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Brigitte Gabriel (1964–) is a Lebanese Christian TV pundit who used to work for Middle East Television when it was owned by the South Lebanon Army, a Christian militia allied with Israel. (The station was later sold to Pat Robertson and relocated to Cyprus after the Israeli occupation troops abandoned South Lebanon.)[1]

Today, she travels the world giving presentations sponsored by Christian Zionist and far-right groups, alleging that Muslims are conspiring to seize power in the world, and promoting an unverified personal biography as a victim of Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists.[2] Her articles appear on many right-wing American websites. Although her beliefs bear a striking resemblance to classical anti-Semitism, she is also supported by some Jewish groups, including Aish HaTorah ("Fire of the Torah") which receives funding from the Israeli government. After she shared a stage in Australia with their (then) Prime Minister John Howard, some Jewish groups there distanced themselves from the content of her speech.[3]

She founded ACT! for America in 2007 to protect America from the evil terrorists Muslims.