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Debby "Duck" Bruck is a homeopath, shill and contributor to sites within the walled garden used by homeopaths to reinforce their shared delusion that their practices have some degree of scientific validity.

The easiest place to find her is on Twitter where @DebbyBruck continually spams links to a variety of quack websites, usually her own "homeopathy world community" ("creating waves of awareness" no less),[1] a site where the infidel horde often can't even view the content let alone register or post. This is the site that came up with the idea of trying to stop the UK's Advertising Standards Authority from addressing the false claims of homeopaths by dredging up some Pakistani and Indian users and playing the race card.[2] Maybe that's where Error Denton got the idea.

Example of her output may be seen at sites where quacks, frauds and charlatans typically go to promote views they can't get into Wikipedia, such as She also "presents" on the inaccurately titled podcast site Blog Talk Radio.

She is also an anti-vaccination crank.[3]

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