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Drcraigvideos (usually styled as drcraigvideos) was an internet vlogger who uploaded videos and clips featuring Christian apologist William Lane Craig. While the channel is no longer active, it has been transferred to Reasonable Faith, William Lane Craig's online ministry, in order to preserve its content. During the time that drcraigvideos administered the YouTube channel, he blocked users, disabled ratings, used sock-puppet accounts, and harassed other users. Drcraigvideos operated about a dozen separate Youtube channels at the time of his downfall. After careful scrutiny of speech patterns and IP addresses, it was determined[Who?] that drcraigvideos had also been operating as Frank Walton several years prior to opening drcraigvideos and had been heavily involved in trolling the Rational Response Squad. After being accused of sockpuppetry, drcraigvideos began to identify himself as "John Leonard", although this was quickly discovered to be another pseudonym. After lying in nearly a dozen illegal DMCA notices against a variety of YouTubers, drcraigvideos' real name was discovered. Fearing legal action, he began closing his many blogs and YouTube channels and finally gave up control of his main channel.


Drcraigvideos' YouTube channel[1] dates from late 2007, and since then he has uploaded more than 850 video clips. The vast majority of these center on William Lane Craig's debates, with titles usually portraying Craig as masterfully humiliating atheists (e.g. William Lane Craig pwns Richard Dawkins),[2] or simply ridiculing opponents of Craig for no apparent reason (e.g. Lawrence Krauss Does a Striptease for William Lane Craig).[3] Drcraigvideos has a particular obsession with the New Atheists, mirroring the obsession of his hero, Dr. Craig. Richard Dawkins seems to be the top hate figure, with numerous videos devoted to Craig supposedly "debunking" his arguments, and how much of a "chicken" Dawkins is to avoid debating him.

Thunderf00t and the DMCAs[edit]

In late 2011/early 2012, Thunderf00t created several videos[4][5][6] featuring Dr. Craig, revealing how he receives very few citations for his philosophy and theology papers. This appeared to be the spark for drcraigvideos' dash into censorship madness, especially after "Two Citations" became a popular nickname for Dr. Craig. Drcraigvideos attempted to defend his use of DMCAs on the basis that he is "an authorised agent". Presumably, he is authorised by Dr. Craig, or his website, Reasonable Faith. However, this is unclear, especially as there is a video clip of Dr. Craig describing Drcraigvideos as a "pirate".[7] Even if drcraigvideos was an "authorised agent", it was pointed out to him by various commentators that Youtube's Fair Use policy means Thunderf00t was well within his rights to use parts of his videos for critique and educational purposes. Another lame excuse offered up by drcraigvideos was that Thunderf00t didn't credit him.