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12Terry Koeckritz: In just 100 days, Obama's somehow turned the U.S. into a socialist country.img
23Distort D'Newsa: Western civilization is based on Christianity.img Don't believe him? Just ask those well-known Christians like Socrates, Euclid, Hippocrates, Cicero — oh, wait...
1 Chief Prosecutor Assfly calls his first witnessimg in the ideological treason trial of arch-fiend Arlen Specter. Coming soon: the guiltyaccused party will be given a chance to publicly recant his flawed views and spend time at the Eagle Forum Center for Conservative Re-Education.
29Jinx hi Jinx! engages in some shameless brown-nosing.img That's it Jinx, beg for those rights back.
17Jpatt makes an addition to Best New Conservative Words:img There is no single word meaning morally bankrupt. His suggestion for such a word: atheism (not even atheistic!).
-9Jpatt reports that the Obama administration plans to repeal union oversight regulationsimg — taking great pains not to mention that they were completely useless regulations made by the Bush administration four days before Bush left office.
18The CIA calls it that, the country calls itself that, the Encyclopedia Brittanica calls it that - even well-known hawk John Bolton calls it that. Unsurprisingly, as it's the official name of the country. But Ed's having none of itimg - country name changed in this particular 'Trusworthy' encyclopedia! Take that, Dear Leader! POW!
-1All the best ideasimg are taken from The Daily Show...
2If you find administrative abuse based on a contributor's personal opinions, let Uncle Ed know.img
-4Terry Koeckritz Don't need no stinkin neutralityimg By the way, whatever DID happen to MYOB?
26Sen. Arlen Specter, in "the ultimate act of cowardice and betrayal,"img leaves a party that apparently does not want him. Note how this switch altered Sen. Specter from a moderateimg to a "liberal."
19Never one to let facts deceit get in the way of a personal grudge objective reporting, Andy gives Obama a broadside for 747 flyover.img He neglects to mention that Obama was not in the plane and the FAA gave full permission. Not to be outdone, our own Jinx hi Jinx! knows that Obama personally gave the ok for this.img
15It's Andy Insight Time: he's waxing ungrammatical lyricalimg with a lot of familiar boilerplate, such as how Conservapedia is a unique example of that rare gem, the Conservative School. (Oh, and the "lib-burr-rul" article is one of "our favorite entries" now.)
16JessicaT inserts an update on the personality-cult situationimg — apparently forgetting that the Sinister Cult Leader is Obama, not Nelson Mandela.
103Clement tells Andy that Canada was a dominion during WWI, not a colony.img Andy calls for backup to prove Clement wrong.img TK declares Andy correct with a quote that explicitly refers to Canada as a dominion.img World History Teacher Andy: "'Dominion' is an obscure term, anyway. It's just another name for 'colony', I bet."img Update: TK back for more Schlafly defenseimg, comparing him to Harvard professors, etc. Andy returns with a protest, comparing himself to God: I may be wrong and my lectures may often be incorrect, but I have been teaching them to impressionable kids for years, which is more than YOU can say.img Trump card. Win.
-40Terry Koeckritz invents a new conservative word- "coronated"img. Update: Ooh, touchy!img Sorry TK, but you're still wrong. Birds may be coronated, human heads are crowned.
3Terry Koeckritz: Standing by one's man is quite admirable, unless that man is Obama. Case in point: The biased lib-burr-rul media, being completely in Obama's pocket, refuse to call him a socialist.img
3Terry Koeckritz rails about some Obama personality cult,img then goes right on with his job of propping up Andy's personality cult.
-17Oh the irony...anti-evolution "encyclopedia" has an article on a distinctly evolutionary organismimg
-22Terry Koeckritz: Study says a majority of Americans want fewer services, less taxes.img Study also says that almost half of Americans think "America's best days have already come and gone," but we can't mention that, of course!
