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Jack Thomas Chick (b. 13 April 1924) is an American Christian fundamentalist and his publishing house Chick Publications commonly called "Chick lit Tracts". His tracts cover various aspects of the Christian faith. As a general rule, his tracts read like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic and make Pat Robertson look sane and mellowed out in comparison.


[edit] History

Chick began publishing tracts in the mid-1960s. He publishes small tracts in comic book style as well as full size comic books; his early tracts were published by Rusthoi Publications and were in a larger format than his current tracts. Most of his full-size comic books are part of the Crusader series. The smaller tracts are sold cheaply in bulk for you to leave everywhere you go: in phone booths, tables, laundromats, school lockers, car windshields, etc. (to non-fundamentalists this is known as littering). The larger comics featured a heavy dose of sensationalist Satanic Panic and demonic possession.

Chick (ironically — or not) claims to have been inspired by early Maoist propaganda cartoon booklets (Lianhuanhua, linked comics) that were distributed throughout China in the 1960s.[1]

[edit] Production

[edit] Tracts

Chick writes all of his tracts, although some draw heavily from other like-minded sources. Chick also drew some, particularly the older tracts, but many have been drawn by others. Fred Carter (un-credited) is typically the other artist. Carter's work is easy to spot by its realism, heavy shading and attention to detail, in contrast to Chick's more cartoony style. Carter's art frequently features less-than-subtle homo-erotic themes and often bears striking similarities in both style and content to the gay S&M art of Tom of Finland[wp] (i.e. a penchant for leather, swarthy men and sexual menace) .[2][3]

Chick tracts are printed in-house by Chick Publications and retail for around 16 cents each. Bulk discounts are available, and a number of tracts, especially those printed in more obscure languages or ones that have gone out of print, are available only in bulk sales of 10,000 copies.[4] Just about all of Chick's tracts are available for on-line reading, and even as apps for Android phones, presumably to show to others while witnessing.[5]

Chick's art is often extremely anti-Semitic, with evil characters often having large, stereotypical Jewish noses. The Death Cookie, an attack on the Catholic Church, featured stereotypically Jewish looking characters, including a Jewish looking Satan.

Chick also practices other stereotyping in that many of his negative characters are overweight, and that virtually any overweight person in a Chick tract is bad. Thus overweight people join the large number of groups on Chick's bigotry hit parade.

Also, male villains are frequently balding with feeble comb-overs, while True Believers generally have good heads of hair.

Rumors persist that Chick suffered a massive stroke in 1996. Of course, it's difficult to confirm this, given the overall reclusiveness of Mr. Chick. However, this rumor is not particularly unfounded; it does explain a few things, nominally the decline of art quality in Chick-drawn tracts and the apeshit crazier content of the later ones (those familiar with only the older tracts may wonder how is this possible. Trust us, some things are really infinite).

[edit] Books and tapes

Jack Chick also publishes books, some of them written by himself and some of them by other authors. He reprinted a bunch of old out of print anti-Catholic books by Avro Manhattan[6] and Charles Chiniquy, two books allegedly about "Satanism" by Rebecca Brown, and is the main publisher of fringe anti-rock & roll crusader Jeff Godwin, who is so extreme he even thinks Christian Rock is Satanic. Chick published the The Collapse of Evolution by Scott Huse and How Life Began by Thomas Heinze.

Chick's self-authored books include: The Next Step: For Growing Christians, The Last Call: A Revival Handbook, the anti-Catholic rant Smokescreens, and the long out of print collector's item A Solution To[sic]...The Marriage Mess. All the books by Chick are in the same cartoon style as his tracts and comic books.

He also released a few cassette tapes. Two of them are "Let's Take A Stand" and "Smokescreens"[7], where you get to hear Jack Chick's actual voice rambling on about the "whore of Babylon". The other was "Closet Witches", featuring Rebecca Brown and "Elaine" exposing the witchcraft conspiracy to infiltrate your local First Baptist Church, and what good Christians can do to spot and root out these dangerous infiltrators.

Chick publishes on his website an essay (in addition to many more works) by ex-Satanist/Witch/Mormon/Mason/Roman Catholic/Druid/Vampire/Ninja/Pirate[8][9] William Schnoebelen, in which Schnoebelen explains why Dungeons and Dragons is demonic, and claims that the Necronomicon and Cthulhu mythos are both real.[10]

[edit] Themes

Jack Chick likes to portray sinners as bears hirsute and obese. This one looks like it was drawn by Tom of Finland Fred Carter.

