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Republicans and Conservatives could gain support from millions of Muslims in this country by joining forces to combat the promotion of immorality, which is fostered in our nation's schools and taught in all too many liberal universities. Combating liberals could literally save our country from Islamic radicals who want to destroy us because of the ideologies promoted by liberal democrats.
—No seriously, they actually believe this.[1]

Free Republic is an eye-searing wingnut message board focusing primarily on United States politics. It is particularly known for its regular posters (generally known as freepers, and not to be confused with readers of the Detroit Free Press newspaper, who are generally moderate-to-liberal), who have a reputation for being bigoted, uninformed loudmouths somewhat to the right of Fox News. Free Republic is a place where members can post articles from moderator approved news and websites for all to read. It acts as a gateway to news articles that may be of interest to members (though members evidently don't even read the articles or studies, especially those they don't like).

If you're a big-spending Republican on the take (see J.D. Hayworth), Free Republic will support you.[2]

In 1998, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post sued Free Republic for alleged copyright infringement; the forum allowed users to re-post the full text of the newspapers' articles regardless of copyright permission. The next year, federal judge Margaret M. Morrow (who was appointed by the Freepers' much-hated Bill Clinton!) ordered Free Republic to stop publishing full-text copies of newspaper articles and rejected the website's fair use defense.[3] This case was L.A. Times v. Free Republic.[4]

In 2007, members of the site stalked Graeme Frost after the 12-year-old made a radio address on behalf of the Democratic Party asking President George W. Bush not to cut SCHIP, a children's health insurance program.[5]

Free Republic encountered two more controversies in 2009. In response to a photo depicting President Barack Obama's daughter Malia wearing a peace sign T-shirt, Freepers began talking trash such as calling Malia a "street whore" and even speculated when she'd get her first abortion.[6][7] Also, after James von Brunn killed a security guard at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Liberal media outlets reported that von Brunn allegedly posted birther screeds on Free Republic.[8] Not shocking but as yet unverified.

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