100♗: Russia didn't win WWIimg Andy: Your spelling is bad - be specific!img ♗: My spelling is bad, but Russia didn't win WWIimg Andy: Debatable Semanticsimg ♗: Russia didn't win WWIimg Andy: Be more specificimg ♗: RUSSIA DIDN'T WIN WWIimg Andy: BTW, Student One, Russia didn't win WWIimg
37Andy: Typical middle-America city has terrible high-school graduation rates.img Unfortunately, according to his cited source, that city is not so "typical": it has the worst graduation rates in the country! But hey, anyone could have missed it. It's only the first 13 words of the article.
20 K e n  D o l l  is being even more incoherent than usual;img the only thing he manages to say clearly is that something is getting bigger. UPDATE: Threeimg in one day?img That's excessive even for  K e n  D o l l !
31New Flu Outbreak! Who is at fault? OBAMA, For playing a deceitful game of Golfimg! Of course, It is Ok when, you know, you're a Republican, but he really deserved that.
25The Wingnuts are coming! The Wingnuts are coming! Napoleon and Hitler couldn't do it....but can  K e n  D o l l  invade Britain?img
58The Conservapedia way: invent the statistics, then invent the data to fit themimg
19Terry Koeckritz: Bypass a Republican filibuster and you've repealed government of the people, by the people, for the people;img you see, no matter what those dumb voters said in the last two elections, the Republicans will always be the voice of the people!
66Andy the history teacher. "Your answer is excellent; shame that I'm actually clueless about what I'm teachingimg." Italy changed sides in WW1??!! MOAR!" Mussoliniimg was Italy's leader in WW1!
30Schlafly Skimming strikes again: Andy claimsimg that a Yale Daily News article does not use the word "liberal" to refer to the Dark Side of the Supreme Court. Obviously the mention of "the four most liberal" justices right there in the second paragraph was deceptively prominent.
24The potential end of civilization as we know it? That's just too far fetched. Must be a liberal parodyimg. Update Wait, that was real? Oh Shit! Breaking Newsimg
49Andy admits an error in judgement, possibly for the first timeimg. This doesn't stop TK from banning the user that Andy thanked,img(because they know teh AOL is EVIL!)
65Did Andy just call us well educated?img Counter-question: Do you really give a damn about the opinion of a guy who thinks that 98.2Kimg are "nearly as many monthly visitors"img as Wikipedia's 75.5M? Update: Clutching at straws Andy?img
17Andyimg: "The points aboveimg about Trotsky and Orwell are interesting, and I've spent some time without success trying to confirm [i]t. Unfortunately, you don't provide any support for your claims." Support could be found in Conservapedia's article on George Orwellimg - but that's hardly a reliable source. Sky falls: Andy produces a vaguely sane justification.img
20Jpatt gives us his latest "Obama not born in the US" insightimg - which has already been shot down even by (When Newsmax gets to be the voice of reason, you KNOW you're on the fringe.)
22Andy gets pwned on bible quotesimg. (Reading comprehension, too, but that's not really "news".)
25Conservative dictionary: Improved:img verb meaning to insert random, disjointed, and un-sourced "facts" (see also: gibberish) EXTRA LULZ: Actual Quote: "These theories developed in connection with the theory of evolution, which would could not have possibly occurred in the thousands of years that people had previously estimated the age of the Earth to be." That sentence needs to be taken out and shot.
26Conservative readsimg Vanity Fair
13Andy has now taken the best conservative words EVAH to be whatever crap he pulls out of his arseimg and without any conservative meaning.
36RobertT fixes Assflea's liberal whitewashimg of Wheaton College.
16Andy old: Facebook is one of the many world's greatest accomplishments made by a teenager!img Andy new: An accomplshment which happens to lead to lower grades.img His suggested antidote? Conservapedia! Which is actually sound advice, considering that a monkey with a typewriter could probably get full marks on one of Andy's homework assignments...
2Andy gives new meaning to the phrase, "making a mountain out of a molehill."img
30Mommie Dearest breaks an irony meter:img Sharia law is abominable because it allows men to beat a disobedient wife. But it is, of course, perfectly all right to rape a disobedient wife.