Most of his work follows a standard formula generally involving a highly caricatured straw man version of an atheist, Jew, Catholic, homosexual or some other "sinner". Average Joes/Janes who are completely ignorant of even the basic tenets of Christianity despite living in the western world also frequently show up ("who's this Jesus guy I keep hearing about?"). These ne'er–do–wells then get theologically pwned by either a clean-cut kid who just fell out of a 1950s sitcom or a little old church lady. The sinner then either repents, generally losing whatever worldly position they had as a result, or ignores the proselytizing and ends up in the Lake of Fire, while the Christian kid/little old lady go on to eternal salvation. "Death is probably the most common event seen in Chick tracts, next to falling on the floor and reciting The Sinner's Prayer with a tear drop of sincerity."[11]

Occasionally he presents a "historical" tract, but the aforementioned crackers (whoops!) characters are still often used to introduce the story/rant.

[edit] Anti-Catholicism

Around 1980, Chick discovered King James Only and anti-Catholicism and published several more Crusader comics blaming the Catholic Church for everything from communism, Satanism and human sacrifice to the American Civil War, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy and finally the Holocaust (which was somehow also the fault of the evolutionists). Several of his early titles: Why No Revival?, The Beast, The Last Generation, have been extensively revised from their original versions, mostly to incorporate Chick's anti-Catholicism into the later editions.

Chick appears to think that the Roman Catholic Church is part of a satanist conspiracy to overthrow God's reign on earth. Or...something.[12] His claims about the Jesuits, for instance, include that they were responsible for the creation of the Qur'an, they tutored Karl Marx, started the Soviet Union and even got the Tsar's gold as a reward.[13] Jesuits controlled the Gestapo and were responsible for the Holocaust, and somehow this is being deliberately withheld from the American people because of the seemingly infinite influence of the Catholic Church on the media.[14]

[edit] Spiritual warfare

Occasionally, the tracts will feature "spiritual warfare", where angels and demons manipulate real world events to battle over people's souls.[15] In an effort to stay biblically accurate, Chick draws Satan with stereotypical devil horns and a pitchfork. According to Chick, Satan's hobbies include murdering teenagers with chainsaws[16] and watching corny sitcoms[17] and developing rock music.[18] [19] Also, Satan knows very little about biblical prophecy.[20]

Chick apparently also believes in creepy Caribbean voodoo-style magic, since he can use it to bash Catholics.[21]

WHO WILL BE EATEN FIRST? - complete with misuse of "your" in place of "you're"

Several Chick comics dealing with rock music, witchcraft, or Dungeons & Dragons end with a book burning during which the new convert burns their D&D materials, astrology books, Ouija boards, rock music, and Satanic books ("including Tolkien and C. S. Lewis").

[edit] Dialogue

The dialogue in his tracts often lapses into incoherent attempts at using slang or sounding hip:

  • "Haw haw — hey guys, this is the dirtiest story I've ever heard!"[22]
  • "Adam blew it! Temptation came and we all went down the tubes."[23]
  • "The environment will go crazy."[24]
  • "Talk about dumb. That was it!"[25]
  • "Hey friend, remember all those things you told me? You were wrong — you goofed!"[26]
  • "And then it hit the fan."[27]
  • Hey! there's an old nut outside-preaching the gospel! Let's go give him the Business. Haw! Haw! Haw![28]

[edit] Rewarding bad people, punishing good people

Chick routinely places heavy emphasis on the importance of accepting the Holy Spirit in contrast to worldly actions such as charity, benevolence and hospitality, usually resulting in situations where the most noble and honorable fellows end up being flung to Hell for eternity, while murderers, rapists and other convicts are rewarded with entry to Heaven thanks to an eleventh-hour salvation,[29][30] or are miraculously allowed to live.[31]

Jack Chick also seems to delight greatly in images of naked bodies being thrown into lakes of fire by angels. Often these are the trimmer, better-looking sinners in the tracts, not the fat, ugly, bald Jewish-nosed ones.

In the same vein as rewarding bad people while punishing good people, Chick has good people go to Hell, where they are gleefully tortured by demons and even the devil, who seem to derive great joy from torturing people. So in effect demons and the devil, who are by definition worse than any human sinner, get the pleasure of torturing those less evil than themselves.

