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DavidB4 is an 'assistant sysop' on Conservapedia and one of the newer users having joined on 27th October 2015.[1][2] While he shares a lot of the same beliefs as other sysops being a young earth creationist and conservative, he is probably the nicest and most helpful of the sysops at Conservapedia. DavidB4 is responsible for most of the janitorial work sysops are supposed to do at Conservapedia such as responding to image upload requests and categorizing uncategorized images.[3]

To this end, he operates a bot named DavidB4-bot to correct spelling, syntax and formatting among others. DavidB4 adheres to Conservapedia's ideology of blocking the planet and has automated the process of blocking IP addresses. To date it has blocked tens of thousands of addresses, though in fairness these are blacklisted IP addresses.[4] He may also be responsible for another bot named Minuteman that appears to be aimed at blocking users committing wandalism.

DavidB4 mainly creates and edits articles mainly related to computing. As an assistant sysop, he has the following rights as of January 1, 2019: Block, SkipCaptcha, Upload, edit, move, protect, rollback and delete[5] His personal account has blocked over 300 accounts, in addition to various IP addresses and ranges.[6]


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