25Is it can be Mini Blunt Knives tiem nao plz? TK bans quite a few accounts, including Krysgimg (an Egyptology studentimg), the retired WesleySimg (an "unused account with no edits"... other than the SEVERAL THOUSANDimg ones where he fixed categories or templates...) and JLauttamusimg.
12A huge, ever-growing liberal brain. Bigger!img BIGGER!img BIGGER!!img
29Conservapedia's copyright policyimg isn't exactly user-friendly or intuitive, but Ed Poor takes this to whole new levels: LowKey asks Andyimg to grant permission to copy an article to aSK. Ed chimes in: "Permission must be obtained from every co-author as well."img News to us, Ed! Update: Lowkey is not terribly impressed by Ed's reading skillsimg or his apparent habitimg of not Minding His Own Business.
10In the spirit of Christian fairness, DeanSimg encourages CPians to freep vote "fail" on the latest MSNBC poll.
33Tales from the frontimg page: TK createsimg a new encyclopedia article (and instantly protectsimg it for all eternity)! In All-Bold-o-Vision! And it's just a copypaste of something Glenn Beck posted on Fox News! And Beck in turn simply copypasted a text that has been circulating the net with small, often false, edits since 1998.
42Andypants, your knickers are showingimg.
67Andy on the theory of special relativity: "...why haven't you been quoting the Bible during your many edits to this site?"img
15Further evidenceimg that reading too much Time Cube causes brain damage.
-1Remember, you're only allowed to preside over human-rights abuses, etc., if your name is George W. Bush. If anyone else does it (particularly someone we don't like and cuddly-wuddly socialists), we'll jump all over them.img
8It is "anti-Semitic" to support the Palestinian cause,img yet unthinkable to bash Desmond Tutu for doing it. Why? Well, it seems that winning a Nobel Peace Prize makes you immune to criticism (unless, of course, Conservapedia's doing the criticizing).
34 Andy scoffs at the idea of burdening his students with actual information.img Don't you know that the worst thing an educator could do is force students to learn unnecessary facts!?
30A clogger mentions Andy after he mouths off yet again about Wikipedia's lib-burr-rul bias. Half an hour later, Andy's engaging in shameless self-promotion.img UPDATE: Jinx hi Jinx!, obviously still trying to get his rights back, rails against Wikipedia in the comment section. MOAR Mutual masturbationimg ensues. ALERT: Holy Deceit Batman, the liberals are swarming.img Call the FBI!
11Terry Koeckritz: Disney makes millions off of "family values,"img so they're hypocrites if they don't call gays "degenerates" like I do!
-24Andy makes it official...Truth isn't allowed on Conservapedia!img
11It's Terry Koeckritz Psychological Projection Time: The AP pulls its news from where the sun don't shine.img
34Yeah TK, I'm sure the reason there were lots of police at your 'Tea Parties' is because they wanted to join inimg...
1Remember TK saying, "...your post is but a mystery to me, since Conservapedia has always also recognized the major Eastern Rite holidays. No matter the day, we all celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!img" Well, with the Orthodox Easter having just passed, could TK please tell us, just whenimg CP is going to celebrate the event?
43Conservapedia has been a leader in spreading ignorance, peddling pseudoscience and confusing the issueimg. How do they do it? With TK's amazing Photoshop skillsimg. Found exclusively at Conservapedia!
74It was inevitable.img So, uh, how many sane editors left now? UPDATE: Hall of Fame entry!img More: After we give AlanE sysopship after his second edit, TK blocks Alan's mail: "disablled[sic] email for this now revealed vandal site sysop"img
39Suggesting that PJR's siteimg is more welcoming? NOTimg ALLOWEDimg!
