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The autistic dark web is a loose term used to describe individuals who are opposed to the neurodiversity movement. Originally coined by autistic advocate Thomas Clements[1] as a satirical term parodying the Intellectual Dark Web.[2][3] Although it is normally a term used to describe individuals who oppose the neurodiversity movement, a small number of autism advocates have described themselves as being a part of the autistic dark web.[4] One of the individuals who self-described themselves as being a part of the autistic dark web once launched a website under that name.[5]


Individuals who are labeled as or have self-described themselves as a part of the autistic dark web hold a variety of views, Thomas Clements describes himself as a life-long liberal, a libertarian,[6] while others have described themselves as being a part of the Green party,[7] or as broadly left-wing.[8] The term "autistic dark web" was originally meant to connect a loose-group of autistic "freethinkers"[9] that oppose the neurodiversity movement and certain aspects of identity politics.[10]

Alongside opposing certain parts of identity politics, many who have been described as autistic dark web have supported medical research into a cure for autism,[11] opposed the social model of disability in favor of the medical model,[12] and disagreed with the practice of self-diagnosis of autism.[13]


The term "autistic dark web" has received significant opposition from advocates of the neurodiversity movement, due to its relation to the Dark Web, the underbelly of the internet.[14] The members of the group have also been described as being alt-right, transphobic, or simply internet trolls targeting autistic rights advocates.[15]

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  1. It is good to see that Thomas Clements, the Autistic Buddha, has coined the term ‘Autistic Dark Web.’
  9. The Autistic Dark Web is a loose coalition of autistic freethinkers.
  10. This is a very exciting new anti-SJW, anti-postmodernist, anti-identitarian movement. We oppose authoritarian identity politics and the culture of victimhood. Please consider following as many of us as you can on Twitter, and do look out for relevant hashtags like #autisticdarkweb or #autisticsagainsthate or #westandwithautismparents.