[edit] Rape

Jack Chick's sickest tract is arguably Lisa, which has a disgusting enough start then progresses to one of the filthiest endings in history that makes Carrie[wp] look mild. It is now unavailable in print and isn't on either, for some reason. However, the blog Jack Chick's Funnnybook Gospel has it archived with their own commentary, and we have a scanned copy of it for perusal: pages (1), (2), (3), (4). You have to read this thing to believe it. Remember: raping your children is fine as long as you accept Jesus as your personal savior! And it only takes 10 minutes! The tract was also the inspiration for the punk rock narrative "Lisa's Father (Waka Baby)" by the punk band Alice Donut. The narrator of the piece begins by saying he was handed the tract by a door-to-door evangelist.

Trust Me, which still is available on[32], is almost as sick, depicting a brutal rape as lowbrow comedy.

[edit] Other religions

Jack Chick attacks some religions for supposedly promoting animal sacrifice, apparently blissfully ignorant of the Bible's cases where God called for animal sacrifices many times.[33] God even called for the sacrifice of a human being at least once, and Jephtha's daughter actually was sacrificed, with God's approval or at least without rebuke: see Jephthah vs. Ammonites.

Chick also attacked Islam at least once for encouraging parents to use corporal punishment to discipline their children, despite the fact that one of his earlier tracts (Bad Bob) upheld corporal punishment as the right way to raise a Christian child, quoting Proverbs 13:24 (loosely rendered as "spare the rod, spoil the child" in modern times).

Chick's seemingly pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist views in Love the Jewish People (first published under the patronizing title Support Your Local Jew) have to be contrasted with Where's Rabbi Waxman?, a tract asserting that Jews will go to Hell if they don't accept Jesus--most Jews would consider this message tantamount to demanding that they fundamentally renounce their Jewishness. His Zionism becomes downright sinister when viewed with his promotion of barely-disguised anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in some of the Crusader comics series (complete with citations to conspiracy theorist Des Griffin, and to Alberto Rivera's claims that the Vatican invented Zionism). This could be because the Third Temple must be built to bring about the Apocalypse in Christianity, which will only be possible if the Al-Aqsa Mosque is destroyed and the Temple Mount is taken by Israel, as the site of Solomon's Temple, where it must be built, is now the third-holiest site in Islam. A sort of symbiotic relationship has spawned between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Jews because of this. [34]

Finally, Chick links non-Christianity with violence towards and abuse of children, while not commenting on the fact that God commanded His "chosen people" to go into the land of Canaan and kill every person in it, even unto the children and the babes in arms.

[edit] Revisions

In addition to adding anti-Catholic content, Chick has a long history of revising his tracts either to add more recent events or to bowdlerize the more controversial tracts. Support Your Local Jew was reissued as Jeopardy and then as Love the Jewish People. That Crazy Guy, originally about gonorrhea, was changed to make it about herpes, then changed again to AIDS. Escape!, a circa-1970 tract about overpopulation and environmentalism which suggests that the only solution of pollution is...drumroll please...The Rapture, was later reissued as The Great Escape and updated to include AIDS and the first Gulf War. The Bull, about a convict who finds Christ in prison, originally depicted him using foul language even after he got saved. This has been removed from the current version, but it hasn't been bowdlerized enough to stop him from saying things like "now shut up or I'll break your legs" while preaching. Dark Dungeons had a controversial claim that the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were "satanic" removed from later editions. Dark Dungeons has also been changed to remove a reference to Acts 2:38; Chick apparently finally discovering that verse is a dog whistle for Jesus-only baptism theology considered heresy by evangelicals. Spellbound? originally had 8-track tapes on the cover, later changed to cassettes, then to compact discs on the current version.

[edit] Adapted for black audiences

Chick Publications also offers a series of patronizing tracts intended for black audiences,[35] many of which are regular Chick tracts but with new artwork with Black casts (sometimes the faceless God is literally shaded) and different titles. Examples: Hi There! became Wassup?, A Love Story became Who Loves You?, Best Friends became Soul Sisters, Charlie's Aunts became Kura's Ants, Tiny Shoes became Sneakers, Somebody Goofed became Oops!, and This Was Your Life became It's Your Life! (for men) and Your Big Moment (for women). One exception to this is the 1977 tract Soul Story (out of print but available in custom order or for reading on-line). This tract almost comes across as a script for a Christian blaxploitation film. Complete with a criminal kingpin named Leroy Brown (presumably the baddest man in the whole damn town) who is freed from prison due to a legal technicality and seeks to resume his operations, and characters speaking hopelessly outdated slang ("You stupid jive turkey!"), the story eventually ends with Leroy being led to Jesus as he bleeds to death after an ambush shooting.