181Wheaton College is basically garbageimg, according to Andy; it is an an inferior schoolimg that is responsible for producing baby killersimg. But wait! One of The Leader's students chooses to matriculate at Wheaton?img This just in: Wheaton has the smartest student body around!img We have always been at war with Eastasia. UPDATE: Junior editor RobertT reverts Andy's edits. Liberal whitewashing indeed!img
-2 Terry "thou shalt not undo another's block" K isn't adverse to changingimg the blocks of other admins himself. Hypocrite much?
54Andy: My site was down? That's unpossible!!!img!!
22If those nasty liberals over at that other place are using strikeouts, then so will we!img Update Andy and TK perform mutual masturbationimg explain the value of strike outs and humor. How long before Jinx is called a liberal with reference to liberal style #29: "calling conservative humor "unprofessional and meaningless, and degrades the quality of your encyclopedia.""
28TK quoting from a news article criticising Barney Frankimg, well, almost...TK decides that the original wasn't quite homophobic or defamatory enough, so adds the word 'pervert' to his quote of the original article
21"Bigotry?img Not us!"img
1Will Schlafly Doo and the Conservapedia Gang solve the great mysteryimg of the so-called hacking caper?img (No.)
8Jpatt gives us yet another masterpiece essay coherent article prose poem chunk of word-salad.img
-6Jpatt has a very fluid blocking policy: he first banhammers a user with 0 contributions,img then unblocks said user with the comment, "I wait for the attack before perma blocking."
17Terry Koeckritz eagerly posts an item of breaking newsimg — apparently forgetting that he had posted the same news itemimg a week before.
-13One wonders if calling Obama a porch monkey would also merely be a warnableimg offenseimg. Jpatt shows his true stripes. The rules don't matter as long as the inappropriately named user is tactlessly directing his hate against disfavored groups, see?
-18Countdown to Chippeterson becomingimg TK's bitch in 3...2...1...
79"Deceit Techniques Used By Liberals Against Conservatives." Hmm, who does this descriptionimg remind you of?
50JPatt joins the ranks of the repulsiveimg.
47TK, having driven off all the useful editors, focuses his wrath on Kenservativeimg. Update: Ken promptly apologizes and bends overimg
18CP: Obama only makes "small donations" to charityimg Real world: Obama gives $172,000 to charity
-16Notimg a site for gossip, eh?
18The Ass's Edit History since Mondayimg has consisted of templates on the Main Page and talk, talk, talk. Perhaps he should contribute more substantively?
50Ed defines the CP viewpoint: When conservatives are convinced of something and liberals disagree, in most cases the conservatives are right.img
32This article is about maritime piracy. For software, copyright and trademark piracy see [[cp:Copyright|Copyright Infringementimg].] DeanS' inclusion of a copyrighted cartoon though, isn't "piracy"?
15And ye it shall come to pass that April 15th shall be known as the day the Guard dog went ape shit insaneimg, even going to the point of banningimg a user (twice!) 11 hours after his last editimg..
-57CPimg is down. Wonder what happened this time?
25Terry Koeckritz plagiarizesimg a comment from RationalWiki, typo and all. UPDATE Terry Koeckritz then takes a jab at a certain vandal siteimg, while making his own subtle "kenquote" sting. UPDATE:  K e n  D o l l  chasesimg TK's remark with a bit of psychological projection.
27 K e n  D o l l , no longer satisfied with Hitler as a poster boy for evolution, finds a new image to revolt the world withimg. Countdown until this picture makes it to the Mainpage and the Dawkins article 3...2...1...
26At least you're modest Ed...img Perhaps you should credit all the little people who made it useable after you were done with it
12Terry Koeckritz bashes a "liberal" columnist for saying that Republicans are mentally ill.img Because, as we all know, it's the liberals who have the mental problems.
13Terry Koeckritz: Nobody's guilty unless they've been before a jury of their peers.img But this obviously doesn't apply to user TaKess: "Jpatt, TaKess knows he is being deceitful, and merely goading. A silly ploy (and not so much of a gamble), when dealing with me, because he already knows what the outcome of such deceit is."
