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Your Cj ahmed page has been deleted so I moved it to User:Sharif/sandbox. You'll need to significantly expand it if you want a page on this person. CowHouse (talk) 13:35, 27 September 2018 (UTC)

Pro Masturbation Movement among Muslims[edit]

The majority of scholars among Muslims forbid masturbation stating that it is an immoral act and argue using the following verse in the Quran. “And those who guard their private parts save from their wives and those (slave-girls) which their right-hands own – so there is no blame upon them. Then whoever seeks beyond that (which is lawful), they are the transgressors.” (23: 5-6)is-masturbation-healthy but a new group of young Muslims have started to question and argue this fatwa. In the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a group of Saudi Arabians launched a twitter campaign titled" masturbation is halal" and it vent viral 'Masturbation is halal' hashtag goes viral in Saudi Arabia, sparks debate. Some Saudi psychologists even went further by stating that masturbation was human need just like defecating or to eat or drink With the advancement of science, people of medicine have been able to debunk the wrong arguments on masturbation which is quite rampant among conservative Muslims. Islamic theologian,C.J Ahmed has been a staunch supporter of masturbation and considers masturbation has completely halal in Islam. In his website, he has also mentioned that masturbation will not break the fast during Ramazan and that a Muslim will be rewarded by Allah for masturbating WHY MASTURBATION IS NOT HARAM . C.J Ahmed is also the author of the book "Why Masturbation Is Not Forbidden In Islam: Dispelling The Wrong Arguments That Have Plagued For Centuries On Masturbation"