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What Really Happened (tagline "Putting America First, Second, And Third!") is a website that purports to tell you "what really happened."[note 1] As you can probably tell, they promote all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories they promote[edit]

Among the many conspiracy theories promoted by What Really Happened, some of their favorite obsessions are:

Stopped clock[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stopped clock

Interestingly enough, What Really Happened has sections debunking creationism and birtherism- but they still put their own spin on the latter by positing an out-of-wedlock birth rather than the "born in Kenya" theory). They also have an associated podcast and wiki. So, in essence, it's a poor man's Infowars.

In the media[edit]

There is also a radio show on John Stadtmiller's Republic Broadcasting Network.[1][2] The website's proprietor, Michael Rivero, claims to have started his website and radio show after questioning what really happened to Vince Foster, claiming that his suicide seemed like something he saw out of the movie special effects industry, which he works in. The podcast was on shortwave radio, as well as being carried by the Genesis Communications Network.

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