13Jpatt's just a little behind the timesimg
43The world according to JPatt: Sweden & Denmarkimg are not democracies.
19Jpatt: Not recognizing Columbus Dayimg is just as bad as changing Christmas, or voting for Obama because he's blackimg. Getit?
15Thisimg is the sort of thing that Conservapedia usually calls "liberal censorship." But, anything goes when you're trying to make a "liberal" newspaper look bad...
-3Andy: Being angry at God is a sign of faith.img (Unless one is a God-hating lib-burr-rul, of course...)
15When Andy's mommy speaks, it must be breaking news!img Although this sword cuts with a double edge: "Beware of One-Party Classrooms" - indeed. Andy, listen to Mommy.
54TK just loves the Irish!img
-18Nothing you can say will make the Somali piracy any less of a horrid act of thieveryimg. But it is, of course, perfectly all right for European ships to trawl along the Somali coastline nicking all the fish.
6Terry Koeckritz: The New York Times would never challenge a liberalimg for being deceitful. (Except, of course, when there is some deceit going on that is not all in Andy's head.)
5Judging by this strange comment,img TK must keep a rather detailed list of the exact whereabouts of his entire extended family. Come to think of it, he probably does...who knew his Checkuser powers extended into the real world...
-7If you accurately point out that Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter a week later that Catholics and western Protestantsimg, TK thinks you lack good will.img
24TK & the Ed Poor school of Math... not too long ago, the Riemann integralimg article was a failed nominee for their "Featured rubbish". Today, Terry Koeckritz deletesimg and protectsimg it for being "outdated". Countdown to Foxtrot having a fit in 3... 2... 1... UPDATE: Some background info is given at aSK ANOTHER UPDATE: TK presents his versionimg of the events, but not to everyone, of course...
38Obama orders the successful rescue of the captain of a container ship from "Muslim" Somali pirates. This is part of Obama's "Muslim" agenda. Jpatt is a dope. QEDimg
30Let me see, Obama's a muslim: check.img supports illegal aliens: checkimg protecting many secrets to fool the public, check.img Hey, I saw a story that said his half brother is a criminal.img Is it true? Should we feature it in some way? Assfly Responds: I'm sorry, we don't allow gossip on this highly educational site. We're growing rapidly!!!img What's next, admitting Obama being Muslim is only 99% sure? TK Responds: *GASP* "Obama's brother is a criminal! TO THE MAINPAGE!"img
80Liberals! Academic elitists! TK blocks Oxford University and Richard "Stalker" Dawkins.img
25We can only guess whether he's talking about the 'vandal' or notimg...
10Such a dark placeimg K e n D o l l ' s  closet must be!
43Man sentenced to death for horrific crime, but in Andy's world since he appeared in one episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 15 years ago as a child, you know what that means....HOLLYWOOD VALUES!img More: After the news bit is challenged by liberals (like RJJensen), Jpatt cites Wikipedia unwittingly citesimg a site that quotes Wikipedia to point out that "Deleon began acting in bit parts in commercials as a child" (which totally makes him a Hollywood actor!)... and then adds a note that you shouldn't trust Wikipedia. Um. Schlafly reminds usimg that even a bit part in Power Rangers is enough to indoctrinate innocent children into accepting murderous HOLLYWOOD VALUES. The Sprial Continues: Remember kids, Hollywood values pull even stronger on people who don't succeed in an acting career.img
11TaKe THATimg IPs!!!eleventyone! (That'll show 'em who's boss!)
16What the hell. . .?img Update: Deletedimg by TK for the obvious reason.
19"We're hear to learn..."img English might well be the Meistertaal; shame about the morons who (ab)use it, hey Andy? UPDATE Don't listen to what the site saysimg, idiot. UPDATE UPDATE Make your pages better "then what they areimg".
29The size of the Moon's disc as seen from Earth does not vary. God created the Moon to appear exactly the same size as the Sun, and this is proof of the existence of God. Do not challenge these obvious facts with your "observation bias" liesimg.
