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In order to escape the wretched communist dictatorship that now runs our country, we have taken our friends and family off the grid. Deep underground we are safe from the coming storm that will soon be upon this once great nation. When the dust settles and the radiation dissipate,[sic] we will emerge, there will be A New Dawn and our progeny shall rebuild this nation as a Federal Republic of Christ as God and the founding fathers intended. Amen.
—Their mission statement[1][2]

The Disciples of the New Dawn is a Facebook group that appeared in 2014. The group purports to belong to a conservative Christian organization founded in 1956. However, sources have argued that they're actually made up of Internet trolls seeking to provoke strong reactions. In other words, these folks are more Landover than Westboro.[1][3][2][4] The group frequently shares inflammatory posts on Facebook, which have gone viral and prompted numerous petitions to ban the page.

The group's most controversial claim is that women who have had C-sections are not really mothers.[1] They also seem awfully fond of fat-shaming and using the word "degenerate," both of which are things you'd be more likely to expect from alt-right 4channers than from the likes of Pat Robertson.

Another oddity is that the supposed founder is "Father Patrick Oliver Embry", whose initials spell POE.[3][2] Moreover, while the "organization" portrays itself as fundamentalist, its founder uses the title "Father" like a Catholic priest would.

As expected, the group's asshattery attracted some internet denizens to create petitions to "remove" them.[5][6]

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