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Hanson's drawing of the Goetic demon Sitri. "It is obvious that Sitri is telling us something that he thinks is important", observes James Donahue. "But what is this message?"[1][note 1]
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Aaron C. Hanson, born Aaron C. Donahue, is an alleged remote viewer who claims to be able to see and talk to aliens. He is the son of the equally nutty James Donahue and former student of Ed Dames and Jonina Dourif. Not to be confused with Arin Hanson, creator of web-series Game Grumps and somewhat more stable person.[2]


According to James Donahue, the angels of Judeo-Christian belief are actually a race of bat-like aliens from the constellation of Orion.[3] These creatures allegedly live in a spaceship hidden above Earth and hope to control mankind. Angels are not Earth's only alien visitors: James Donahue claims that the planet has also paid host to Anunnaki, Pleiadians, Lumarians, Triads and the "keepers on Earth who hold the answers."[3] He describes angels as "tall, skinny things that remind me of bats when I go out of my body and look at them."[4] Both Hanson and his father have claimed to have been abducted by aliens.[5] Hanson went on to claim, ”It is true that my father, his father, and I were abducted and that the manipulation occurred at puberty. In my case, I recall the incident in 1973. There have been other more recent incidents concerning our future, instructions, and technology.”[6] After the Donahue family visited the Hopi Reservation, James Donahue went on to claim his own son to be the Hopi Pahana.[7]

Hanson says that the teachings of Jesus were perverted after his death by his followers at the behest of these alien angels: Paul's vision of the resurrected Christ was, in fact, an angel in disguise, while the disciples became possessed by angels. Christianity, then, is part of the angels' plot to take over the world, masterminded ultimately by a member of the alien race who masquerades as God.[8] Hanson describes angels as "four-dimensional parasites within a collective intelligence," that "seem involved with every major religion with the expressed purpose of influencing human sexual relations."[9] Hanson believes possession by angels is behind the "Miami Zombie" killing and other incidents of human cannibalism.[10][11][12] According to Hanson, all women are possessed by angels from birth: "[Angels] remain attached to women for life, if the woman is not made aware of her possession and acts to repel it."[13] In an anti-Semitic tirade, Hanson claimed that the angelic problem would not exist if Hitler had won World War II and successfully exterminated the Jewish people.[14] According to Hanson, President George W. Bush was the Antichrist predicted by Nostradamus and was possessed by an Angel that “is most associated with a programmed system of belief that precludes the reality of Armageddon.”[15][16]

Another belief held by Hanson's father is that all the world's governments and financial institutions are controlled by a giant psychic dragon-like creature that lives under the Vatican and is responsible for all wars throughout recorded history.[17]

In Hanson's cosmology, the figures traditionally seen as demons are in fact benign entities. Lucifer, for example, created the human race by genetically engineering primates, an event subsequently mythologised as the Biblical story of Eden.[18] Hanson created a cult inspired by his remote viewing "data" and his past membership in the Ordo Templi Orientis; he named this cult the "Luciferian Order."[19][20][21] Hanson claimed to have met L. Ron Hubbard,[22] founder of the Church of Scientology, and once said “he, like Hubbard, brought secrets from the O.T.O. and that they are the foundation of both the Church of Scientology and the Luciferian movement.”[23] Hanson called for a gathering of cult members to join him in Hancock, MI and called it "a most exciting opportunity for those of our kind to live in fellowship as neighbors."[24] The most important part of Hanson's Luciferian Order is the “Eleven Earthly Queens of Lucifer” described as the "most Holy Women on Planet Earth."[25][26][27] Past cult members have admitted that missing persons reports have been filed after the “Eleven Earthly Queens of Lucifer” disconnected from their families.[28][29][30] Hanson has issued death threats against the families of cult members, most notably during a May 2007 show he threatened to kill the brother of Heather Hansen, a victim of the cult's domestic violence[31] and a member of the “Eleven Earthly Queens of Lucifer.”[32] After all Hanson believes, “familial relationships beyond the development of our secondary sexual characteristics are pathological in nature.”[33] Ms. Hansen appeared in a “Telepathy Demonstration” video with Hanson five years later.[34] According to Hanson, women must wake up and join the Primary 11 or go extinct[35][36][37][38][39][40][41] James Donahue warns, "if she does not learn to behave herself and give her man the love he craves, the woman is in danger of becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs."[42] Hanson’s cult developed an obsession with Saddam Hussein after Donahue promoted the idea of Saddam Hussein being Mabus who is killed by President George W. Bush, the Antichrist.[43] Hanson’s sister asked cult members on her blog to “please help and put some mental energy into stopping this execution”; cult members poured into the blog after the execution expressing grief.[44][45] Hanson posted the video of the execution on his website Voice of Lucifer.[46] At the height of all of this insanity, Hanson infused his cult with Imamiyyah Shia extremism. Hanson began proselytizing this radical form of Islam, claimed to have contact with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and called for his radio show listeners to pray for the Supreme Leader of Iran.[47][48][49][50][51][52] Hanson is awaiting the return of the Imamiyyah Mahdi, who "will world rule the majority of Muslims for a period of seven years, three months, and nine days."[53] Hanson's charlatan panhandling seems to suggest that his cult is broke; in one show he told his audience, "If you have an extra dime and can send it, do that. If you have ten million dollars to donate, you need to send it."[54] Hanson's parents were at one point "paying all the bills and making house payments so he can live comfortably."[55] Hanson has demanded financial support in the past, he threatened in 2005 to "no longer allow the spirit to enter the body to tell you what you need to know about the future."[56] Chad Sharpe, business partner of Hanson, accused the cult of vandalism after a family dispute.[57][58][59] According to Hanson's mother, he is currently in possession of stolen firearms.[60] One person commented, “If he comes to you and your parents, I am afraid he is capable of murder.”[61]

