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Edano in 2020.

Yukio Edano (枝野 幸男) (1964–) is a social liberal politician in Japan. He is the leader of Japan's main opposition, the Constitutional Democratic PartyWikipedia of Japan. He is called the last hope of the Japanese 'liberal camp'. Ironically though, Edano has always described himself as a conservative because he launched his career in the early 90s as a member of the Japan New Party (a moderately conservative party that during its brief existence with the help of seven other parties, including all of the Japanese left wing parties except the Communists, managed to briefly kick the LDP out of government for the first time since 1955).

In 2017, the center-left bloc of the Democratic Party of Japan (DP) split away, forming the Constitutional Democratic Party which was launched by Edano, who was the Deputy President of the DP at the time.[1][2] Edano, in a move that surprised many, consolidated Japan's historically fractured opposition in 2020, merging the CDP with the Democratic Party for the People and the Social Democratic Party of Japan, dissolving the latter.[3] The CDP is the second largest party in Japan, a center-left alternative to the right-wing LDP.[4] Despite being formed only less than three weeks before the election, the CDP ran a very efficient campaign and used social media in a level unprecedented in Japanese politics, allowing the CDP to become the second largest party in Japan and the largest opposition party to Shinzo Abe's government. Their meteoric rise stunned longtime Japan analysts and observers who felt they underestimated Edano.[5]

Edano resigned in 2021 after poorer than expected election results, but the CPD remained the largest opposition bloc. 47-year old Kenta Izumi became the new CDP leader, succeeding Edano in 2021.[6][7] Edano was fiercely criticized for allying with the Communist Party of Japan, and the media shitstorm from that decision definitely played a part in his defeat.[8] However, Edano's strategy to have all opposition parties launch a joint policy platform and form an anti-LDP civil coalition provided a blueprint for the CDP and its allies to gain seats without splitting the vote.[9]

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  1. Japan's constitutional amendment is led by right-wing populists and right-wing nationalists in Japan. Japan's right-wing to far-rightist are trying to revise Article 2 of the Japanese constitution. Article 2 of the Constitution of Japan has 'the renunciation of war'. Japan was a defeated country during World War II and committed war crimes similar to Nazi Germany.(ex. Comfort women, Rape of Nanjing, Unit 731)
  2. However, he is negative about relations with China and North Korea because he is an moderate anti-communist. (Japan's conservatives, who came to power in the 21st century, have very bad relations with South Korea because they have abandoned anti-Communism and are showing a tendency toward ultra-nationalism.)