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Ambassador Baptist College (ABC) is a fundamentalist Christian college in Lattimore, North Carolina. The college is Independent Baptist in tradition. Ambassador Baptist College was founded by evangelist Ron Comfort in 1989. The current campus is a former public school building that underwent significant renovations.[1] ABC offers live streams of their campus church sermons through a website known as "Sermon Audio".[2]

The school's doctrinal statement cements their fundamentalist ideology. They think that the King James Bible is the best translation, but bemoan the use of words with "modern day connotations" such as "charity", "conversation", and "gay". They firmly believe in pre-tribulation rapture. They declare Calvinism and ArminianismWikipedia to be "unbiblical", and state that there's no compromise with liberalism, ecumenicism, neo-evangelicalism, or the charismatic movement.Wikipedia The doctrinal statement is topped off by condemnation of homosexuality, fornication, and pornography, which they equate to bestiality, and as a parting shot they state that "any attempt to alter one’s gender by surgery or appearance" is disapproved by and forbidden by God.[3]


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As an independent Baptist institution, Ambassador Baptist College teaches Young Earth Creationism as literal fact. Evolutionary biology is completely rejected as is geology. Like other institutions of this grouping ABC is rabidly homophobic and transphobic. Anything considered liberal or leftist is frowned upon.[3][note 1] Music produced by the Ambassador music department is strictly Christian in nature.[4] ABC supports using the King James Bible exclusively; even if the King James Bible is not accurate.[5]


Ambassador Baptist College only offers church ministry training programs. Most of the undergraduate programs are segregated by gender. Graduate programs are not segregated by gender. Courses include Biblical studies, Christian education, missions, youth ministry, and music.[6] There are no science faculty or classes. Most of the staff and faculty have their credentials from Ambassador Bible College itself.[7] Students are also expected to do work in churches as part of earning their credentials. Churches include local and international Baptist churches.[8]


Ambassador Baptist College lacks any accreditation. The reason is that they believe accreditation of any sort would bring in "non-believers". ABC also believes that accreditation would create financial dependency on the United States government.[9][note 2][note 3]

Transfer of credits[edit]

ABC has very limited credit transfer due to lack of accreditation status. Accredited institutions that accept academic credits are other fundamentalist schools like Bethlehem College & Seminary, Crown College, Maranatha Baptist University, Maranatha Baptist University, LeTourneau University and Wheaton College. Secular schools and most religious schools don't accept credits from Ambassador.[10]

Famous Alumnus[edit]

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Gregory Locke, a far right preacher and election denialist, graduated with a biblical studies degree from ABC.[11] Pastor Locke has the dubious (dis)honor of promoting COVID-19 denialism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and being a supporter of the 2021 U.S. coup attempt. Gregory Locke also led a prayer at the capital on the day of the insurrection. His prayer helped begin the violence. He even hosted a book burning at his church; doesn't that sound familiar?[12] Greg Locke's antics are so bad that both liberals and conservatives were disgusted.[13]


  1. These idiots can't tell the difference between liberalism and leftism.
  2. There is a cost-benefit analysis here. Is it worth it, from the point of view of the Ambassador Baptist College, to receive accreditation at the cost of losing any semblance of "financial independence" and total control of ABC's curriculum?
  3. Ironically, an argument can be made that because it's the US government that mints currency in the first place, Ambassador Bible College can never truly be financially independent from the American government without inventing its own currency.


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