyaena Harass 20:48, 2 December 2020 (UTC)

Don't mind me, folks, just waiting for the show. Twodots (talk) 21:13, 2 December 2020 (UTC)

It's humidifiers that can reduce coronavirus. It's not dehumidiers.[edit]

According to Mercian and Ace McWicked, dehumidifiers can reduce coronavirus in buildings.[1] But the science indicates it is humidifiers that can reduce coronavirus in a given area.[2][3][4] Dehumidifiers would increase the coronavirus death toll!

I suggest that Ace McWicked and Mercian study some reading comprehension material before they read content at Conservapedia.

If only Anthony Fauci told people that increasing humidity in an area could reduce coronavirus.

I hope this clarifies matters.Keithmartin (talk) 02:14, 17 December 2020 (UTC)

Not once did I mention humidifiers or de humidifiers. I suggest far right pricks get their facts right before attempting to troll--Mercian (talk) 17:31, 18 December 2020 (UTC)
And for the record, it is not Fauci who makes or implements policy, it's Trump. 1/3 million deaths on on his hands.--Mercian (talk) 17:35, 18 December 2020 (UTC)
Not to mention that some of Disinfectant Injection Boy's advisors even advocated for The Final Solution To The Gen Z Question intentionally infecting millions; basically, a genocide of their own Oppressed White Master Race people. --Goatspeed. How's my editingCircularREmail2.gifasoningSee my latest prototypes 17:39, 18 December 2020 (UTC)