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The Big Brain Radio Show is an embarrassing weekly broadcast from 11:00 am to noon CDT on local radio station AM950 KTNF in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The show is hosted by chiroquacktic "doctors" David Stussy and Zena Xanders. It is sometimes referred to by the hosts as "The Big Bane Radio Show", an inside joke sarcastically hinting that "This show is the bane of our existence"

According to the radio advertisement for the show, they promote (among other things):

The Big Brain Woo Show[edit]

The show revolves around promoting as much woo and bullshit as possible, while carelessly throwing around words like "quantum" and "healing" in every sentence. As the show is hosted by chiropractors, it promotes some of the strangest, most unproven aspects of chiropractic, namely that it can be used to heal anything.

According to the "big brains"...[edit]

  • "Science is only science when it's on the leading edge... Scientists are really kinda the people that prove the points. Somebody will come up with an idea or a theory, it's not really proven yet, and then scientists will go about proving it..."[1]

External links[edit]

  • Their brains are so big they have a web shite on the Internet!
  • Their brains are so incredibly big they also have an audio archive on the Internet!


  1. From the beginning of this episode.