As early as 2005, the cult began engaging in fraud schemes involving non-existent merchandise and a fortune-telling[62] school called Psiomni, LLC.[63] Hanson used this fraudulent business to perpetrate a non-delivery of merchandise scheme[64] by asking his audience to send in money for products and services that did not exist.[65][66][67] Hanson announced the release of instructional CDs which, he promised, would give customers the ability to “use the skills they learn to see lottery numbers, crack codes and understand probabilities of future events.”[68] Hanson called the books “vital to many people for their very survival in coming months.”[69] Hanson blamed the delay of 34 publications on a glitch, but continued to collect money for book orders.[70] Psiomni, LLC began to advertise that training in online “remote viewing” classes would “allow the graduates to win simple lotteries almost daily, and acquire enough they can be financially independent from their enslaving jobs.”[71][72] Hanson also published a cult propaganda newsletter titled the “Voice of Lucifer.”[73][74] One of Hanson’s managers,[75] Todd T. Kohen, also known by his online moniker DragonKloud, reveres Hanson and has made extraordinary claims about Hanson’s psychic abilities. Kohen remarked, “[Hanson] is the only psychic to have an exact and totally accurate hit rate. 100% of all of his predictions have come true.”[76] After Kohen became the host of Hanson’s online radio show, he created the “Luciferian Remote Viewing Group” with the following description: “The Luciferian Remote Viewing Group (or LRVG) was created on August 21, 2005 in responce to the sad fact that, of all the remote viewing groups in existence, not one of them represented Luciferianism. Additionally, none of these remote viewing groups knew of or promoted PAN, the Practical Application of Non-historical data. PAN has rendered remote viewing obsolete. Remote viewing once was considered mankinds greatest technology. This is no longer true. PAN exceeds remote viewing in all of its previous forms. PAN is powerful, it is frightening, and it is the only hope survival. The future of our planet and our species depends on it. It is our duty, as tenders of our garden, to learn PAN and all these techniques to save humanity from itself. We must learn this from the Master. The only one who has been able to transcend Remote Viewing is Aaron C Donahue.”[77] Hanson and Kohen, formerly convicted of domestic violence,[78] created a fraudulent charity called the Luciferian Relief Fund with the stated mission of “providing relief and support for unfortunate women and children in times of need.”[79] In 2011, Hanson setup another fraudulent business named Hanson Controls[80] attempting to sell supplements and a refrigeration device called the “EconoControl.”[81][82]

Hanson could be described as an environmental extremist and believes that billions of people must die in order to save the planet. He and his father have promulgated racist overpopulation theories: "People in the Philippines, African nations, Mexico, and many other third world countries are literally propagating themselves to death."[83] As a supporter of eugenics,[84] Hanson has called the 2004 Tsunami a “cleansing of at least 200,000 human lives is a blessing upon us all.” He railed against any humanitarian aid from the United States and referred to countries of Southeast Asia as “nations of subhuman trogs, mudlings, and dog eating degenerates.”[85] On a 2006 radio show Hanson issued a failed prediction of an H5N1 pandemic and said, “this is good, we need massive human death.”[86] His sister Jennifer Sharpe was an advocate his environmental extremism and once wrote, “the killing of billions of people is a balancing, a cleansing of a grossly overpopulated Earth.”[87] Hanson has advocated the use of the hydrogen bomb to fulfil his misanthropic fantasies, “I strongly recommend the hydrogen bomb as an effective means to destroy most human life within a relatively short period of time.”[88] The cult authored a manifesto titled "Our Dying Planet and Human Extinction"[89] which expresses the group's environmental extremism.