[edit] The Last Generation

It is particularly amusing when one of Chick's older tracts is updated as what little coherence and sanity the tract originally had goes right out the window. Nothing illustrates this more then the The Last Generation. The original 1972 tract (which can be seen via mouse over at the Boolean Union Tract Dissection of the tract, which also features a very slightly older version of the 1992 tract) involved a sort of 1984 meets Soylent Green world with food shortages so bad that people have hunted their pet dogs and cats to extinction, rolling blackouts (that do not affect your "government controlled TV sets"), a world where a glass of reclaimed water was $5.60 a glass, and there are "reports cannibalism in the major cities, massive starvation, and uncontrolled crime".

The rewrite jettisons huge hunks of Chick's original text, making "The Last Generation" incredibly incoherent while retaining most of the paranoia of the original. The black helicopters and free drugs and torture from the original are retained but the programming of people's minds is replaced with microchips to increase the pain; little Bobby's classmates' calling Bobby "trash" because his parents being the only ones married was changed to calling him "slime" because his parents were still married (and straight); the extinction of dogs and cats is replaced with them being sacrifices for Halloween; Bobby calls his grandfather an "intolerant jerk!" rather than a liar or an "old crud"; and the Healer (still dressed in something that looks like a cross between a wetsuit and a KKK uniform) now becomes a "famous New Age healer". However some of the key parts of the original were totally thrown out: the hint that all of this is about 40 years from the foundation of Israel or 1988; the idea that a college questionnaire would ask about the second coming of Jesus and the answer put into a computer; and then there is the ending which has the Arabs along with Russia and her satellites all attack Israel...signalling the beginning of WWIII. If that wasn't enough some of the panels are extreme closeups of the original tract, giving the current version an uneven look.

If the original version was just slightly over the top, the current version, even for Jack Chick, is waaaay out there. It is strange that the 1992 rewrite did not include something about WWIII happening especially as it seemed geared to cash in on the militia movement paranoia.

It seems that if Chick is the one who rewrote this then even before the 1996 stroke his hold on reality was slipping. Yes, the original was over the top but it was at least somewhat coherent. The 1992 version isn't even that.

[edit] Legality

[edit] Copyright violation

In another example of double-standardism, though not of a religious type, Jack Chick frequently violates other people's copyrights and uses materials copyrighted by other parties, yet routinely threatens those who satirize his work with copyright infringement suits. One glaring example was his violation of TSR's copyright of D&D.

[edit] Slander

In the USA, Jack Chick's tracts are largely legal under the First Amendment of the Constitution, although some tracts may have been cause for slander and/or libel suits, such as "Dark Dungeons" which could have led to a lawsuit from TSR if they had chosen to file one. He has also used material that violates the copyrights associated with "Family guy" and "Bewitched". However, in many nations such as Canada, a few Chick tracts are illegal under various hate speech and defamation laws,[36][37] and they are considered seditious in Singapore.[38]

[edit] Harry Potter

One tract in particular, which deals with the subject of Witchcraft, managed to land Chick into trouble. In this particular tract, the main character is warned of the dangers of Satanism, and Witchcraft—with the "Pastor" (A common character in the publications) claiming that things like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Harry Potter, teach children how to practice magic. Shortly after this publication, which had originally only contained the reference to Dungeons and Dragons, was updated to include Harry Potter, Chick was hit with a lawsuit for copyright infringement and a cease and desist order from Time Warner (the holders of the Harry Potter rights at the time). As a result of this, and an undisclosed settlement, future versions of the tract were modified to include the "TM" or "Trade Mark" symbol after the name Harry Potter. However, unmodified versions of the tract are still available, making them rather valuable for collectors.

Yes, people actually collect these things.

[edit] Factuality

[edit] Questionable source material

Jack Chick is notorious for using questionable and just plain ludicrous "testimonies" as source material. Some (Rivera, Todd, and Brown) were since exposed as frauds, but Chick continues to publish those tracts and comics:

[edit] Big Daddy

Many claims that have non-scripture references are questionable at best, misleading, and in some cases flat-out false.

