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—Shinzō Abe. campaigning in June 2010.

Shinzō "Trump before Trump" Abe(安倍 晋三) (1954–) is Prime Minister of Japan. President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

He is a Japanese ultra-nationalist, traditionalist conservative, right-wing populist, neoconservative based on Shinto, historical revisionism personality politician. He is speaking for the hard-rightist within the LDP. One of Abe's grandfathers, Nobusuke Kishi,Wikipedia's W.svg was also Japanese Prime Minister (1957-1960). Kishi was an untried war criminal from World War II.

Although Abe is a far-right politician[1], there is controversy in academia over whether he is a populist or not. He is a ultra-elite politician with a distance from anti-elitism, and a longtime vested interest in a mainstream conservative party(=LDP). To be more accurate, Abe's creed can be seen as strange form far-right populism and authoritarianism lacking anti-elitism. (Abe's political form may be closer to the aristocracy based on populism. Of course, Aristocracy is practically an antithesis to populism.)

In Japan, populist and extreme right-wing nationalism has found an institutional home within the traditional conservatism of Liberal Democratic Party that aims for an authoritarian transformation of the political system.[2] So.... in Japan, unlike in the West, there is no noticeable non-mainstream anti-establishment far-right outsider populist movement, because the LDP, originally a center-right party, has been accepted by far-right nationalists through the 21st century. and one of the figures at the center of such a movement is Abe.

He prayed in the 'Yasukuni Shrine' in 2013. His nationalism is causing friction with neighboring countries such as South Korea and China.

He suppressed the liberal national newspaper Asahi Shimbun, and when Abe met with Donald Trump in 2017, he said, "I tamed the Asahi Shimbun. I want you to tame the New York Times too".

Steve Bannon admired him so much that he said, "a great hero to the grassroots, the populist, and the nationalist movement through the world." He even praised Abe as "Trump before Trump."[3]

He had a big political scandal in 2017, which is the allegation that he secretly sponsored a radical kindergarten that teaches anti-Korean far-right nationalist ideas. If true, this is a clear abuse of children, let alone racial discrimination against Koreans.[4]

His government launched a massive economic retaliation this year in protest of a South Korean court's ruling to compensate the South Korean victims involved in the "Japan’s wartime forced labor" during World War II. Imagine Germany's economic retaliation for the Nazi Germany's forced labor victimized countries' ruling to compensate the German companies involved at the time! As such, Japan is a extremely right-wing country now![5]

But when it comes to economic policy, he has a somewhat centre-left policy based on Keynesianism. It's called "Abenomics". But we have to remember that historically, traditional fascists have taken an active welfare policy, unlike other far-rightists.

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