Hanson’s services aren’t cheap: he demanded $2,000,000 to remote view the next terrorist attack and an additional $10,000,000 if he gets it right.[90][91] In 2001, Ed Dames and Hanson claimed that terrorists were targeting the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the terrorists were allegedly camping out in the Western United States with a mortar bomb.[92][93] Hanson later claimed that the FBI in California sent him a “letter of appreciation” for stopping the alleged attack.[94] Over the years he has repurposed “remote viewing” sketches to claim success after terrorist attacks. For example, Hanson repurposed the Diablo Canyon Power Plant “data” after the 2016 Berlin truck attack occurred and claimed, “the intended use of a large vehicle for the act of terrorism is shown.”[95] In 2002, he predicted the assassination of a Pentagon official and then repurposed the sketches claiming a successful prediction of the 2015 San Bernardino shootings.[96][97] Hanson ironically commented that the reuse of his sketches “would signify something new.”[98][99] There seems to be an ongoing and constant obsession with terrorism by Hanson, ranging from claims about the assassination of Pope Francis to revealing Iran’s biological weapons program.[100][101][102]

Additionally, Hanson offered to “remote view” the location of the remains of Stephanie Condon for $100,000.[103] In one gruesome publicity stunt, Hanson sketched out a scene of child molestation[104] and attempted to convince everyone he was using “remote viewing” to track down a child killer.[105][106] Hanson has also claimed to know the cure for HIV and burned it out of protest for lack of interest. He outrageously proclaimed, "when I see an AIDS patient suffering, I know that it was meant to be."[107]

Hanson supports eugenics and euthanasia for the elderly,[108] racist alien conspiracy theories,[109] anti-psychiatry,[110] anti-Vaxx[111][112] sterilization,[113][114] suicide,[115] and pines for death.[116][117] Can we get a 5150 and a nice heated rubber room for Mr. Hanson?

Suspect Zero and fall-out with Ed Dames[edit]

Reportedly, Hanson was to have had a small role in E. Elias Merhige's 2004 film Suspect Zero, which revolves around remote viewing and stars Ben Kingsley. Hanson would have portrayed a younger version of Kingsley's character, with Ed Dames playing his teacher. According to James Donahue, Hanson and Dames fell out after filming when Dames pocketed Hanson's payment for appearing on a Japanese TV show, and later smeared Hanson as a Satanist. James Donahue goes on to claim that all of Hanson's footage from the film was removed, and a new scene - showing Kingsley's character breaking down crying and converting to Christianity - was added. James Donahue calls this "a trap apparently set by Dames and Merhige designed to publicly insult and embarrass [Hanson]... a classic treachery by the angelic-driven lords of American media."[118] Hanson responded by placing a curse on both Dames and Merhige.[119][120]

"Who needs Hollywood when reality is so entertaining?" commented one reviewer.[119]


Hanson expressed a desire to run for president in 2012. His proposals included dissolving borders between Mexico, the US and Canada; creating an electronic currency that would be "embedded along with a world identification chip under the skin"; dissolving the US Constitution; moving all world power to Iran; permanently shutting off all street lamps around the world ("once the elderly are euthanized, there will be no more need for these and other sources of pollution"); abolishing all sporting activities; and, perhaps best of all, this:

Set the ultimate doomsday (mutually assured destruction) device upon the moon that would at least in theory, create tidal disruption altering life as we now know it here on earth. The threat of this would help ensure social cohesion during the coming troubled times of world unification. Placing several re-engineered neutron bombs upon the moon in key areas might be used to either split its core and/or alter its orbit enough to do the job. Iran’s Caliphate will alone hold the key.[121]

Hanson predicted the election of John Edwards in 2007,[122] John McCain in 2008,[123][124] Mitt Romney in 2012,[125] and Hillary Clinton in 2016.[126] As most frauds conveniently do Hanson changed his prediction to Donald Trump as the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election days before the election and uploaded a creepy YouTube video of pen scribbling, aka "remote viewing."[127] Many of his predictions have subsequently been shown as dead wrong. So, more "psychic" predictions fail. How shocking.

Hanson seems to really admire President Trump, using "remote viewing" he found that Trump is "a brilliant and heart-felt man that greatly values loyalty," and has "a strong neurological connection between the emotional part of his brain and his heart."[128]

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  1. Curiously, whether by accident or (unintentional?) design, the odd pose of Sitri bears a striking resemblance to the Hanged ManWikipedia tarot card from the Rider-Waite deckWikipedia (arguably, the best known of the various tarot deck designs).


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