Take Big Daddy? (2002), an atheist professor myth story where Kent Hovind is used for a reference. It is bad enough that Hovind has no degrees from an accredited institution in the relevant fields, that the thesis referred to is of very poor quality, and that his claims are at odds with the published statements of experts in the field, but he compounds the insanity by claiming "It has never been against the law to teach the Bible or creation in public schools." The first part of that statement was false even in 1972 (when the first version of the tract was printed) as Abington Township School District v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) declared school-sponsored reading of the Bible to be unconstitutional (i.e. against the law). The second part become untrue per Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 U.S. 578 (1987) when the Supreme Court ruled that Creationism was specifically intended to advance a particular religion and therefore violated the establishment clause. It has been shown that the 1992 version did not have this Bible or creation in public schools reference at all and the claims regarding the various states of man (which did not have Lucy but is otherwise identical to the 2002 version) were credited to The Collapse of Evolution by Scott Huse.

In fact, Big Daddy? is presented in the Columbia University Press book Evolution: what the fossils say and why it matters as a "typical of the genre" example of just how "misleading and dishonest" creationist presentations are. The examples of the "deceptive and misleading" distortions, misrepresentation, and fabrications presented in that work regarding Big Daddy are "Nebraska Man" (the misinterpretation of which was corrected after only a year and whose existence was debated from the beginning[40]), "New Guinea Man" (which is actually Homo sapiens), and the implication that "Cro-magnon" man was viewed as different from Homo sapiens[41] Many of these points are reiterated in the satire tract Who's Your Daddy?

[edit] There Go the Dinosaurs

Sometimes things get worse when Chick doesn't use any non-scripture references. Here even the most basic knowledge of the subject matter can rip the tract to shreds.

For example, in There Go the Dinosaurs (2007) it is claimed that the flood wiped out most of the plants, reducing the amount of oxygen available to the dinosaurs, making them lethargic resulting in them being killed off (under the name "dragons"). What is particularly bad here is that even the How and Why Wonder book Dinosaurs (1960) acknowledged that not all dinosaurs were big — Archaeopteryx discovered in 1861 is about the size of a modern chicken, Velociraptor discovered in 1923 is the size of a small dog, and Deinonychus discovered in 1931 is roughly man-sized. By that logic (and we use the word very loosely) presented we should have Archaeopteryx eggs at the supermarket and be taking our Velociraptors out for walks. Basic knowledge from a children's book over 50 years old… and Chick doesn't know it.

Still No Revival? (2011) continues Chick's commenting on the Inquisition while ignoring the fact that the Protestants of that time were no better during the English Reformation.[42] Chick seems to ignore the fact that the King/Queen of England is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England which wrote the King James Bible.

[edit] It's Coming!

It's Coming! features an atheist whose ideology is entirely reversed by 5 minutes of conversation on a couch in a storm. It contains the creationist arguments the Flood explains seashells on mountains, a vapor canopy existed, the Flood explains geologic columns, and the evolution conspiracy.

[edit] Biblicality

If that is not bad enough Chick flubs researching passages in the KJV of the Bible itself.

[edit] Whore of Babylon

In Are Roman Catholics Christians? (1985) claims that the Roman Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon which is awkward when you get to Revelation 18:20Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her. If that is not enough Revelation 18:24 reiterates — And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

As Catholic Answers correctly points out, the prophets predate Jesus and the apostles were the 12 original followers of Jesus and therefore the Whore of Babylon is a representation of something that had existed up to the first century, i.e. before the Roman Catholic Church formally existed and therefore cannot be the Roman Catholic Church.[43]

[edit] Good works

Chick also likes to claim that good works are not the way into Heaven; he fails to explain those passages (like Psalm 62:12, Jeremiah 17:10, Romans 2:5-6, Matthew 16:27, Matthew 25:41-46, Luke 10:26-28, James 2:17, and Revelation 20:12-13) which state that good works are required for salvation. It gets really bizarre when Chick points out one part of the Bible and ignores the adjacent passages that totally undermine the very point he is raising. For example, in The Chaplain Chick refers to Matthew 25:41 while ignoring Matthew 25:42-46 showing that good works are a requirement. So, he cites the following:

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: (Matthew 25:41) (what Chick cites)

But look at what Chick omits:

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. (Matthew 25:42-46)

This lack of crosschecking research gets really bizarre when you compare tracts. Take Flight 144 (1998) and Somebody Goofed (2002) for example. In Flight 144 Chick has a character state "The Bible says that good works can't save anyone" but in Somebody Goofed Chick has a reference that simply says "**Rev 20:12-15". Well here is the King James version of that reference, with some boldface added for emphasis:

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." (Revelation 20:12-15)

So Chick provides a reference to a passage that contradicts a claim made by an earlier tract and the really ludicrous part is that both tracts are still in print.

