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2015 Los Angeles UFO scare

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The 2015 Los Angeles UFO scare occurred around 6 pm on the night of November 7, 2015, when an unarmed Trident missile from USS Kentucky, a submarine, flew over Los Angeles and disintegrated. The light from the missile was originally thought to be a comet/meteor or UFO [1] What people saw was caused by the second stage separation of the missile, creating a blue-green gas cloud behind it. The missile was part of an organized test conducted by the US Navy. During the test period, air traffic was diverted around Los Angeles Airport, presumably so that a missile wouldn't accidentally hit a plane, although the reason for the "secret" closing of the airspace became clearer when the missile was shot[2]. The Orange County[3] and Los Angeles Sheriff[4] Departments both stated that the event was not worthy of calling 911, due to it not causing danger to anyone. Despite the quite quick responses from the Pentagon to the news reports, Raëlians and UFOlogists are probably already hard at work creating loads of conspiracy theories about the event, e.g. that it was the second coming of Jesus/another Roswell Event/proof that the Illuminati controls the government.