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Not to be confused with The Colbert Report.

James Corbett is seen by some to be an indie "new journalist" accused of being Russian propaganda fake news[1][2]. Others are less enamored. He claims to analyze, deconstruct, re-contextualize, and clarify Western propaganda[3] in The Corbett Report, YouTube, Global Research TV and other shows and websites such as ex-FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds'Wikipedia's W.svg Boiling Frogs Post, NewsBud, and occasional events.


[edit] The Corbett Report

Supported by donations, subscriptions, and open source journalism, James Corbett "discusses" statism, 9-11 conspiracy theories, and anti-dogma conspiracies that mainstream media wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, if he doesn't ramble about Obama's NWO[4].

In addition to the history of oil, power, and economics[5], alleged false flag events like the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories,Wikipedia's W.svg the 9/11 conspiracy theories, and Operation Gladio,Wikipedia's W.svg James Corbett claims to detail scandalous corruption, injustices, and expose conspiracies, psy-ops, black-ops, and the covert "deep-state secret", "ghost politics", globalist control, and domination agendas of the New World Order advocating a "revolution of the mind" to counter-cultural brainwashing dogmas to ultimately foil all centralized governments' monopolistic use of violence.

[edit] Regular series and specials

[edit] Special guests and interviews

  • Michel Chossudovsky, creator of the conspiracist Globalresearch website (interviews 269, 433, 491, 544, 628, 678, 745, 1048, 1051, 1181, 1195, 1206, 1213, 1223)[6]
  • Lionel (radio personality)Wikipedia's W.svg (a.k.a. Michael William Lebron)
  • Stefan Molyneux was a guest host who discussed mental illnessm,[7] and "Molyneux".[8]
  • Creationist[9] James Perloff discussed a variety of alleged false flag operations going back to the American Revolution (interviews 901, 925, 1035, 1062 1137, and 1160)[10] but oddly not creationism (or his history of involvement with an unspecified New Age cult and the John Birch Society).[9]
  • James TracyWikipedia's W.svg claimed that the Mainstream media was Quote mining him. From 12:28 on, in the Video you can hear James slowly falling apart, after he was asked what kind of Proof he would accept.[11]
  • Sovereign citizens Robert-Scott:Christy (interview 250)[12] and Alfred Adask (interview 1043)[13]

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