[edit] Reactions

[edit] Dark Dungeons

A film based on Dark Dungeons was released in 2014. The movie was played straight, following the comic book closely with some expansion. Consequently, there is (predictably) some confusion about whether it is a parody or an unintentional parody.[44][45][46][47]

[edit] Computer animations

Two of Chick's tracts, The Sissy and Little Shoes, were made into rather simplified computer animations by Steve West (with Chick's permission), and are available for viewing on Chick's website, as well as purchase on DVD.

[edit] Parodies and satires

The recognizable style of Chick's comics has invited a number of parodies, such as the one pictured at right and a short webcomic by Steve Ellis and Fred van Lente,[48] both involving H.P. Lovecraft's god Cthulhu.

Some of the best parodies were done by Gamers, especially fans of Dungeons & Dragons, in response to his "Dark Dungeons" attack on D&D. In fact, one Open Gaming License fork of D&D is actually named Dark Dungeons; and just in case you thought the name was a coincidence, the example character at the beginning of the rules is Black Leaf, the same thief from the tract.[49]

There are also satires of Chick's comics such as Who's Your Daddy? (satirizing Big Daddy), Somebody Loves You?, (satirizing Somebody Loves You), and a number of parodies by Jim Huger of the Jack T. Chick Parody Archive including The Good, The Bad, and the Fundy (satirizing Gun Slinger), Dead To Rights (satirizing Last Rites), and This Is Your Death (satirizing This Was Your Life), that point out the errors in the tracts they are satirizing.

The 2006 film Hot Chicks[50] spoofs several Chick tracts, by reenacting them verbatim but changing the context to make them hilarious. The rock band in Angels? becomes an angst-ridden 1990s post-grunge act, and the "ex-gay" evangelist in Wounded Children is still so obviously gay that he cannot say "confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus" without being overly erotic when he says the "with your mouth" part.[51]

Comic book fans also get into the act, such as the Marvel comics themed parody Galactus Is Coming.

Comedian David Cross released a DVD entitled Let America Laugh in 2003. Each segment of the video shares a title with a Chick tract ("Gomez Is Coming", "Is There Another Christ?", "This Was Your Life", etc.). For the record, Cross is an atheist.

A Kickstarter project called "RPGs are Evil — Dark Dungeons: The Movie" was started by a man named JR Ralls, out of Portland, Oregon. The project was successfully funded and is in the process of being filmed, having raised over 200% of its $12,500 goal.[52] The film is set to release on August 14th, and is notable for having the approval of Chick.[53]

[edit] Fandom

Some Jack Chick fandom publications exist from people who generally enjoy the art and surreal fantasy of Jack Chick's tracts and comics. An apt comparison may be made to William Blake[wp], the admirably insane British artist of the late 18th/early 19th century whose views on religion eventually bloomed into his own highly surreal illustrated poems. Kurt Kuersteiner has published a book on Chick and produced a movie ("God's Cartoonist"). Chick tracts and comics are also sold and distributed by comic fans for enjoyment, as well as by the fundamentalists who distribute the tracts for evangelism. Kristi Harrison of, who was raised in a born-again household, is one such fan, comparing Chick's mindset to that of "a crazy 8-year-old cherry-picking the parts of late-night HBO movies that he caught glimpses of when his babysitter thought he wasn't looking", and mourns the thought of them going away and depriving people of that entertainment value.[54] A group of gamers also got together to create a live-action, dead-serious film adaptation of Dark Dungeons[55], raising $25,000 on Kickstarter and choosing to deliberately not do it as a parody because there's no way they could've made it funnier than the real thing.[56]

There is even a "Chick Tract Club" devoted to collectors of the tracts (who refer to themselves as "Chicklets").[57]

