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Andersonville Theological Seminary is an unaccredited distance-learning institution that operates in Camillia, Georgia.[1] Their doctrinal leaning is Independent Baptist; it's safe to guess what their opinions about evolution, gays, transgender/non-binary people, and abortion are.

Statement of Faith[edit]

In the grand tradition of fundie schools everywhere, there is a statement of faith (because, why not).[2]


As one would expect, Andersonville's degree programs are intended for ministerial careers. Their undergraduate curriculum consists of an Associate's degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Theology (ThB), and a Bachelor of Ministry (BMin). The graduate curriculum consists of Master's degrees in Theology, Divinity, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Ministry, and Biblical Studies. Doctoral degrees are similar to the Master's degrees. [3]

Accreditation and Affiliations[edit]

Andersonville Theological Seminary claims accreditation from the Association of Independent Christian College and Seminaries,[4] an accreditation mill.[5] Other affiliations include the National Christian Counselors Association and the Association of Biblical Counselors.[4] None of these memberships and affiliations are equal to normal certifications and they cannot be used in a secular career.

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