39"My Mommy maded up the word "Globalism"img, did too did too".
22Irony meter alert!!! Assfly on Mormon polygamy: "We're not ignoring the issue, but we're not going to exaggerate liberal smears either. The entry should remain factual and not exaggerate an issue as liberals want... Why aren't you just as concerned about writing about FDR's de facto polygamy?img Update: Prof Jensen sticks to his guns, rebutting with facts!img All is lost: CP's resident Mormon joinsimg the debate, and Andy finally manages to fully derail reduceimg the issue to the familiar "liberal vs. conservative".
47Andy and his goons are slightly overprotective of the Obama entry. Case in point: An editor revertsimg a page-blanking vandal, makes two tinyimg edits, then revertsimg Andy (who re-blanked the page via rollback). Result: Five years.img MOAR: Another clearly new user who sees the Obama smears: Um, can we discuss this?img Andy counters with his never-failing go-to move: Don't believe Obama's a Muslim? You have free will to deny 2+2=4 too!!img - POW! That's how it works, folks!
17Kenny Baby's deranged Red Telephone messages to the Gentlemen on RW are normally contained to his own pages, but his gibberish finally spills over into uncharted territory - Main:Talkimg. UPDATE: He busted all over the Assfly's page as wellimg I, at least, had to awkwardly wipe myself after reading this tripe.
24Gay marriage is a sin, but polygamy is a-ok?img Whatever you say, Andy. UPDATE: The good RJJensen responds to Andy's idiocyimg.
90TK Blocks, deletes & salts Jinximg No comment necessary. It appears that this was probably down to liberal deceit and TK's unswerving devotion to RW. UPDATE: Jinx unblocks himselfimg and asksWTFimgTerry Koeckritz? who responds the only way he knows howimg WHEEL WAR!!!!!! MOAR MOAR MOAR: Jinxie takes his case to a higher courtimg Could one of the Assfly's quarterly decisions be forthcoming? MOST: Jinx is groundedimg.FINALLY Jinx gets his batimg and ballimg back.
2Ed: Geocentrism was just as good as heliocentrism.img
13In Terry Koeckritz's own words:img "Using something so inane and archaic as a 16th Century social convention is political relativism truly worthy of radical leftism."
2Terry Koeckritz sez: "You're a troll!img I know because I blocked your school, and therefore, you're a deceitful liberal!" User denies charge; denial reverted for lib-burr-rul deceit.img
33Ed's creepy, self-projecting stubbing continues.img MOAR: Is Ed melting down before our very eyes?img EVEN MOAR: Ed Poor, physics professor.img Working for you!
4TK, 2009:Obama's an idiot, he doesn't even know that "Austrian" isn't a language.img Andy, 2008: OMG, Obama speaks muslim.img No really, he doesimg
8Karajou: No American president has ever bowed to a foreign potentate before.img Well, we beg to differ.
5Affirmative action? Lib-burr-rul government meddling. Government coddling anti-abortion doctors? Excellent.img
17 Jews don't believe in hell either ... does that make them illogicalimg? Andy probably says yes.
17 TK on news:" Obama has refused to allow gov't email address to post comments on oil drilling"img CP user: "Hey! here's the address for submitting comments on oil drilling :)"img TK:"..." or "I'm going to ignore that...". While TK and Andy seem to have an obsession with tracking down liberal deceit they have a tendency to conveniently ignore evidence of their own.
23Not enough homophobic panic, you say?imgThen make it LARGER!img
44Andy seems to think that all US diplomacy should be conducted with opportunity for public comment.img And compares Obama and Hitler for good measure.
-17In Britain, there may soon be abortion ads on television. A Catholic bishop goes nuts, calling it "yet another hammer blow to the sanctity of human life in this country."img Now remind us again: who was this Bloody Mary character?
55User pwns Andy with his own wordsimg. No last wordism...yet. UPDATE: Assfly: No two buildings are of equal height.img Let us hope he never decides to become an architect.