[edit] Most popular

Islamists, Biker Satanists, North Koreans, Overly-Clichéd Halloween Witches, Angry Asian Secularists and Darwinists pointing at dog bones. They all want you dead.[58]

The all time best seller of these is This Was Your Life!, in which a pipe-smoking, up-scale man of about mid-1960s vintage -- who looks like he is the epitome of Playboy Magazine's target audience -- dies and finds his entire life played back to him on judgement day. Adultery! Fornication! Foul language! Drinking! Disbelief in Jesus! God then casts this sinner into the Lake of Fire. (Oh, and since Chick Tracts are translated into 100+ languages,[59] Americans shouldn't be surprised if they see ¡Esta Fue Tu Vida! available at many of the finer coin laundries and public restroom stalls in their area, or आपका जीवन ऎसा था!, 你的一生! and 이것이 당신의 삶이었습니다! sitting just inside the doors of Asian grocery marts, complete with racial equivalent protagonists (also note the narrowing of the eyes between the two Far East Asian versions). Even Esperantists shouldn't be surprised if they find a copy of Jen Via Tuta Vivo! among the brochures at their next convention.[60]) As with many Chick tracts, the same story is available in patronizing female and ethnic variants: It's Your Life, You Have a Date, Your Big Moment, and so on. In 2014, Chick released yet another version of the tract, Your Best Life, aimed directly at Muslims.

[edit] Other tracts

1960s: (paranoid right-wing view of the 1960s counterculture)

  • Bewitched?: A hippie girl into LSD, Ouija boards, astrology and all the other usual bad hippie occult stuff being won to Christ just in time as she is dying in a hospital from an LSD flashback.
  • The Poor Revolutionist: New Left revolutionaries overthrow the government only to find that the new Marxist regime they helped bring to power has them early on the list for mass executions.


  • Creator or Liar?: An oversimplified presentation of the gospel.
  • The Sissy?: Two truck drivers who think Jesus was a sissy because he turned the other cheek being scared straight by a giant Christian truck driver at a truck stop diner.
  • A Demon's Nightmare: Spiritual warfare in the life of a new convert.
  • The Mad Machine: One of the few Chick tracts that is supposed to be humorous that actually is (stopped clock in effect here - the tract is an attack on 1970s psychotherapy fads).


  • The Death Cookie is an attack on the Roman Catholic Mass. The cookie refers to the communion wafer, which is, according to the tract, a trick devised by the devil to get people to worship a cookie as God. Each communion wafer is depicted as having a "demon" behind it because it is an idol.
  • Angels?: Anti-Christian rock and depicts a Christian rock band finding that in order to be commercially successful they have to sign their souls over to their manager, Lew Siffer. They give up their Christian idealism for fame, fortune, and writing hit songs like "Embrace Me, Love Of Death". Under Siffer's management, their concerts have actual demons coming out of their loudspeakers, and the members of the band soon find themselves with AIDS or dabbling in vampirism, until one of them reads a Chick tract found in his pocket, realizes he has been duped, and repents of involvement in rock music.
  • Dark Dungeons: is anti-Dungeons and Dragons and depicts a high school girl being led into Wicca by her group's dungeon master, who felt she was ready to cast real spells due to "the intense occult training" D and D provided. She casts spells on her father to make him buy her more D and D materials, but becomes alarmed and wants out after one of her friends commits suicide. She visits an evangelist's revival meeting where she is encouraged to turn her life over to Jesus and to bring her Dungeons and Dragons books that evening for a book burning.
  • Wounded Children: So bad that Chick himself recalled it![61] promotes the ex-gay movement; among other ridiculous things it has a young man becoming homosexual after finding his father's heterosexual pornography collection, which causes him to fall under the influence of demons who lead him into "masturbation and sexual fantasy" and convince him he is a girl in a boy's body. (Yes, Chick confuses homosexuals with transsexuals, but that is among the least of the problems with his writing.) He grows up and heads for the gay neighborhood of the city which is depicted as a sleazy ghetto of bars, gay baths, and back-alley porno shops. Becoming disillusioned with the "gay lifestyle", he is approached by an "ex-gay" evangelist in a gay bar who leads him to Jesus. The incredibly homophobic (and slightly homo-erotic) tract is out of print, and not even available on, but a (comically) narrated version of the tract has been posted on YouTube, and the pages from it are available, with commentary, on the blog "Enter the Jabberwock".[61] Apparently, Wounded Children was quite controversial. Fred Carter outdid himself with pure homo-erotica in the artwork - even the demons look like the epitome of homomasculinity - and Chick has gone back to publishing more conventional anti-gay attacks like Doom Town and The Gay Blade.


