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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

Contrary to how things might work on other wikis, here we believe only substantial articles should be included in the main article namespace. Until they reach that point, multiple users can work together on an article in the special "Draft" namespace. This way unfinished articles don't show up in searches nor with the random page feature.

All drafts need to include Template:Draft at the top, in wikicode by adding {{draft}}. This is done automatically if using the form below.

Create your own[edit]

Enter a title in the box below and press "Create draft".

Current drafts[edit]

These articles are not quite ready for mainspace. If any strike your fancy, see if you can expand them into a worthy article.

Moving drafts to mainspace[edit]

Moving drafts to mainspace does not require a vote or consensus, any user can do it, but insubstantial articles may be deleted or moved back to draftspace.

  • Under more, select "Relocate"
  • Uncheck "Leave a redirect behind"
  • Proceed
  • On article, remove {{draft}} tag; if commented-out categories exist, remove the <!-- and --> around them