6In the news: Joe Biden says US is "much more safer."img CP is much less grammaticaler.
3But is it slanderimg if it is trueimg?
38Member of minor wiki politely requestsimg that the text cut and pasted from his site be properly attributed, gets banhammeredimg for being a fraud/trollimg.
4Vermontimg: endorsing evil since 2009.
3TK attacks the media for its articles about Jesus during Holy Weekimg...and then decides to link to a two week old article discussing condoms. His mind works in mysterious ways...
36Those nasty liberals are at it again; this time they're 'Desensitizing' us by 'creating a homosexual obsession'img...looking at CP's obsessionimg with it, it seems to be working
5Andy posts the latest example of professor values,img complete with a mugshot of the professor in question that is larger than the newsbite itself.
6 K e n  D o l l , being obviously too excited to string two words together, pulls some boilerplate out of the archives,img hoping that it actually applies.
19Andy spared the rod and spoiled the child. The end result? - his troubled infant, KennyBaby, takes twenty three editsimg to plaster personal letters to other people on Andy's front doorimg.
-8Obama actually prepares his statements!?img The nerve of the the guy! Andy must long for the good old days when a President would engage his mouth before his brain...
22Terry Koeckritz old: Protesters against the G-20 meeting are tweeting commies.img Terry Koeckritz new: Those G-20 commies have just REPEALED THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!img Update Shhh! TK also uses Twitter in drag!
-15Not only are we in our own little world, we're aheadimgof our timeimg...but only by a weekimg.
43Evil parody by NBackstrom gets deletedimg and then Andy says pretty much the exact same thing.img
12No Dean, no he doesn' intelligent person deserves that
0DeanS blocks a userimg for creating a 'Conservapedia Deceit' article...when it was actually a Conservative Deceitimg article...wait a minute, that's DECEIT!!
-53Conservapediaimg seems to be down. Perhaps it will be restored through the power of prayer?
16Obama doesn't care about you or other stupid people. Want Proof? He is putting the most qualified and educated people into positions of Responsibilityimg! What an Elitist!
56In a stunning display of competence, TK blocks Conservapediaimg from Conservapedia (domain-address: Good job, Terry Koeckritz!
6More Bizzaro World: "The 90/10 Rule is only a guideline. Don't worry."img
11In a smooth 5 edits,  K e n  D o l l  reports that it takes a brain to make a brain.img
-17You can learn on Conservapedia! I had no idea Sunday was 3 days after Fridayimg. Thanks TK!
76Andy dismisses Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Schubert, Ravel, Mozart, and other "non-German" composers as "obscure,"img. INSIGHT: Liburlz don't know anything!img MOAR It's not about music, it's about languageimg. ANDY WINZ I'm right I'm right I"M RIGHT!.img MOAR!!! TK steamrolls into Andyimg.
50It must be Sunday!img FACTS: "Examples of liberal deceit outnumber examples of conservative deceit by perhaps 10:1. It's probably a higher correlation than alcohol causing liver disease"img
58MOAR ANDY: User: Andy, Brits won't admit there's a ban on Catholic Prime Ministers because no such ban exists.img Andy: If truth were so important, then come up with a better way to say "there's a ban on the Prime Minister being a Catholic!"img And I have proof that such a ban exists, because no Catholic has been a Prime Minister! 'Nother User: Andy, Brits have talked about a Catholic Prime Minister before, and there is no ban.img Why Blair waited is Blair's business. Andy: "Constitutional scholars" make all sorts of claims, including silly ones. Nothing you say refutes the three facts I cite above, and I welcome alternative wording that does not censor the facts.img
26TK is up-front about his philosophy on blocking the planet: "Liberal 'ambassadors' of misinformation and parody will run out of IP addresses to use before I grow tired of blocking them. You really need to understand that and the fact we don't consider blocking foreign IP's from this American/Christian/Conservative encyclopedia a bad thing.img" And the American IP's? MOAR: He should also learn to spell "Alinsky" if he's going to rant about him.