  • That's Baphomet? (originally The Curse of Baphomet) has a boy attempting suicide. Instead of maybe, you know, getting some counseling for the poor kid, a Christian friend convinces his parents that their being Masons and Shriners has brought "witchcraft" into their home and caused their son's condition. They burn all their lodge-related paraphernalia and the son miraculously recovers.

[edit] Prime targets

[edit] Lesser targets

[edit] Conspicuously missing from that list

  • Scientology. One would think he would have done an anti-Scientology tract by now, but surprise!, he has not. Of course, this is probably a good thing, since he would most likely claim Scientology like everything else is an invention of the Roman Catholic Church. Still, it's quite odd he hasn't touched that subject at all. Maybe he fears a lawsuit from the CO$...that they could win.
  • Eastern Orthodox Church. Although Russians and Greeks are mentioned now and then, their denomination is never brought into consideration, although many of their customs and traditions are very similar those of the "pagan" Catholic church: gradual salvation, rituals, priests, monks, mass, sacraments, "idolatry" icons, "worship" of Mary and Saints, Inspired Holy Church fathers etc. One would think that Orthodoxy belongs to the Roman Catholic system (no mention of the Great Schism is ever made) but on the other hand they are also an enemy of the Catholic Church, so better leave them out. Although it's more likely that Chick's worldview is so narrow that he doesn't even notice the difference.
  • Japanese Animation and Manga. Considering his contempt for non-western cultures, you would think that Chick would have written a comic decrying the dangers of Japanese animation by now...or at the least taken a potshot at perennial favorite target Pokémon.
  • Lighthouses. Just as phallic as obelisks. Where is Chick on the phallic lighthouse menace?
  • Shrimp. Surely Chick could find the time to alert the world to the fact that God hates shrimp.
  • Despite the use of computers, Jack Chick has yet to create a tract attacking video games, particularly the ones similar to Dungeons & Dragons' genre such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars (that's probably a good thing as well since he would do some sort of Satanic conspiracy theory on video games)[99].
  • Linux and open source. Are the Jesuits behind this nefarious plot to undermine Microsoft and America? Is it all a Vatican plot? Chick hasn't weighed in on this important question yet.
  • Nazis. Not entirely true, he has a lot of material seemingly anti-Nazi, but he always blames the Vatican for them. Sort of made worse in that one of his tracts that "uncovers" a Vatican conspiracy that blames them for the Holocaust, he uses the enormously poor phrase "those poor Nazis", when talking about how the Vatican left them holding the bag on that one. His book Smokescreens has a chapter on Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco as the Vatican's trinity of dictators with Father Coughlin the Vatican's pro-fascist voice in the U.S. He does have yet to publish anything critical of Nazism in its own right without using it as a cover for his anti-Catholicism. It should go with mention that even here he is at least closer to the truth than Pope Benedict was in blaming Nazism on atheists.
  • Star Trek. Come on, Jackie boy! A series that has a guy with pointed ears and arched eyebrows being portrayed as a good person just has to be the work of Satan! Also the show encourages respecting the beliefs of other cultures and even endorses a policy forbidding pushing the Christian religion onto non-Christian cultures. And the show has made some comments critical of religion ("We all create God in our own image" in Star Trek I, for instance). Why no hate for this?
  • Star Wars. Oh, come on! The Force has to be satanic as it's about people having a supernatural power on their own that does not come from God. Plus those lightsabers are awfully phallic...
  • Furries. Conventions of grown adults walking around in animal costumes? Certainly Jack can find some occultic plot in that!
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church. You would think a religious movement having a prophet whose "visions" are treated as coming from God and which have influenced the theology would be viewed as suspicious and even heretical...maybe excepted if the anti-Catholic sector of this church is also buying tracts.

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  • Dead to Rites (Satire of "Last Rights")
  • Somebody Loves You?
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Fundy (Satire of "Gun Slinger with some other tracts thrown in")
  • Borer, Michael Ian and Adam Murphree: 'Framing Catholicism: Jack Chick's Anti-Catholic Cartoons and the Flexible Boundaries of the Culture Wars', Religion and American Culture, vol. 18:1, pp. 95–112

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