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Yellowcake is a delicious flour-based sweet step in the processing of raw uranium ores. It's made by crushing uranium ore into powder, adding a bunch of acidic and basic compounds, taking that ugly mix of liquids, and drying it out. Yellowcake (U3O8) is what's left after drying out the liquid. Most yellowcake is further processed - first into UF6 to separate some uranium-235, a process known as uranium enrichment, and then into UO2, which is used in nuclear fuel.

Despite the delicious-sounding name, yellowcake is not for eating. (Nor does it give you Czech Neck.)

In the wake of disarming Iraq, some neo-Roman Italian spies uncovered some brilliant documents that showed how the evil Saddam Hussein tried to buy yellowcake from Niger. The only problem with these documents was that - you guessed it - they were forged.

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