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George Will in 2011, demonstrating the toupée fallacy
You gotta spin it to win it
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Kramer: I'll tell you who is an attractive man… George Will.
Jerry: Really?
Kramer: Oh yeah! Yeah, he has a clean look. Scrubbed, and shampooed...
Elaine: He's smart.
Kramer: No, no I don't find him all that bright.
Seinfeld, The Jimmy[1]

George Frederick Will (1941–) is an American newspaper columnist and political commentator. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winner, best known for his conservative commentary on politics. In 1986, the Wall Street Journal called him "perhaps the most powerful journalist in America," in a league with Walter Lippmann (1889–1974).[2][3]


Even while acting as an independent apologist for the Republican Party, Will differs from most of the Republican Party. He is a self-declared "amiable, low voltage atheist"[4][5] and his political and social views are fairly mixed. For instance, he opposes the death penalty,[6] proposed that the United States withdraw all troops from Afghanistan,[7] criticized the Bush administration for engaging in warrant-less surveillance,[8] and favors legalization of drugs[9] while supporting tighter border security,[10] abolishing the minimum wage,[11] and lowering taxes.[12] Occasionally with his conservative views, he will give a truly independent conservative opinion, but those times are rare.

He believes that progressives are obsessed with the construction of high-speed trains, and not for the stated reasons of reducing traffic congestion or improving the environment, but as part of an innate desire to control other people, destroy individualism, and turn all Americans into collectivists.[13]

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